George Santos

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Santos Rung Up on 3rd Expulsion Resolution

It's the 'most appropriate punishment,' says House Ethics Committee Chair Michael Guest

(Newser) - George Santos has survived two attempts to expel him from Congress, but can he escape a third? Less than 24 hours after the House Ethics Committee issued a damning report accusing the New York Republican of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds— purportedly used on personal trips,...

Here's What George Santos Allegedly Used Campaign Funds On

Amid growing controversy, congressman will not seek reelection (but is still not stepping down)

(Newser) - More details are coming out from the scathing House Ethics Committee report on George Santos. According to the report, it wasn't just Botox and a trip to Atlantic City that Santos spent campaign funds on: Per NBC News and the New York Times , other alleged expenditures included small purchases...

After Scathing Ethics Report, Santos Won't Seek Reelection

House ethics panel finds 'substantial evidence' he broke federal laws

(Newser) - George Santos says he won't be running for reelection to Congress in the wake of a devastating House Ethics panel report. Not that he's contrite: In a long post on X , Santos called the report a "disgusting politicized smear," per the Washington Post . Near the end...

Ex-Santos Fundraiser Admits Impersonating Congressional Aide

Sam Miele pleads guilty to fraud

(Newser) - A former fundraiser for Rep. George Santos pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal wire fraud charge, admitting he impersonated a high-ranking congressional aide while raising campaign cash for the embattled New York Republican. Sam Miele was caught soliciting donations in late 2021 under the alias Dan Meyer, then chief of...

Expulsion Wouldn't Stop Him From Running, Santos Says

Republican, who faces federal charges, argues nobody cares about his falsified resume

(Newser) - His colleagues may think they can kick Rep. George Santos out of the Congress, but his exile could be brief. A vote to expel the indicted New York freshman fell short on Wednesday night, but opponents could try again. Santos said Friday that if he does lose his seat before...

Santos Survives Vote on Expulsion
to Keep

House Votes to Keep Santos

Republicans help block censure of Tlaib

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos easily survived a vote to expel him from the House on Wednesday night as most Republicans opted to withhold punishment while both his criminal trial and a House Ethics Committee investigation proceed. A resolution to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her criticism of Israel also was...

Santos Pleads Not Guilty to New Fraud Charges

As his GOP colleagues from New York try to expel him from Congress

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos pleaded not guilty Friday to revised charges accusing him of several frauds, including making tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorized charges on credit cards belonging to some of his campaign donors. The New York Republican appeared at a Long Island courthouse, where a lawyer entered the...

Dems Tried, Now GOP Takes a Swing at Booting Santos

New York Republicans make good on threat to make a motion to expel freshman congressman

(Newser) - Earlier this month, a group of House Republicans announced they'd seek to purge a fellow New York congressman from their ranks, with one calling Rep. George Santos "a stain on the institution." Now, they're making good on their plans. The Hill reports that on Thursday, Rep....

Group of GOP Colleagues to Push for Expelling Santos

'He's a stain,' one of the New York Republicans says

(Newser) - A half-dozen Republican House members from New York said Wednesday they'll seek to have Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress. "He's a stain on the institution," said Rep. Anthony D'Esposito, who represents the district next to Santos.' House Democrats were unsuccessful in their attempt...

Nancy Marks, Treasurer for George Santos, Pleads Guilty

Lawyer says she'll cooperate on the case if asked

(Newser) - Nancy Marks, who served as treasurer for Republican Rep. George Santos' congressional campaign, pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge on Thursday. Federal prosecutors said Marks filed the names of false donors to a congressional campaign in an effort to inflate the amount of money donated so Santos could qualify...

Democrat Senators Stop Short of Saying Menendez Should Resign

But AOC does think he should step down

(Newser) - Add Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the list of politicians who think Sen. Bob Menendez needs to resign due to his indictment on corruption charges . The Democratic representative said the charges against Menendez, including allegations that he accepted bribes including a Mercedes-Benz, are "very serious," the Guardian reports. "Consistency...

