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Larry King's Next Gig: The Daily Show?!

CNN legend in talks with Jon Stewart's crew

(Newser) - The Daily Show's in talks to add a new contributor to its stable—and you just might have heard of him. Larry King has talked with Comedy Central about joining Jon Stewart's snarky faux-news show, sources tells the New York Post . "A single conversation has happened," says one....

Piers Morgan, Larry King Spar Over CNN Show

Morgan was oversold as 'dangerous,' King snorts

(Newser) - Larry King was back on CNN last night and successor Piers Morgan ended up getting a grilling. The former host, who earlier said he thought Piers Morgan Tonight had been "oversold" with promos billing Morgan as "dangerous," quizzed the Brit about his idea of danger, the Hollywood ...

In CNN Debut, Piers Morgan Fawning, So-So

A kinder, gentler Piers takes center stage

(Newser) - The obnoxious Piers Morgan familiar to reality show fans was nowhere to be seen as Piers Morgan Tonight made its debut in Larry King's old time slot on CNN, say critics. Morgan was fawning and deferential during his highly publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey. Some early reaction:
  • "Morgan's nerves

Obnoxious Piers Morgan Is the 'Anti-Larry King'
Obnoxious Piers Morgan
Is the 'Anti-Larry King'
big debut tonight

Obnoxious Piers Morgan Is the 'Anti-Larry King'

Host faces mammoth task as show begins tonight, writes Brian Stelter

(Newser) - Tonight, Piers Morgan takes over Larry King’s time slot—but he won’t take on King’s style. Morgan is "in many ways the anti-King," writes Brian Stelter for the New York Times : "obnoxious, obsessively prepared, and eager to tape his interviews in advance as often...

Piers Morgan: 'Bleeding Obvious' Palin Was Reckless

It's 'common sense' not to use crosshairs, says 'new Larry King'

(Newser) - Clearly, Piers "the new Larry King" Morgan is not one to tread lightly. He has called it "bleeding obvious" that Sarah Palin should not have placed crosshairs on a map of the district of shooting victim Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. “I was merely stating the bleeding obvious when...

Larry King Signs Off for Last Time
Larry King Signs Off
for Last Time

Larry King Signs Off for Last Time

Star-studded finale ends emotionally

(Newser) - Larry King signed off for the last time last night, getting emotional as he reflected on his show's 25-year run. “It’s not very often in my life I’ve been without words,” he said. Two presidents, Barbara Walters, Donald Trump, Dr. Phil, and Ryan Seacrest all appeared...

'Iconic' King Leaves Throne: Final Show Tonight
'Iconic' King Leaves Throne:
Final Show Tonight

'Iconic' King Leaves Throne: Final Show Tonight

Critics bid farewell to softballs, suspenders

(Newser) - Tonight is Larry King’s final show on CNN—Bill Maher and Ryan Seacrest will be in the studio with him, and word has it he’ll be receiving a taped sendoff from President Obama and chat with more than a dozen other mystery guests via satellite. Some 50,000...

Putin: We'll Use 'Strike Forces' Against Missile Shield

Russian PM even warns of 'new nuclear technologies'

(Newser) - If NATO builds a missile shield near Russia without Russia’s help and involvement, the Kremlin will deploy “strike forces” and even “new nuclear technologies” in response, Vladimir Putin warned last night in an interview with Larry King. Asked about Dmitry Medvedev’s “ new arms race ”...

Barbara Bush: I Didn't Put That Fetus in a Jar

She says family's longtime housekeeper actually did it

(Newser) - Another fun moment from Larry King's interview of George and Barbara Bush last night: Turns out it wasn't actually Barbara who put that fetus in a jar and showed it to her son. "Paula put it in the jar," she told King, referring to the family's housekeeper, and...

