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20 Worst Used Cars
 20 Worst Used Cars 

20 Worst Used Cars

Compiled by Consumer Reports

(Newser) - The only thing worse than buying a lemon is buying a used lemon. Here's a list of 2012's worst used cars compiled by Consumer Reports and courtesy of ABC News .

BMW Recalls Minis for Fire Risk

Recall affects 89K cars in US, 235K worldwide

(Newser) - Ah, the Mini: small, fast, luxurious, and only a little prone to catching on fire. BMW has issued a recall on 235,535 Mini Coopers, including some 89,000 in the US, over a possible glitch in the circuit board that controls the water pump that cools the car's...

US Has New Luxury Car Champ

BMW edges out Mercedes-Benz for crown

(Newser) - The Beamers win: BMW has earned the honor of being the top-selling luxury brand of car in the US for 2011, reports the Wall Street Journal . It takes the title from Toyota's Lexus, which had dominated for a decade but never quite recovered from the March earthquake and tsunami...

BMW Recalls 350K Cars Over Brake Issues

Company's biggest cars could develop leak in power brakes

(Newser) - BMW has announced a recall of 350,800 cars worldwide over a potential leak in their power braking system. The majority of the cars recalled, 198,000 to be precise, are in the US, Bloomberg reports. The recalls come in the wake of customer complaints that they had to push...

Meet the World's Richest Moms
 Meet the World's Richest Moms 

Meet the World's Richest Moms

There are 70 billionaire moms in the world

(Newser) - We hear a lot about Angelina , but she isn't the only mom making serious bank. According to Forbes ' count, there are 70 billionaire mothers in the world (compared to 555 dads). Some of them—think Mars and Heineken—are old names. Others, are relative newcomers. Here are some of...

Top Lefty-Friendly Counties
 Top Lefty-Friendly Counties 

Top Lefty-Friendly Counties

Surprise: San Francisco tops list

(Newser) - After compiling its list of the most conservative-friendly counties in the US, the right-leaning Daily Caller now brings it with the top counties for liberals:
  • San Francisco. With liberals, unions and gays, “surprise, surprise,” Chris Palko writes.
  • Montgomery County, Md. This DC suburb is rich, educated, and home

China Binges on Luxury Cars
 China Binges on Luxury Cars 

China Binges on Luxury Cars

Mercedes, BMW, Audi get big bump from the dragon

(Newser) - The hottest new market for luxury cars is China, where Mercedes, Audi, and BMW all reported huge increases in sales in November. Mercedes delivered 8,700 cars to China last month, the company said, “nearly three times the number sold in November 2008.” Audi sales more than doubled...

'Swiss Gigolo' Gets 6 Years in Blackmail Schemes

(Newser) - Helg Sgarbi, the man European media nicknamed “the Swiss Gigolo,” was sentenced to 6 years in prison today after pleading guilty in German court to seducing and conning the BMW heiress who is Germany's richest woman, along with several others. Sgarbi apologized to his victims, none of whom...

Gigolo Who Scammed German Women Goes on Trial

Swiss seducer accused of blackmail

(Newser) - A smooth-talking Swiss man accused of bilking Germany's richest woman out of millions will go on trial next week, Der Spiegel reports. Prosecutors say Helg Sgarbi seduced billionaire BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, persuaded her to give him $8 million, and then threatened to send sex tapes of the two of...

Germany's Scheme to Scrap Cars Sparks Sales Explosion

Sales mostly go to small cars

(Newser) - Automakers are running out of gas all over the world—except in Germany. Volkswagen expects to have its best February ever, selling 120,000 cars, while GM subsidiary Opel has sold 40,000, its best month in 5 years, Der Spiegel reports. It’s all thanks to the scrapping bonus,...

Flashy Fare at Detroit Auto Show

Ogle the new beauties here

(Newser) - These may be dire times for the auto industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from putting on a show. Plenty of concept cars are taking their bows at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Wall Street Journal notes; sort through some highlights in the slide...

Keys in Ignition, Princess Bea's Beamer Goes Missing

Security detail follows Sarah Ferguson's daughter, 20, into store; thieves take advantage

(Newser) - The prized BMW belonging to Princess Beatrice—daughter of Sarah Ferguson and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth—was stolen yesterday, the Sun reports. The daylight theft occurred while Bea and her bodyguard shopped in downtown London; she left the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition. “She is naturally...

Toyota Delays US Prius Factory
 Toyota Delays US Prius Factory 

Toyota Delays US Prius Factory

A planned Mississippi plant is on hold as market for autos weakens

(Newser) - It’s not just the Big Three. Toyota has delayed indefinitely the opening of a Prius factory near Tupelo, Miss., the Wall Street Journal reports, in the wake of plummeting demand. The factory was originally intended to build the Highlander sport-utility vehicle; when gas prices hit a high last spring,...

Bailout Would Help German Giants, Too
 Bailout Would Help 
 German Giants, Too 

Bailout Would Help German Giants, Too

Detroit bankruptcies would ripple through entire industry's supply chain

(Newser) - German giants BMW and Daimler are rooting for a bailout of the Big Three, since a bankrupt Detroit would devastate sales and cripple parts-makers they all share, Bloomberg reports. The US is the top market for BMW, No. 2 for Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz. Meanwhile, Fiat, Peugeot, and Renault—which compete...

Foreign Automakers Could Fill Detroit Vacuum

But gov't risks big job losses if Big Three fail

(Newser) - If Detroit’s “Big Three” do collapse, foreign-owned automakers would be able to pick up the slack, industry experts tell the New York Times. These foreign giants have a big enough US presence to swiftly take over the industry and its supplier network, but the transition would likely be...

Face Facts: People Prefer Mean-Looking Cars

Car buyers attach human traits to vehicles, research shows

(Newser) - Friendly is out and angry is in—for cars, at least. When people look at cars, they tend to see human faces and characteristics, LiveScience reports. A new study found that "power" traits such as dominant, masculine, and angry—think BMW's 5 Series—top the list. And the results...

Mini Debuts an SUV
 Mini Debuts an SUV 

Mini Debuts an SUV

BMW to premiere its 4WD model next month

(Newser) - The newest car to roll off BMW's Mini line may have more in common with a Ford Escape than with its cousins Cooper and Clubman, reports The new model, which may be called the Crossman, premieres next month at the Paris Motor Show, and anticipation is mounting. Not...

Against the Odds, Maserati Sales Jump

12-MPG, $115K sports car sees 20% US growth so far in '08

(Newser) - Buoyed by wealthy, middle-aged men who can afford to defy high gas prices and a plummeting economy, sales of Maserati luxury cars are up in the US this year, Bloomberg reports. Common brands like Lexus and BMW have seen sales fall, but the very rich don't skimp when they see...

BMW to Zap Calif. With 500 Electric Minis

Test will comply with state law requiring automakers to offer no-emission vehicles

(Newser) - BMW will roll out an electric model of its iconic Mini in California, which has mandated that automakers in the state must offer no-emission alternatives, reports Automotive News. The cars will be mostly assembled in BMW's England plant, but sent to Munich for electric powertrains. The initial 500 electric Minis...

Green Cars Drive Into LA Spotlight

Zero-emissions hydrogen cars hit the streets of Hollywood

(Newser) - Hydrogen cars are the latest Hollywood must-have, and automakers are more than happy to see stars behind the wheel, the LA Times reports. The vehicles—which emit nothing but water—instantly speed celebrities to first place in the game of green one-upmanship. They are still years away from going on...

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