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Coming Soon: Amazon's First Wearable

Smart glasses equipped with Alexa could be out this year: FT

(Newser) - Amazon has set to work on its first wearable device. With help from Google Glass founder Babak Parviz, whom Amazon hired in 2014, the company is developing smart glasses equipped with the Alexa voice assistant, reports the Financial Times . The glasses will reportedly look pretty normal, without a visible screen...

Google Resurrects One of Its Worst Product Flops
Google Resurrects One 
of Its Worst Product Flops

Google Resurrects One of Its Worst Product Flops

Glass Enterprise Edition claims to boost productivity in factories

(Newser) - Astro Teller, who runs Google's X division, admits the company "got more than a little off track" with Google Glass. One of the most-hyped products of 2013 fell flat , becoming a footnote in the history of wearable tech, reports Wired . But don't count it out yet. After...

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time
10 Worst Product
Flops of All Time

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time

Even the world's leading companies screw up

(Newser) - Remember Google Glass ? Google would likely rather forget it. The wearable technology tops the worst product flops of all time, according to 24/7 Wall St , which outlines the top 50 (though it doesn't share its methodology in compiling the list). While Google Glass faced privacy concerns and public...

Rich People More Likely to Ignore You on Street
Rich People More Likely
to Ignore You on Street

Rich People More Likely to Ignore You on Street

Study says the lower classes hold little 'motivational relevance' for the wealthy

(Newser) - No, you're not imagining it. Rich people really aren't interested in you. A new study found the wealthy spend less time looking at other people, probably because the lower classes hold less "motivational relevance" for them, meaning the hoi polloi aren't worthy of their attention, Live...

Google Halts Glass Sales for 'Transition'

New, improved version will be out this year, company says

(Newser) - Google is calling time on the first phase of its Glass experiment, but it promises that it will be back with an improved version of the smart eyewear. The company says sales of the $1,500 Google Glass through its Explorer program will end on Monday for a "transition"...

Google Glass Messes With Your Peripheral Vision
Google Glass Messes With Your Peripheral Vision

Google Glass Messes With Your Peripheral Vision

Small study finds obstruction in the user's upper right quadrant

(Newser) - Ever wonder if the small computer monitor on the top right of Google Glass gets in the way of a user's vision? An ophthalmologist at UC San Francisco almost got in a car accident when he didn't see a car coming from the right, and he decided to...

Google Glass Now Banned at Theaters

MPAA, theater owners' association ban wearable tech

(Newser) - It's official: If you want to see a movie while it's still in the theaters, you'll have to take off your Google Glass or smartwatch first. The MPAA and the National Association of Theatre Owners yesterday banned all wearable tech, meaning you'll need to turn such...

First Case of Google Glass Addiction Reported

Internet addiction, however, is not yet recognized by the APA

(Newser) - A 31-year-old enlisted service member who recently checked himself into the US Navy’s Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program for alcohol addiction began suffering an entirely unexpected withdrawal during the 35-day program. It turns out that when the program stripped him of Google Glass, which he'd been wearing 18 hours...

Eroding Privacy? Blame Humans, Not Google Glass
Eroding Privacy? Blame Humans, Not Google Glass

Eroding Privacy? Blame Humans, Not Google Glass

They existed long before this tech: Whitney Erin Boesel

(Newser) - Now that anyone can buy Google Glass , we're sure to see an increase in the number of " Glassholes " roaming the streets, taking pictures of people without their consent. And many people will likely decry Google Glass, as we've decried other technological advances before, claiming it's...

You Can Buy Google Glass Tomorrow

...Assuming you want to pay $1,500 for it

(Newser) - Good news everyone: Tomorrow, for one day only, Google is letting the general public buy Google Glass, without having to participate in a fawning social media contest , the Wall Street Journal reports. Now, the only thing standing between you and the eye-mounted gadget is any aversions you have to looking...

Google Glass Wearer Claims 'Hate Crime' in Bar Incident

Critics say she had no right to be recording them

(Newser) - Google Glass has been involved in speeding tickets , alleged movie-taping , and now its first bar altercation. A woman in San Francisco says she got attacked by "wanker Google Glass haters" for wearing the glasses inside a Haight Street establishment, reports the Los Angeles Times . Tech publicist Sarah Slocum wrote...

Google to Glass Users: Avoid Being 'Creepy'

Company issues ever-so-helpful list of dos, don'ts

(Newser) - After a number of unpleasant incidents , Google has some helpful advice for users of Glass: "Don't be a Glasshole." That's just one of many tips offered in a new list of dos and don'ts for users, compiled from feedback from those who've actually tried...

Former Fan: Google Glass Is a Headache—Literally

Chris Barrett thinks gadget should come with a health warning

(Newser) - Should Google Glass come with a health warning? Chris Barrett thinks so. Barrett was once one of Glass's top champions. He was the first to film an arrest with it, and even convinced Bon Jovi's keyboard player to wear it onstage. But now he rarely wears the device,...

NYPD Testing Google Glass as Crime-Fighting Tool

Police are experimenting with a few pairs of the glasses

(Newser) - VentureBeat reports on a development that could make "stop-and-frisk" seem downright quaint: The New York City Police Department has scored a few pairs of Google Glass and is testing them out on the streets. “We’re looking at them, you know, seeing how they work," says...

Google Glass Gets a New Look
 Google Glass Gets a New Look 

Google Glass Gets a New Look

Four titanium frames now available

(Newser) - The Verge sums it up thusly: "Google Glass just got a lot less geeky." That's due to today's announcement of the Titanium Collection for Google Glass, a fashion-forward collection of four extra-light titanium frames that will offer an option to those with bad vision—or those...

Feds Yank Google Glass User From Theater

He was brought in for 'voluntary interview'

(Newser) - Can Google Glass—which includes a camera—be worn in movie theaters? One theater in Columbus, Ohio, decided not and had federal agents pull a a Glass-wearer from his seat. The agent confiscated the Glass, told the unnamed man he had been busted illegally taping the movie, and took him...

Not Guilty: Google Glass Wearer Cleared in Traffic Court

Official says there's no proof that Cecelia Abadie's device was on at the time

(Newser) - It's a Google Glass legal precedent: A San Diego traffic court threw out a citation today against a woman who was wearing the device while driving . Commissioner John Blair ruled that Cecilia Abadie was not guilty because the code she was cited for requires proof that the device was...

Uh Oh, Wearable Tech: Pirates Are Ignoring You

Counterfeiter apathy a 'warning signal' for industry

(Newser) - Is wearable technology like Google Glass and Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch destined to be a short-lived fad? China's famously adept counterfeiters appear to think so, in what one expert tells CNN should be a "serious warning signal" for the tech industry. CNN reporters visited almost two...

Sony's 'Wearable Tech' Idea: a Wig

Complete with GPS, camera, and sensors to detect blood pressure

(Newser) - Watch out Google Glass , Sony is delving into wearable technology—and fashion, apparently—with a patent for a wig that can check your blood pressure, detect objects around you, and even help blind people navigate roads, the BBC reports. Sony thinks its SmartWig, worn "in addition to natural hair,...

A First? Driver Gets Ticket for Wearing Google Glass

Woman in California might be testing new legal ground

(Newser) - It's a tech milestone of sorts. A woman in San Diego has gotten what might be the first ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass. When she got pulled over speeding, the officer also cited her for "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)," reports Engadget...

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