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Starbucks Wants Baristas to Talk About Race With You

It's part of a new initiative by CEO Howard Schultz

(Newser) - Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is on another mission : race relations. Under a new company initiative, baristas are being encouraged to write the phrase "Race Together" on customers' cups in the hope of starting a conversation about race, reports Fortune . "It is so vitally important to the country,"...

Kenny G: You Can Thank Me for the Frappuccino

Saxophonist says he encouraged Starbucks CEO to add the frozen drink

(Newser) - There's another reason for you to love Kenny G. Not only does he provide the world with smooth saxophone jazz, he also helped provide the world with the Starbucks Frappuccino, at least according to the musician himself. He was an early Starbucks investor, he explained this week in an...

Starbucks to Workers: We'll Pay for College

Firm says it will pay $30K per worker for online tuition

(Newser) - Starbucks workers who don't want to be baristas forever will be able to get a college education courtesy of the coffee chain. The company says it is offering all 135,000 of its US employees who work at least 20 hours a week the opportunity to be reimbursed for...

Starbucks: You Can Bring Your Guns, But Please Don't

CEO 'respectfully requests' customers stop promoting stores as pro-gun

(Newser) - With another mass shooting about to inevitably shove gun control back into the national conversation , Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is begging you: Please, leave Starbucks out of it. "I am writing today with a respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores," Schultz writes in...

Success Stories: What They Did in Their 20s

Mark Cuban, Howard Schultz, Tim Allen, and others

(Newser) - Did all successful people spend their 20s studying, scrimping, and struggling their way to the American dream? Some, yes—but others were in jail or working retail, as Business Insider reveals in a roundup of what today's success stories were doing in their 20s:
  • Investment shark and Dallas Mavericks

Starbucks CEO to Irked Shareholder: Sell Your Stock

Schultz defends backing gay marriage

(Newser) - The CEO of Starbucks took some flak at yesterday's shareholders meeting for the company's support of gay marriage, which has triggered a boycott by the National Organization for Marriage. CEO Howard Schultz responded that "not every decision is an economic decision," reports the Puget Sound Business ...

&#39;Come Together&#39;? Try &#39;Get It Together&#39;
 'Come Together'? 
 Try 'Get It Together' 

'Come Together'? Try 'Get It Together'

Howard Schultz needs a better message for his cups to fix Washington

(Newser) - Yesterday Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced his DC-area stores would write "Come together" on coffee cups, to pressure lawmakers to come to a fiscal cliff agreement. Well, Jonathan Cohn shares his frustration—but he's really frustrated with people like Schultz who think Washington's dysfunction is the fault...

Starbucks to DC: 'Come Together,' Via Our Cups

Bipartisan message on every cup for 3 days

(Newser) - Starbucks thinks it has the key to the fiscal cliff, and it is caffeinated: But instead of withholding DC lawmakers' joe until they forge a deal, the coffee company is making them drink out of cups labeled "Come Together" until Friday, reports Politico . “It’s a small gesture,...

Starbucks Saves Small-Town Factory

 Starbucks Saves 
 Small-Town Factory 

in case you missed it

Starbucks Saves Small-Town Factory

Places giant order with Ohio potter

(Newser) - In an era of disappearing manufacturing jobs and struggling small towns, a giant corporation has become an unlikely hero in Ohio. East Liverpool, by the Ohio River, has been called country's "Pottery Capital," but lately just a few factories remain. Among them is American Mug and Stein,...

Number of CEOs Making $50M+ Climbs

May have been higher than ever last year

(Newser) - Two more executives last year joined what USA Today calls the "$50 Million Club," the group of executives who—you guessed it—make $50 million or more per year. Annual proxy statements filed this week show that compensation for Occidental Petroleum's Ray Irani was valued at $80....

Our Best Hope for New Jobs: Starbucks
 Our Best Hope 
 for New Jobs: Starbucks 
Joe Nocera

Our Best Hope for New Jobs: Starbucks

Joe Nocera on Howard Schultz's excellent job creation program

(Newser) - When Joe Nocera heard about Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s plan to turn Starbucks customers’ donations into job-creating microloans, he had one thought: “God bless him,” he writes in the New York Times . Sure the government should be tackling this jobs problem, “but with an election coming...

Starbucks Wants You to Pay $5 More for Coffee

All in the name of stimulating job growth

(Newser) - Hey Frappuccino drinker, can you spare a fiver? Starbucks is hoping that its customers will begin ponying up an extra $5 beginning next month. No, not because that grande drink now costs $8. Starting Nov. 1, Starbucks will accept donations of $5 or more to its "Jobs for USA"...

Starbucks CEO to DC: No Donations for You!

Howard Schultz wants budget answers before opening his wallet

(Newser) - Maybe he should just refuse coffee to politicians. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is pleading to other corporate execs to stop contributing to political campaigns until the president and Congress come up with a realistic way to cut budget deficits, reports Politico . “This is a time for citizenship, not partisanship,...

Starbucks' Master Plan: Dominate the Grocery Store

Chain plans push to get its products on shelves

(Newser) - Starbucks is planning to stay ahead in the increasingly crowded coffee business by blurring the lines between supermarkets and coffee shops. The chain, which has been struggling since its days of rapid expansion ended, plans a major push to get more of its products into grocery stores and more supermarket...

Starbucks Goes Instant

 Goes Instant 

Starbucks Goes Instant

Company has high hopes for new $1 powdered coffee

(Newser) - Following a three-city test run, Starbucks is rolling out its new Via coffee across the country today, offering java-fiends an instant brew that costs less than a buck—and is purported to taste just as good as the real thing. The recession-hit coffee chain is selling the powder in Target...

Starbucks: We're No 'Poster Child for Excess'

Coffee giant plans media push to reverse consumer perceptions

(Newser) - Starbucks has become a “poster child for excess,” says CEO Howard Shultz, and the traditionally advertising-shy company is planning media blitz to combat that, Advertising Age reports. TV and Internet ads and social-media efforts will attempt to change the "myth out there that there's this $4 cup...

UK Minister Rips Starbucks Over Economy Jibe

'How the hell are they doing?' exclaims furious politician

(Newser) - One of Britain's leading politicians laid into an unlikely adversary yesterday: the head of Starbucks. Company chief Howard Schultz said on CNBC that "the UK is in a spiral" and was causing Starbucks considerable grief, prompting business secretary Peter Mandelson to fire back: "Why should I have this...

I'll Have a No. 2, Please: Starbucks Adds Meal Deals

Struggling coffee icon adds $3.95 breakfast deals to jolt sales

(Newser) - Starbucks is taking a page from McDonald’s book by offering $3.95 drink and breakfast deals it hopes will help reprogram consumers' perceptions of the chain as home of the $4 coffee, reports the Wall Street Journal. "It is a reset of both economic and social behavior,”...

CEO: Starbucks Perking Up
 CEO: Starbucks Perking Up 

CEO: Starbucks Perking Up

After drop in third quarter, coffee chain's sales improved in October

(Newser) - Starbucks' CEO says the company is percolating again and may have hit bottom in the quarter that ended in September, the Wall Street Journal reports. The chain again saw declining sales, says Howard Schultz, but he also noted a “slight improvement” in October. Starbucks has been shutting stores, and...

Southbound Sonics Settle With Seattle

City will be paid up to $75M to let team move to Oklahoma City

(Newser) - The Seattle Supersonics have reached a last-minute deal with their hometown that will let the team move to Oklahoma City for the start of the next NBA season, reports the Seattle Times. The agreement, made just hours before a judge was to rule on a lawsuit over the team's arena...

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