Santos Fundraiser Charged With Impersonating House Aide

Samuel Miele faces wire fraud, ID theft charges

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos is notorious for inventing details about his background, among other things, but one of his campaign fundraisers went a step further and pretended to be an entirely different person, according to a federal indictment. Samuel Miele is accused of impersonating a top aide to House Speaker Kevin...

Santos' Backers Revealed: His Father and His Aunt

They guaranteed his bail bond; congressman had fought to keep identities secret

(Newser) - The two people who bailed Rep. George Santos out of federal custody have been revealed to be his father and his aunt, a detail the Republican fought to keep secret as he faces criminal charges and swirling questions about his finances. Gercino dos Santos Jr. and Elma Preven were named...

Judge Says Santos Bond Sponsors Can Be Named

He has until Friday to appeal ruling

(Newser) - If Rep. George Santos is a man of his word—and the charges against him suggest that's a big "if"—there's a chance that he could be in jail within days. A federal judge has rejected the Republican congressman's effort to keep the identifies of...

George Santos Would Go to Jail to Keep Bond Cosigners Secret

Congressman's attorney says cosigners will be in danger if their identities are revealed

(Newser) - George Santos would apparently rather end up behind bars than allow the world to know who cosigned the $500,000 bond that enabled him to be freed on pretrial release . Three unidentified people secured the bond, and on Monday night, lawyers for Santos filed a motion arguing that records identifying...

Aide Fired by Santos Raises More Ethics Issues

Derek Myers says he got job after sending cash payments to Santos' top deputy

(Newser) - A man who briefly worked as an aide to Rep. George Santos says he got his job after sending a series of payments to one of the congressman's top deputies, per the AP . Derek Myers, 31, told staff of the House’s ethics subcommittee during an interview Wednesday that...

After Santos Expulsion Is Punted, a &#39;Shouting Match&#39;
After Santos
Expulsion Is Punted,
a 'Shouting Match'

After Santos Expulsion Is Punted, a 'Shouting Match'

After vote to refer his case to House Ethics Committee, chaos on the Capitol steps

(Newser) - House Democrats' push to expel from Congress GOP freshman Rep. George Santos, recently indicted on a list of criminal charges, wasn't expected to earn the two-thirds majority needed to do so, and it didn't. The 221-204 vote Wednesday, which followed party lines, instead decided to refer a resolution...

Democrats Move to Force Vote on Expelling Santos

'Now is the time for members of Congress to demonstrate where they stand'

(Newser) - House Democrats took steps Tuesday to force a vote on expelling New York Rep. George Santos from Congress, an effort that is expected to be defeated but puts Republicans in the uncomfortable position of taking a stand on an indicted colleague. The freshman GOP congressman has been charged with embezzling...

Santos Admits to Using Stolen Checks
Santos Admits to
Using Stolen Checks

Santos Admits to Using Stolen Checks

Congressman signs confession over 2008 theft in Brazil, will pay fine to avoid prosecution

(Newser) - George Santos has admitted to forging stolen checks in Brazil more than a decade ago and will pay nearly $5,000 to settle the criminal case that has followed him ever since. A day after pleading not guilty to numerous financial crimes in the US, the embattled congressman appeared for...

Santos&#39; Alleged Scheme &#39;As Dumb as It Gets&#39;
Santos' Alleged Scheme
'As Dumb as It Gets'

Santos' Alleged Scheme 'As Dumb as It Gets'

He could've raised funds for personal use with existing loopholes but didn't: David Firestone

(Newser) - Irksome as they may be, there are existing loopholes allowing politicians to raise money for personal expenses, like fancy clothes. But George Santos didn't take advantage of them. Instead, he allegedly chose a route "so flagrant, so spectacularly dumb in both conception and execution" that federal law enforcement,...

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