George Santos

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Santos Could Be Hit by Bill He Co-Sponsored

Prosecutors say he scammed pandemic unemployment benefits

(Newser) - A bill co-sponsored by Rep. George Santos targets one of the federal crimes he is accused of. The Republican is one of 35 co-sponsors of a bill that would make it easier for officials to recover benefits fraudulently obtained during the pandemic, the New York Times reports. According to a...

George Santos Pleads Not Guilty
George Santos
Freed on $500K Bond

George Santos Freed on $500K Bond

He pleads not guilty to federal charges

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos appeared in court Wednesday to face charges that could send the freshman member of Congress to a different kind of federal institution for up to 20 years. The Republican pleaded not guilty to all 13 counts against him connected to three alleged schemes, with the charges including...

George Santos Arrested on Federal Criminal Charges
George Santos
Is Now in Custody

George Santos Is Now in Custody

He was arrested on federal criminal charges Wednesday

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos, the New York Republican infamous for fabricating key parts of his life story, was arrested on federal criminal charges on Wednesday. The New York Times details the charges he faces: seven counts of wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds,...

Report: George Santos Faces Federal Charges

Sources say lawmaker is expected to surrender to authorities Wednesday

(Newser) - Republican Rep. George Santos is facing federal criminal charges, insiders say, though it's not clear which of the multiple allegations against the freshman lawmaker the charges relate to. Sources tell ABC that the charges filed by federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York are under seal. According...

Santos Launches Reelection Bid
Santos Launches Reelection Bid

Santos Launches Reelection Bid

New York GOP says embattled incumbent is on his own

(Newser) - After lying to voters about his background the first time around, Rep. George Santos has decided—now that much of it is out in the open—to ask voters to again send him to Congress. The New York Republican didn't mention the investigations and accusations facing him in his...

For George Santos, an Unwanted Fundraising Feat

His campaign raised a tiny amount and refunded more than that total

(Newser) - The New York Post reports that Rep. George Santos, the first-time congressman embroiled in controversy over his serial lies and iffy financial background, will announce his candidacy for reelection on Monday. If so, the Long Island lawmaker has some serious challenges ahead in the fundraising realm. New filings show that...

Santos Has a Challenger Who's 'Just Had Enough'

Law prof William Murphy lives in 3rd District, says freshman rep must go by any means necessary

(Newser) - George Santos is all of two and a half months into his tenure as New York's 3rd Congressional District rep, and he's already got a challenger for the seat—a St. John's University law prof who says he's "just had enough" of Santos' shenanigans. Says...

George Santos Declares 2024 Candidacy

Or at least he's filed paperwork with the FEC that allows him to continue to raise money

(Newser) - Apparently undeterred by the numerous allegations against him and the House Ethics panel probe on the matter , Rep. George Santos on Tuesday filed paperwork related to a 2024 re-election campaign. Specifically, he filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Commission, but as the Hill notes, that doesn't...

An Ex-Roommate of Santos Emerges With New Allegation

Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha says congressman was the one behind his 2017 ATM fraud scheme

(Newser) - A man convicted of fraud in a 2017 credit card skimming scheme in Seattle is now blaming a familiar name for setting the entire operation up. "I am coming forward today to declare that the person in charge of the crime of credit card fraud when I was arrested...

House Ethics Panel Begins George Santos Investigation

New York congressman who is accused of being a serial liar says he is cooperating

(Newser) - George Santos has freely admitted that he's been a "terrible liar." We're now a little closer to knowing whether that will translate into real consequences at his current job. The House Ethics Committee said Thursday that it had launched an investigation into the New York congressman,...

George Santos Utters Five Words of Truth

'I've been a terrible liar,' he tells Piers Morgan

(Newser) - George Santos sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan that aired Monday night and spoke five words likely to resonate: "I've been a terrible liar." Granted, it took bit of prodding from the host, who interviewed the new congressman for his Piers Morgan Uncensored show. "...

A New Alleged Blemish in George Santos' Backstory

He was charged with theft in 2017 in a case involving Amish dog breeders

(Newser) - The George Santos story continues to get stranger. Politico and CNBC report that the controversial Republican congressman was, in 2017, charged with theft in a case that was later dismissed. A total of $15,125 in bad checks were written in his name to Amish dog breeders in Pennsylvania for,...

Romney Had It Out With George Santos at SOTU

Utah senator doesn't mince words about his opinion of freshman rep from NY at SOTU

(Newser) - You can count the junior senator from Utah as someone who won't be breaking bread with Rep. George Santos anytime soon. Sen. Mitt Romney had some words for the newly elected and unrelentingly controversial representative from New York at Tuesday night's State of the Union address, and they...

McCarthy Says Ethics Findings Will Decide Santos' Fate

Embattled freshman says calls to quit don't bother him

(Newser) - So far, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hasn't moved against Republican Rep. George Santos, whose real life appears to conflict with the background he presented to New York voters. The speaker suggested Tuesday a House committee could change that. "Ethics is moving through, and if Ethics finds something, we'...

George Santos Now Accused of Groping Former Aide

Aide had been working on a volunteer basis until his job offer was rescinded

(Newser) - The latest scandal for George Santos: alleged sexual harassment. The controversial congressman is now accused of behaving inappropriately toward Derek Myers, who was briefly a prospective congressional aide in Santos' office before his job offer was rescinded last week, the New York Times reports. Myers sent a letter, which he...

This Reporter Followed George Santos Around for 16 Hours

Jesus Rodriguez definitely got his steps in following the beleaguered NY congressman for Politico

(Newser) - Jesus Rodriguez is dedicated to his craft—so dedicated, in fact, that the journalist recently shadowed Rep. George Santos for more than 16 hours over two days, camping outside his DC office, following him around Capitol Hill, and reporting on everything that transpired in the process. In his "day-in-the-life...

FBI Probing George Santos' Alleged GoFundMe Scam

Agents got in touch with veteran who says Santos scammed him out of GoFundMe money

(Newser) - Yet another investigation is focused on controversial congressman George Santos: Now, the FBI is probing allegations that Santos, who was going by the name Anthony Devolder at the time, scammed a disabled veteran out of $3,000 raised in a GoFundMe campaign for the vet's dying dog. The US...

George Santos Steps Down From House Committees

But he apparently hopes to return to them eventually

(Newser) - George Santos has resisted all calls to resign from Congress over his serial lies , but he's relenting on one thing: The New York representative told his GOP colleagues in the House that he'll step down from his committee assignments, report the Washington Post and Politico . Santos had been...

Screenshots Live Forever, as Santos Is Now Finding Out unearths old social media posts, comments, including one that jokes about Hitler

(Newser) - George Santos has identified as a "Latino Jew," "clearly Catholic," and, famously, "Jew-ish," but whatever he actually is wouldn't excuse what the Anti-Defamation League is calling "deeply offensive" social media remarks he apparently made that have recently been unearthed. Former friends and...

GOP Senator Comes Up With Colorful Insult for Santos

John Kennedy calls fellow Republican a 'bunny boiler,' a reference to 1987's 'Fatal Attraction'

(Newser) - Rep. George Santos has been rather busy since the 118th Congress convened on Jan. 3, though not all with duties related to his new role as a US congressman. He's mainly been playing defense against his ever-evolving laundry list of lies , the barbs of late-night comedians , and allegations of...

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