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Andrew Sullivan Moving to Subscription-Only Model

Prominent blogger will ask readers to pay $20 a year

(Newser) - One of the biggest names in blogging is going to test a new way of doing business. Starting Feb. 1, Andrew Sullivan's "The Dish" blog will leave the Daily Beast , become independent and ad-free, and ask readers to pay $19.99 a year. Sullivan, who previously partnered with...

Los Angeles Times to Launch Paywall
Los Angeles Times
to Launch Paywall

Los Angeles Times to Launch Paywall

Paper's online content won't be free after March 5

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times is going behind a paywall next month, joining the ranks of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and most recently, Gannett. (The latter's hasn't gone into effect yet.) The LAT "membership program" will eventually cost $1.99 a week when...

New York Times Asks Twitter to Plug Paywall Loophole

Paper aims to firm up pay barrier before launch

(Newser) - The pay barrier for the New York Times' online content goes up on Monday and the newspaper is scrambling to make it more like a wall and less like a curtain full of holes. Users will be allowed 20 page views a month before the barrier comes down. But articles...

New York Times Subscription Paywall to Go Up This Month; $15 for Unlimited Access
NY Times Paywall 
Starts This Month

NY Times Paywall Starts This Month

Unlimited access will be $15 a month

(Newser) - The New York Times website will start charging customers for unlimited access starting March 28, the newspaper announced . Users will be able to read up to 20 articles for free, but beyond that, they’ll have to pay $15 per month for full access to the site and mobile app....

Shakespeare Needed Paywalls —and We Do, Too

Piracy could've stopped great writers' careers before they began

(Newser) - The recent discovery of earthenware knobs in England—a distinctive feature of the moneyboxes used to collect admission for theaters in Shakespeare's time—prompts a reflection from author Scott Turow and Authors Guild chief Paul Aiken on the link between commerce and creative culture for the New York Times . Think...

NY Times Gets Ready to Launch Paywall

 NY Times
Paywall Details Leak 

NY Times Paywall Details Leak

Most won't have to pay, paper says

(Newser) - The New York Times’ long-expected paywall is due next month, and details are starting to leak out about the plan. Everyone will have limited free access to the site, sources tell the Wall Street Journal , but once users reach that limit, they'll have to pony up. Users can buy either...

Paywall Drives Off 98.8% of Times Readers

Former employee reports that only 15K have agreed to pay

(Newser) - What has putting up a paywall done for the folks at the Times? Driven away most of their readers, predictably. Only 150,000 signed up for “Times+” accounts, and only 15,000 of them actually agreed to pay when their free trial ran out, according to an unconfirmed report...

Time Puts Up a Paywall, With a Twist

You don't pay; short versions of stories direct you to print or iPad edition

(Newser) - Time has stripped the lion's share of the print magazine's content from its website , cutting articles down to snippets accompanied by a note directing the reader to the print or iPad edition, reports Nieman Journalism Lab . But unlike other pay news sites, Time offers no way to pay in order...

Murdoch to Block Search Behind New Paywall

UK Times stories will be invisible, unless you've paid

(Newser) - The Times of London and Sunday Times aren't just going behind a paywall, they're going behind a pay fortress. The papers won't allow their stories to appear on Google or any other search engines, reports. Search engines will have access only to their homepages. Nor will there be...

Newsday Web Subscribers: 35
 Newsday Web Subscribers: 35 

Newsday Web Subscribers: 35

Disgruntled staffers told few have ventured behind paywall

(Newser) - Three months after Newsday erected a paywall around its revamped $4 million web site, only 35 people have paid the $5 a week needed to breach it. Publisher Terry Jiminez revealed the figure at a heated newsroom meeting last week, insiders tell the New York Observer . Jiminez stressed that most...

NY Times Announces Paywall Plan

But that plan doesn't have the details

(Newser) - If you want to read the New York Times online, it's going to cost you—but not for everything and not until next year. The Times confirmed its planned paywall today, but execs “could not yet answer fundamental questions about the plan.” The Times will allow users to...

Times Prepares to Charge for Online Access

Newspaper lays groundwork for reinstituting paywall

(Newser) - Two-plus years after making its entire website free, the New York Times is about to roll out a plan that will charge readers for online access. The announcement may come within 2 weeks, but the pay wall won't be in force for several months, New York magazine reports. Rather than...

Paywall Model Make-or-Break for Variety
Paywall Model Make-or-Break for Variety
jon friedman

Paywall Model Make-or-Break for Variety

Audience loyalty critical as online competitors gain ground

(Newser) - Variety will phase in a paywall starting today, a return to its pre-2006 model and a big gamble that its long history as the Hollywood daily will spur users to open their wallets. The site's traffic has increased since it became free, but it failed to attract a bump...

Google Offers to Limit News Access

Users would have to pay after 5 clicks through from Google

(Newser) - In a bid to placate struggling media companies but keep content in search results, Google has offered publishers a program that limits users to five free articles a day. A user who clicks through from Google to the same news source more than five times a day would be automatically...

Twitter Founder: Murdoch Will 'Fail Fast'

Biz Stone thinks plan to put up online paywalls is folly

(Newser) - Biz Stone says he’d “love to see what happens” if Rupert Murdoch really yanks his newspapers from Google, predicting that he’ll “fail fast.” The Twitter co-founder thinks News Corp would be better off trying “to make a ton of money from being radically open...

News Corp. May Shield All Content From Google

Murdoch says move will wait until paywalls go up at newspaper sites

(Newser) - News Corp. honcho Rupert Murdoch wants to put a permanent end to “parasite” Google’s “kleptomania” when it comes to content on his newspapers’ websites. Murdoch says the Wall Street Journal and others will likely be removed from Google’s search registry “when we start charging”—...

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...
When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is
Robin Hood...
Simon Dumenco

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...

...and founder Michael Wolff is in jail

(Newser) - The year is 2012, and Michael Wolff is in prison. He’s the first high-profile conviction under 2011’s anti-aggregation law, the draconian act that’s allowed newspapers to duck behind ever-pricier paywalls. These days, a New York Times subscription will run you $7,000, and “the cultural divide...

Hulu Fees Likely in 2010
 Hulu Fees Likely in 2010 
no free lunch

Hulu Fees Likely in 2010

News Corp. talks subscription model; paywall unlikely

(Newser) - The days of free TV shows on Hulu are likely ending: A News Corp. exec says “it’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online,” adding that “Hulu concurs with that.” Asked by Broadcasting & Cable what exactly that means, Chase Carey was vague:...

Newsday Jumps Behind a Paywall

Opts for 'hyper-local' approach

(Newser) - If you’ve been reading a ton of Newsday stories online, we’ve got some bad news: the Long Island daily plans to erect a paywall next week. The paper’s online content will now be closed to everyone except print subscribers, Optimum Online customers, and anyone willing to pay...

I'm Fat, but No Idiot: Consumers Will Pay for News
 I'm Fat, but No Idiot: 
 Consumers Will Pay for News 
cuban to wolff:

I'm Fat, but No Idiot: Consumers Will Pay for News

(Newser) - Media maverick (and Mavericks owner) Mark Cuban mixes it up with Newser's Michael Wolff, laying out his argument that consumers should and will pay for online content if it's packaged in a new way. Allowing as how he's fat, but hardly an idiot (as per Wolff's column yesterday, see link...

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