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A Break for Prison Seamstress Who Helped Killers Escape

Joyce Mitchell to go free after 5 years in prison

(Newser) - The former upstate New York prison worker who helped two convicted murderers escape in 2015 is about to go home. Joyce Mitchell, sentenced to up to seven years in prison for providing material support to Clinton Correctional Facility escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat, is expected to be released from...

Seamstress Who Helped Cons Escape Hears Parole Fate

It's a no for Joyce Mitchell, who aided Richard Matt and David Sweat in Dannemora breakout

(Newser) - The upstate New York prison break that Joyce Mitchell played a role in four years ago captivated the nation, but her recent attempts to make her own way out from behind bars apparently didn't captivate the parole board. The New York Daily News reports the 55-year-old seamstress—who famously...

Inmate Gives 100+ Hours of Interviews on Brazen Escape

New book recounts David Sweat's escape with Richard Matt

(Newser) - The inside story of one of the US' most famous prison breaks is told in a new book from New York Daily News reporter Chelsia Rose Marcius, who spent more than 100 hours interviewing surviving inmate David Sweat, who was shot and captured three weeks after escaping from New York'...

Inmate in Famous Escape Cooked Up Another Plan

But David Sweat asked his girlfriend to tell authorities all about it

(Newser) - One of two inmates who pulled off a brazen escape from a New York state prison in 2015 hatched an elaborate plan to escape again. But instead of acting on it, David Sweat came up with a twist: He'd tell authorities all about it and get some extra privileges...

As Showtime Readies Series, Seamstress Is Denied Parole

Joyce Mitchell helped 2 inmates escape from New York state prison

(Newser) - A state board has denied parole to a tailor who played a key role in a prison break that's the subject of a Showtime miniseries being filmed in the northern New York region where it happened. Joyce Mitchell will remain behind bars for at least two more years for...

Key to Inmates' Storied Escape: 'Lazy' Guards

Sweat managed to get out of cell 85 nights in a row

(Newser) - Guards at Clinton Correctional Facility were supposed to carry out overnight rounds, observing "skin and breathing or other movement," but "we got lazy," Officer Ronald Blair says in a 154-page report on the institutional flaws that enabled the brazen escape of David Sweat and Richard Matt...

NY Inmate Pleads Guilty in Escape

David Sweat admits to all charges in high-profile breakout in June

(Newser) - A convicted killer serving life behind bars when he staged a daring escape from a maximum-security prison has pleaded guilty to criminal charges for the breakout. In 35-year-old David Sweat's second court appearance since his capture in June, he no longer wore a sling, his head was shaved, and...

Seamstress Owes $80K for Killers' Prison Break

It's 'every legal dollar' the state could get out of her

(Newser) - The prison seamstress who helped two convicted murderers escape a New York prison by smuggling them tools hidden inside meat last summer must pay nearly $80,000 in restitution, NBC News reports. That's in addition to the up to seven years Joyce Mitchell is currently serving for her role...

Psychic Sues NY for $100K: My 'Gifts' Helped Find Inmates

Texas man wants reward money for 'helping' in case of escaped inmates

(Newser) - On June 7, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted that the state of New York had $100,000 for anyone with info that would lead to the arrest of two escaped prison inmates. Now a Texas psychic wants Cuomo to pay up and has filed a lawsuit to demand the...

Prison Seamstress: 'I Live With Regret Every Day'

Joyce Mitchell sentenced to up to 7 years in 'worst mistake I have ever made'

(Newser) - Joyce Mitchell , the prison worker who helped two convicts escape an upstate New York correctional facility in June, wept during her sentencing Monday. "If I could take it all back I would," Mitchell said "in a choked voice," per NBC News . "I live with...

Seamstress: I Helped Convicts 'to Save My Family'
 I Helped Convicts 
 'to Save My Family' 
'today' interview

Seamstress: I Helped Convicts 'to Save My Family'

Joyce Mitchell says prisoners knew where they lived

(Newser) - The former prison seamstress who helped two murderers escape in New York in June says she did so out of fear for her family. Richard Matt and David Sweat had discovered where her mother and older son lived, and Joyce Mitchell felt she was in too deep to refuse their...

Prison-Escape Helper: 'I Just Got in Over My Head'

Joyce Mitchell says Richard Matt had 'complete control'

(Newser) - Ex-prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell is in an upstate New York jail awaiting sentencing for her role in helping inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt escape the Clinton Correctional Facility in June, but she took the time to talk to Matt Lauer recently to explain where her head was at during...

NY Inmates: We Were Beaten After 2 Killers Escaped

Clinton Correctional inmates say they faced officers' wrath after June jailbreak

(Newser) - A daring escape from an upstate New York prison in June didn't go as planned for Richard Matt and David Sweat . But while those two men faced their personal consequences, inmates back at the Clinton Correctional Facility say they were facing their own repercussions for the jailbreak, per a...

Prison Escapee Was Drunk When Killed by Border Patrol

Richard Matt had BAC of 0.18%

(Newser) - One of the escaped prisoners who led police on an expansive 23-day manhunt through New York was drunk when he was shot and killed by border patrol agents, reports AP . Authorities said Richard Matt, one of two convicted killers who broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility on June 6, had...

Prison Worker Spills on Sexual Favors, Murder Plan

Joyce Mitchell tells investigators she gave oral sex to inmate, touched his genitals

(Newser) - In a glimpse into what the Washington Post calls the "rose-tinted romances of prison life," statements offered by prison worker Joyce Mitchell lend insight as to why she helped two felons escape the Clinton Correctional Facility last month. In statements acquired by the New York Times , NBC News...

Joyce Mitchell Pleads Guilty in NY Prison Escape

Prison seamstress admits charges in escape of Richard Matt, David Sweat

(Newser) - A New York prison employee has pleaded guilty to helping two killers escape last month. Joyce Mitchell, a tailor shop instructor at Clinton Correctional Facility, was jailed shortly after Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped on June 6. Matt was shot and killed three weeks later. Sweat was captured and...

Sweat Roamed Prison for Months Before Escape

He joked about 'Shawshank' with fellow escapee

(Newser) - For David Sweat, getting out of prison took luck, hard work, help or inaction from prison workers, and what the New York Times calls a "MacGyver-like sense of ingenuity." Sources briefed on what Sweat has told investigators after his recapture last month say that he managed to saw...

NY Inmates' Plan Unraveled Over Chinese Food

Mitchell 'had a moment of clarity' while dining with hubby

(Newser) - The plan was set: Joyce Mitchell would pick up inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt after their prison breakout in a car packed with sleeping bags, tents, a fishing pole, and a shotgun, and the three would drive to kill Mitchell's husband, Lyle, before taking off for Mexico . But...

David Sweat Out of Hospital, Back Behind Bars

Escapee is released, sent to new maximum security prison in western NY

(Newser) - David Sweat has been released from the Albany Medical Center and returned to prison in New York state for the first time in a month, reports CNN , albeit not the Clinton Correctional Facility from which he escaped with fellow convict Richard Matt. Sweat was released at 3am this morning and...

Escapee's Note to Daughter: 'See You on the Outside'

Richard Matt had Joyce Mitchell connect with her: official

(Newser) - Richard Matt 's daughter feared her father would pay her a visit while he was on the lam, and she had good reason to think he might, according to police. "I always promised you I would see you on the outside," Matt wrote in a letter...

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