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Someone Just Paid $16K for This 'Vampire-Slaying Kit'

Wooden box from late 1800s contained all kinds of repellents against the blood-sucking undead

(Newser) - Someone apparently didn't think the crucifixes and holy water they had lying around were enough to contend with the undead—and so last week they paid nearly $16,000 for a late-1800s "vampire-slaying kit" up for sale at a UK auction house, reports Live Science . The sturdy wooden...

Woman Stabbed Boyfriend Who Drank Her Blood: Cops

During an argument about vampires, no less

(Newser) - A 19-year-old Missouri woman allowed her intoxicated boyfriend to cut her arm and drink her blood while discussing vampires, and then stabbed him during an ensuing argument, according to police. The AP reports Victoria Vanatter pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action in...

A Vampire Can Drain Your Blood in a Matter of Minutes

Students turn to fluid dynamics to arrive at a number

(Newser) - If you've ever wondered how much time you'd have were a vampire to find your carotid artery and begin to guzzle, students at the University of Leicester have worked up an analysis. Using fluid dynamics and a few interesting assumptions, they arrived at an average time of 6....

Study: Vampires Are Real, and They Have a Big Fear

 Study: Vampires 
 Are Real, and 
 They Have a 
 Big Fear 
in case you missed it

Study: Vampires Are Real, and They Have a Big Fear

They drink blood, but live in fear of ... the doctor

(Newser) - This surely ranks among the more unexpected studies: Vampires are real, and they have a fear—"of Coming out of the Coffin to Social Workers and Helping Professionals," as the study's title reads in part. The study, published in the journal Critical Social Work , isn't talking...

Identity of Polish 'Vampires' Revealed

They were likely local cholera victims buried with sickles at throats

(Newser) - To make sure certain people didn't rise from the grave to feast on the living, villagers in 17th- and 18th-century Poland buried them with sickles across their throats or rocks in their jaws, and researchers think they now know why. According to a study published in PLoS ONE , the...

'Vampire Grave' Found in Bulgaria

Man buried in 13th century had stake through his heart

(Newser) - An archaeologist in Bulgaria has found what he calls a "vampire grave" from the 13th century—so named because the middle-aged gent inside the coffin had a stake driven through his heart, reports UPI . That, of course, is the age-old and evidently successful way to keep someone from returning...

For Sale: Dracula's Castle
 For Sale: Dracula's Castle 

For Sale: Dracula's Castle

Transylvanian property owner seeks bites

(Newser) - A one-of-its-kind property is available for buyers looking for a big stake in the Transylvanian property market: the castle that once housed the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. Bran Castle, long one of Romania's top tourist attractions, has been owned by everybody from Teutonic knights to Communist governments...

More 'Vampires' Found in Poland

Number of skeletons buried in peculiar way now stands at 17

(Newser) - The four suspected vampires unearthed by archaeologists in Poland may have been in good company. Der Spiegel reports that the number of skeletons found buried with their head placed between their legs (so arranged to ensure that a possible bloodsucker couldn't find his head and come back to life)...

'Vampire' Graves Unearthed in Poland

The skeletons' heads were found between their legs

(Newser) - No word on whether they kept garlic or a crucifix nearby as they dug, but Polish archaeologists say they've unearthed four "vampire" skeletons. The remains were found with the head placed between their legs; folk tradition held that this burial arrangement would ensure that a possible bloodsucker couldn'...

Doctors Treat 'Vampire' Who Attacked People for Blood

Turkish doctors report bizarre case

(Newser) - A unique case out of Turkey: Doctors say they have treated a man with multiple personalities who was addicted to drinking blood—sort of a vampire, LiveScience reports. They caught on to the 23-year-old after he was arrested for biting and stabbing people in an effort to collect blood. He...

North Korea: We've Found a Unicorn Lair

And Serbians say a legendary vampire is on the loose

(Newser) - North Korea not only has a sexy leader —it also lays claim to a bona fide unicorn lair, the Daily Mail reports. The very serious-sounding History Institute of the DPRK Academy of Social Sciences released a report about it, saying the unicorn's refuge was outside a temple in...

Lincoln: Vampire Hunter No Better Than It Sounds

If you've read the title, you've seen the film

(Newser) - Believe it or not, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a film about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires. And that's about all there is to it, critics say:
  • "The trouble with the so-called high-concept film is that too often the concept is the best thing about it and the actual

'Vampire' Teen Busted for Biting Woman

'500-year-old from hell' told cops he had 'a need to feed'

(Newser) - He says he's a 500-year-old vampire from hell; police say he's a 19-year-old from Galveston, Texas. Lyle Bensley was arrested for breaking into a woman's apartment and biting her while screaming about being a vampire, say cops. After the woman broke free and fled the apartment, responding...

'Vampire' Gets Probation for Stabbing

Aaron Homer attacked friend who wouldn't let him drink his blood

(Newser) - A literally bloodthirsty Arizona man was sentenced to three years of probation yesterday, after he was convicted of stabbing a roommate who wouldn’t let him drink his blood. Aaron Homer, 24, was arrested in October after stabbing his roommate, Robert Maley, 25, in the arm. Maley testified that he...

Introducing the Vampire Facelift
 Introducing the Vampire Facelift 
weird trends dept.

Introducing the Vampire Facelift

Sadly, it won't make you look like a Twilight character

(Newser) - So you’ve already bought the Edward Cullen panties , and you’re not sure how to continue expressing your love for all things vampire? Consider a "vampire facelift." No, it doesn’t make you thirst for blood, but it does take blood from your body and injects it...

Woman Crashes Car, Blames Vampire

Encountering the undead in the middle of the road is startling

(Newser) - Attention motorists: Be on the alert for vampires in Colorado. One woman who crashed into a canal Sunday night after throwing her SUV into reverse has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the accident: She saw a vampire in the middle of the road! Neither the undead creature nor the car...

Twilight: Eclipse Is One for the Fans
 Twilight: Eclipse 
 Is One for the Fans 

Twilight: Eclipse Is One for the Fans

Better acting won't widen appeal of tween vampire romance

(Newser) - The talky third installment in the Twilight saga has better acting and a more coherent plot line than its predecessors, say critics. But while fans of the teen vampire romance series certainly won't leave disappointed, Eclipse doesn't have much to offer the uninitiated.
  • "With roughly 20 minutes of its

Hey Twilight Fans: Edward Really Is Related to Dracula unveils Robert Pattinson's relation to Dracula

(Newser) - This is sure to send all those Twilight-obsessed tweens into a tizzy: Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen of the Twilight films, is related to Dracula. At least, he’s related to Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula character, the AP reports. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is...

The Wealthiest Fictional Characters

'Twilight' vampire tops Forbes list; cartoon superheroes fare well

(Newser) - Upheaval in the financial sector has widespread implications—it even affects the annual Forbes rankings of the wealthiest fictional characters. Entering the list at No. 1 is Carlisle Cullen, the Twilight vampire patriarch, who has a serious advantage in that he's undead and has had 370 years to accumulate his...

Would-Be Robber-'Vampire' Bites Cabbie

New York robbery ends with strange assault

(Newser) - A taxicab robbery turned terrifying when the would-be thief decided to try out his Dracula act. An unlucky NY cabbie picked up a man in Harlem who asked to go further uptown. At their destination, the man pulled a handgun and demanded cash. A struggle ensued, and the thief bit...

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