Steven Slater: I Had 'a Few Sips' Before JetBlue Exit

He acknowledges his own 'bad manners' came into play

(Newser) - Steven Slater gave his first extensive interview since his dramatic exit from a JetBlue plane made him a folk hero , admitting to Larry King last night that “the perfect storm of bad manners … created this situation, including my own.” Slater describes the flight he was working...

CNN Clip Confuses Larry King

He thought Julian Assange was walking off again

(Newser) - Larry King is taking a ribbing today over confusion on last night's show. He had on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, along with Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame, when CNN rolled a clip of Assange walking out on a previous interview. King thought it was live, notes the Daily Intel...

Jon Stewart Calls CNN 'Terrible'— While on CNN

Larry King seems a bit offended

(Newser) - Jon Stewart pulled no punches in an occasionally cringe-worthy interview with Larry King last night, telling the departing host that his network was awful. “You’re the last guy out of a burning building, my friend,” Stewart said to open the interview. “By the way, I think...

Larry King Gifts Port-a-Potty to Stewart Rally

'That's the one I'm gonna use,' Stewart promises

(Newser) - Jon Stewart was on Larry King Live last night, and the host had a little surprise for him: a portable toilet intended for use at Stewart's upcoming rally . “Please tell me that that is not the capsule that they keep you in,” Stewart begged. “Is that the...

Jon Stewart, Larry King, and More Celebrities' Real Names
 9 Celebs' 

it's not keaton...

9 Celebs' Real Names

Apparently 'Flavor Flav' suited William Drayton more

(Newser) - What if celebrities actually went by their given names? Ross Luippold imagines that alternate universe on the Huffington Post :
  • Flavor Flav: William Drayton just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
  • Jon Stewart: He would be hosting The Daily Show With Jon Leibowitz.
  • Larry King: Lawrence Zeiger Live? Not

CNN Picks Piers Morgan to Replace Larry King

He'll start in January

(Newser) - No surprises here: Piers Morgan will be Larry King's replacement on CNN. Both the network and Morgan confirmed the news today after endless rounds of speculation, reports the LA Times . Morgan, a judge on America's Got Talent (he's expected to keep that gig) and a former British tab editor, will...

I'm the Gay Guy Whose Marriage Is Ruining Yours

Jose Fidelino is behind all those celebrity divorces

(Newser) - Jose Fidelino has a confession: He’s to blame for Al and Tipper Gore’s breakup, all seven of Larry King’s divorces, and the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James split. “No, I am not a 50-something masseuse or a tattoo model with a thing for Nazi outfits,” he writes...

Larry King: Last of Cable's Nice Guys

CNN's aiming for viciousness

(Newser) - Without Larry King, CNN’s going to be a much nastier place. King was the last of cable news’ gentlemen, laments Tom Shales of the Washington Post . His show “got to be an increasingly lonely outpost of humane civility in a mephitic menagerie of hotheads, saber rattlers, cretins and...

CNN Could Lose Anderson Cooper, Too
CNN Could Lose Anderson Cooper, Too

CNN Could Lose Anderson Cooper, Too

Anonymous 'on-air personality' says everyone hates Coop

(Newser) - First Campbell Brown, then Larry King, and now Anderson Cooper? CNN is perilously close to losing its star anchor, who is entertaining offers from a number of suitors, sources tell the Wrap . Cooper's contract is up next year, and word is that there wouldn't be much love lost if he...

The Race to Replace Larry King
 The Race to Replace Larry King 
top candidates

The Race to Replace Larry King

Here are the top candidates to fill the legend's time slot

(Newser) - Now that Larry King is officially hanging up his suspenders this fall, it's time to start the wild speculation about who CNN might snag to replace him! The Huffington Post breaks down the candidates.

CNN's Larry King Retiring
 CNN's Larry King Retiring 

CNN's Larry King Retiring

Host's last show will be sometime this fall

(Newser) - Larry King is calling it quits in the fall. The CNN host announced this evening that he will give up his nightly show, which has been struggling in the ratings, after 25 years with the network. "I’ll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry...

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