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Doctor Performs Surgery Wearing Google Glass

Surgeon in India says it could be a huge help to rural hospitals

(Newser) - A surgeon in India performed two minor operations while wearing Google Glass , a feat he says demonstrates the device's potential to transform medical care in rural areas, reports the Wall Street Journal . The surgeon did hernia and gastro-intestinal procedures and live-streamed both to a group of doctors and medical...

Google Patents 'Street View' Walking Sticks

Soon, hikers might be helping map the world as they walk

(Newser) - First, there were Google Street View cars. But cars can't go everywhere, so next came Google's Trekker, a big contraption worn like a backpack that snaps photos off the beaten path. What's next? Think smaller. GeekWire reports that the company just scored a new patent : "It’...

Google Rejects Porn App for Glass

It would have helped people record sexual encounters and share the results

(Newser) - Google Glass will be a porn-free device if the company can help it. Google yesterday rejected a pornography app for Glass just hours after Seattle developer MiKandi announced one, reports PC World . It would have allowed users to record sexual encounters and share the results on a website with anonymous...

Google Bars Facial Recognition Apps for Glass

At least for now, on privacy concerns

(Newser) - Google doesn't want users of Google Glass to be able to get the lowdown on people they encounter, at least for the time being. In a blog post last night, the company said it would not allow facial recognition apps for the device, reports Mashable . "As Google has...

Google Glass Could Make Us Less Annoying
Google Glass Could
Make Us Less Annoying
Gadget Review

Google Glass Could Make Us Less Annoying

'It's way, way less distracting than checking your smartphone': Manjoo

(Newser) - Given all the hate that's been piled on Google Glass lately, Farhad Manjoo strapped on a pair "expecting to experience the digital equivalent of a machine hacked together with duct tape and construction paper." Instead, he came away convinced that Glass, or something like it, will define...

Tesla Discussing 'Autopilot' for Cars With Google

Elon Musk aims for affordable version for his electric cars

(Newser) - Electric carmaker Tesla is talking with Google about developing an "autopilot" system for its cars, reports Bloomberg . Google, of course, has been testing "self-driving" cars for a few years, though Tesla chief Elon Musk dislikes the term. "Self-driving sounds like it’s going to do something you...

Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky

 Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky 

Google Glass Is Just Too Dorky

Marcus Wohlsen thinks it's a product of out-of-touch tech guys

(Newser) - Looking through the images on the White Men Wearing Google Glass Tumblr has convinced Marcus Wohlsen that the much-touted glasses have a lot in common with Segways, Bluetooth headsets, and pocket protectors. "They're all too dorky to live," Wohlsen writes in Wired . In theory, all these products...

West Virginia Mulls Ban on Google Glass While Driving

State rep sees 'safety concern' with Internet headset

(Newser) - Ever imagined Google Glass causing nasty accidents? So has West Virginia state Rep. Gary Howell, who introduced a bill last week to ban wearing such gizmos while driving, CNN reports. "The primary thing is a safety concern," said Howell."It could project text or video into your...

Google Fined $7M for Street View Snooping

Settlement includes privacy lessons for employees

(Newser) - Google has coughed up $7 million—about an hour's revenue for the search giant—to settle a probe into its Street View cars' unauthorized collection of huge amounts of personal data. As part of the settlement with 38 states and the District of Columbia, Google has also agreed to...

Google's Brin: Smartphones 'Emasculating'

His issue: 'Rubbing featureless piece of glass.' Critics pounce

(Newser) - Sergey Brin thinks smartphones are "emasculating." "You're standing around and just rubbing this featureless piece of glass," the Google co-founder told a TED audience yesterday. That contrasts, apparently, with his Google Glass project, which has come a long way. It began as essentially "a...

Google Glass Appears on eBay for $16K

Post apparently taken down

(Newser) - Google Glass has already arrived on eBay—or so a seller claims. The project hasn't yet arrived on the proverbial shelves, but a Cleveland seller says that, after being selected by Google , he or she will get a pair at a New York event this week. When they finally...

Public Gets Look at 'Google Glass'

And its first chance to be part of a limited beta test

(Newser) - Google gave the public its first taste of how it would feel to strap on its much-anticipated digital glasses , releasing photos and a video showing off the system's capabilities and user interface. Users are shown taking video and photos, performing searches, and overlaying directions, weather, and flight info over...

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