Newser Editorial Policy

Newser’s team of journalists do the reading for you. We dig into the coverage on each topic and event we decide to cover and then summarize the most need-to-know details into concise and quick-to-read stories. Here is our thinking and our standards regarding how we do so:

Attribution: Every source used is cited and hyperlinked to. Quotations are used sparingly and attributed to the original source.

Corrections: When a story is updated for spelling, punctuation, or clarity, an editor’s note is not required. Significant errors of fact are corrected and acknowledged at the end of the story.

Updates: When a story has significantly advanced, and new details are added, it is posted to the current time. The original posting time and updated posting time appear below the author’s byline.

Opinion: Newser sometimes summarizes sharp, insightful, and attention-getting columns and op-eds. These are not reported as news and have no reflection on our editorial perspective. In these cases, the stories are designated as belonging to our “Opinion” section, have an “Opinion” marking on the grid square, specify the name of the columnist or opinion writer, and link to that site.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is prohibited.

Politics: Newser endeavors to take a neutral stance in our reporting and show coverage from all sides, thereby reporting on how the news is being reported.