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People Who Bought Snuggies Getting Little Something Extra

Snuggie-maker must pay customers $7.2M after FTC alleges misleading advertising

(Newser) - That'll buy a whole lot of Snuggies. ABC News reports Allstar Marketing Group—which makes the Snuggie, the Magic Mesh Door, and more—will pay back its customers $7.2 million after the FTC accused it of tricking them with its advertised buy-one-get-one-free deal. Apparently that deal, which Allstar...

Brace Yourselves: Electric Snuggie Has Arrived

Blanket with sleeves now has full-body heating

(Newser) - If you've somehow managed to hold off on buying a Snuggie—maybe the promise of warmth or an elaborate Snuggie sex manual didn't sway you—then perhaps the latest, electric-heated version will be the one for you. The Coz-E is a Snuggie-style blanket with sleeves, except that it's an electric...

For the Ultimate Lazy Man, an Adult Onesie

Snuggies are for amateurs...

(Newser) - In a news story that sounds more Wayne's World than our world, two Wisconsin men have developed and are selling the "adult onesie." The fleece, footless onesie, developed in Dave Hibler's parents' basement (along with the genius aid of friend Tyler Galganski), is said to be an evolutionary...

The 'Snuggie Sutra': As Weird, Sexy as It Sounds
 The 'Snuggie Sutra': 
 As Weird, Sexy as It Sounds 

The 'Snuggie Sutra': As Weird, Sexy as It Sounds

Who doesn't want to get down while wearing a huge blanket?

(Newser) - Turns out the Snuggie is sexy lingerie simply masquerading as a humongous blanket with sleeves. At least according to The Snuggie Sutra , a website and new book featuring exactly what it sounds like: a series of Kama Sutra-like sex moves that can be performed by couples while wearing the beloved...

Angels Fans Set Snuggie World Record

Take that, Cleveland!

(Newser) - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans set a world record last night for, we kid you not, “the largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets.” Yes, Guinness actually keeps track of this—an adjudicator was on hand to certify the occasion. The Angels accomplished the oh-so-impressive feat by...

The Necky: Like the Snuggie, but Smaller
 The Necky: Like 
 the Snuggie, 
 but Smaller 

The Necky: Like the Snuggie, but Smaller

Undecided on a Secret Santa gift? Check this out.

(Newser) - You want to buy the perfect gift for that special someone, but he or she already has a Snuggie and a Slanket: Never fear, the Necky is here! The Frisky has uncovered the latest must-have as-seen-on-TV item, perfect for “the truly lazy who can’t figure out how to...

The Best of '00s Nostalgia

 The Best of 
 '00s Nostalgia 
Snuggies + Juicy couture

The Best of '00s Nostalgia

Hipsters and foodies and Snuggies, oh my!

(Newser) - What will be the ‘00s version of the 1970s' lava lamps, the 1980s' stonewashed jeans, the 1990s' flannel shirts? What will we, one day, look back on with embarrassed nostalgia and say, “That’s so aughties”? Heather Wagner lists 26 possibilities in Vanity Fair :
  1. Hipsters: Skinny jeans,

Just in Time for Xmas: Weezer Snuggie
 Just in Time 
 for Xmas: 


Just in Time for Xmas: Weezer Snuggie

Act now! For a limited time only!

(Newser) - If you want to destroy Rivers Cuomo's sweater, he's down with that: The Weezer frontman would prefer to wear a Weezer Snuggie anyway, which he's hawking right alongside the band's new album. The stunt comes complete with an infomercial in which bandmembers parade around in their Snuggies—yours for only...

It's Snuggie Time, America
 It's Snuggie Time, 


It's Snuggie Time, America

How one reporter went from skeptic to snuggler

(Newser) - The "Snuggie phenomenon" has blossomed into romance for one New Yorker who ordered a few and fell hard. "Like all relationships, it's hard to chart how this one started," writes Kurt Soller in Newsweek. He ordered two Snuggies and four Slankets—both blankets with sleeves—and...

But Wait, There's More! Snuggie's Not the Original

Ads set it apart, but it wasn't the first sleeved blanket

(Newser) - Casual observers—meaning late-night TV watchers—probably think the sleeved-blanket craze started with the Snuggie. Easy mistake: The ads showing cultish, cozy Snuggie converts are everywhere, and 4 million have been sold since October, the New York Times reports. But the creator of the Slanket wants to set the record...

Slankets and Snuggies: The Mockable Sells
Slankets and Snuggies:
The Mockable Sells

Slankets and Snuggies: The Mockable Sells

The pitch ripe for irony, sells more than a blanket

(Newser) - Parodied by YouTube videos and mocked by Jay Leno, the blanket with arms known as the Slanket—or its knockoff the Snuggie—is getting a lot of attention for a useless invention, writes Dara Lind for Culture11. As Leno points out, “It’s like wearing a bathrobe backwards,"...

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