On This Day: May 23

10 years of headlines that grabbed us.
May 23, 2021
CDC Says Vaccines May Lead to Heart Issue in Young
A small number of teen and young adult recipients of mRNA-based coronavirus vaccines have developed a heart issue, per the New York Times . The incidence...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2020
Trump's Press Secretary Reveals a Little Too Much
President Trump's press secretary revealed a little more than she bargained for Friday while displaying a check written by her boss, NBC News reports...  Keep reading >>
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May 23, 2019
American Climbs Everest, Dies in Return 'Traffic Jam'
A 55-year-old American reached the summit of Everest Wednesday, fulfilling a goal of conquering the highest summit on each continent. However, Don Cash of Sandy...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2018
She Went 'Missing' in 2004. Now She's a Crime Suspect
A Florida woman who vanished before she could attend a Mother's Day birthday celebration with her three children is now believed dead, with a...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2017
Ex-CIA Chief: Russia 'Brazenly' Interfered With Our Election
Former CIA chief John Brennan left no wiggle room in one aspect of his testimony before a House panel on Tuesday: "It should be...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2016
Elijah Wood: Hollywood Is Hiding Pedophile Scandal
Elijah Wood, who started his movie career with a bit part in Back to the Future II when he was just 8 years old, says...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2015
Cleveland Cop Who Killed Unarmed Couple Is Cleared
A white Cleveland police officer has been cleared of wrongdoing in a high-profile city shooting that left two unarmed black people dead. A judge today...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2014
'One of Most Evil Individuals' Dead at 79
The woman a judge called "one of the most evil individuals" she had ever encountered has died in prison, where she was was serving...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2013
Tesla Pays Off US Loan 9 Years Early
Tesla has come a long way since Mitt Romney labeled it a "loser" in the presidential debates. The company has paid off its $465...  Keep reading >>
May 23, 2012
Hawaii Verifies Obama Birth Records Yet Again
We somehow doubt that this will finally put the birther brouhaha to bed, but: After what the AP describes as "a nearly three-month back...  Keep reading >>
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