The Best of '00s Nostalgia

Hipsters and foodies and Snuggies, oh my!
By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 9, 2009 11:33 AM CST
The Best of '00s Nostalgia
Someday very soon, hipsters will be sooooo last decade.   (©Kerosene Photography)

What will be the ‘00s version of the 1970s' lava lamps, the 1980s' stonewashed jeans, the 1990s' flannel shirts? What will we, one day, look back on with embarrassed nostalgia and say, “That’s so aughties”? Heather Wagner lists 26 possibilities in Vanity Fair:

  1. Hipsters: Skinny jeans, a “propensity for fedoras,” American Apparel as their uniform, Pabst Blue Ribbon as their official drink.

  1. Logo Chic: For much of the decade, we dressed in a uniform of Ugg boots, Seven jeans, and juicy couture jumpsuits, "until the recession (and Jon Gosselin’s Ed Hardy shirt stretched over his protruding, ATV-riding belly) precipitated a crushing dénouement."
  2. Celebutards: The “young, wealthy, spray-tanned, multiple-DUI-receiving, brawling-outside-LA-nightclubs, underwear-shunning set.”
  3. Food porn: This decade, food became “no longer just subsistence but a lifestyle, as the farmers’ market became the new singles bar, job seekers listed molecular gastronomy as a hobby on their résumés, and everyone knew the meaning of sous vide. And yet, somehow Arby’s continued to exist.”
  4. Snuggies: “Laugh all you want. Right now, whoever invented the Snuggie is laughing harder.”
For the complete list, click here. (More best of the decade stories.)

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