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Starbucks Workers Kick Off 3-Day Strike Across US

This walkout to support unionization follows a one-day strike in November

(Newser) - Starbucks workers around the US are planning a three-day strike starting Friday as part of their effort to unionize the coffee chain's stores. More than 1,000 baristas at 100 stores are planning to walk out, according to Starbucks Workers United, the labor group organizing the effort. The strike...

Rail Workers Missed Their Biggest Goal—Paid Leave

Biden signs measure to avert crippling strike, and unions lose a key fight

(Newser) - President Biden on Friday signed an emergency measure to prevent a potentially crippling railway strike amid the holidays. He did so after Congress, exercising special authority, voted to impose a contract settlement between the railroads and its unions, reports the AP . On the bright side for rail workers, the deal...

At a Second Apple Store, Workers Vote to Unionize

Labor movement has been gaining strength since pandemic hit

(Newser) - Workers at an Apple store in Oklahoma City have voted to unionize, marking the second unionized Apple store in the US in a matter of months, according to the federal labor board. The vote on Friday signaled another win for the labor movement, which has been gaining momentum since the...

MLB Players Union Tries to Sign Up Minor Leaguers
MLB Accepts Union
in Minor Leagues

MLB Accepts Union in Minor Leagues

Agreement would mean a strike could take place before next season opens

(Newser) - Update: Major League Baseball has agreed to recognize a minor league union, after being informed that more than 5,000 players under minor league contracts had signed authorization cards. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the two sides are working on an agreement. Talks have not been going well, the AP...

NLRB Ruling Goes Against Starbucks Over Raises

Office finds denying increases at union stores was illegal

(Newser) - Starbucks withheld pay raises and improved benefits from unionized stores, and chief executive Howard Schultz promised more money for stores whose employees "rejected the union as their bargaining representative," labor regulators say in a new complaint against the company. Those actions were illegal, a regional office of the...

Union Slams 'Outrageous' Order to Pay Coal Company $13M

United Mine Workers of America plans to challenge decision on costs caused by strike

(Newser) - A federal oversight board has ordered the United Mine Workers of America to pay more than $13 million in compensation to an Alabama coal company whose members have been on strike for more than a year, a ruling the union said Wednesday it would challenge. The National Labor Relations Board...

Chipotle Shuts Store Just Before Union Hearing

Organizers for Maine restaurant call the move a union-busting effort

(Newser) - Chipotle has permanently closed a restaurant where the staff was seeking to hold a vote on forming a union. The company emailed the news to employees at its Augusta, Maine, store Tuesday morning, 2½ hours before a National Labor Relations Board meeting was to begin on workers' petition to hold...

The Simpsons Recognizes Union for Production Staff

Employees want benefits provided actors, writers

(Newser) - Producers of three top animated TV shows have agreed to recognize production workers' membership in the Animation Guild, finally putting those employees on a par with actors, writers, and animators. "The production workers won with 90% support," the union said, from the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad! and...

It's a First for Apple, but One the Company Fought

Workers in Maryland vote to create a labor union

(Newser) - This is one trend that Apple wanted no part of—workers at one of its retail stores in Maryland have voted to create the company's first labor union. Employees at the Towson store near Baltimore voted 65-33 on Saturday to create the Apple Coalition of Organized Retail Employees, which...

Amazon Workers in NYC Vote to Reject Union

Retail giant fends off 2nd union win

(Newser) - Amazon warehouse workers rejected a union bid on Monday, dealing a blow to organizers who last month pulled off the first successful US organizing effort in the retail giant’s history. This time around, warehouse workers cast 618 votes—or about 62%—against the union, giving Amazon enough support to...

Starbucks Retaliated Against Workers for Union Efforts, Says NLRB
Labor Board Sues Starbucks

Labor Board Sues Starbucks

NLRB is suing coffee chain, says it retaliated against workers trying to unionize

(Newser) - The National Labor Relations Board is suing Starbucks, alleging the coffee chain retaliated against three employees for their union-organizing efforts. "Among other things, Starbucks disciplined, suspended, and discharged one employee, constructively discharged another, and placed a third on an unpaid leave of absence after revoking recently granted accommodations,"...

Union Campaign Hits Home for Starbucks

Two company roasteries in Seattle now have approved collective bargaining

(Newser) - Starbucks workers at the coffee giant's flagship roastery in Seattle voted Thursday to form a union, the chain's latest location to do so. The Seattle store voted 38-27 to unionize. Workers United said 26 Starbucks locations have unionized nationwide. The Starbucks Reserve and Roastery in the Capitol Hill...

Judge to Amazon: Hire Back Fired Worker

Judge expresses skepticism about Amazon's true motives in Staten Island case

(Newser) - A judge has ruled Amazon must reinstate a former warehouse employee who was fired in 2020, saying the company “unlawfully” terminated the worker who led a protest calling for Amazon to do more to protect employees against COVID-19, per the AP . In June 2020, and Gerald Bryson filed a...

Amazon Is Trying to Overturn Historic Union Win

Company argues actions of union organizers tainted results of vote

(Newser) - Amazon is seeking to overturn the historic union victory at one of its New York City warehouses, arguing in a legal filing Friday that union organizers and the National Labor Relations Board acted in a way that tainted the results. It now wants to redo the election. The e-commerce giant...

In a First, Amazon Workers Vote to Unionize

Warehouse employees in Staten Island prevail against the retail giant

(Newser) - Amazon workers in Staten Island voted to unionize on Friday, marking the first successful US organizing effort in the retail giant’s history, per the AP . Votes were still being tabulated, but union supporters secured a wide enough margin to give the fledgling Amazon Labor Union enough support to pull...

Starbucks&#39; App Is the Source of Some of Its Problems
Starbucks Isn't
What It Once Was

Starbucks Isn't What It Once Was

Increased efficiency is hurting the company's reputation as a progressive standard-bearer

(Newser) - Howard Schultz is CEO of Starbucks again , but only on an interim basis while the company continues to work to "reinvent" and/or "reimagine" itself. In a lengthy piece for Fast Company , Clint Rainey looks at why that's needed. Schultz's original vision came to life as "...

Starbucks Staffers in Buffalo Form First US Union
Starbucks Loses Battle
to Fend Off Unionization

Starbucks Loses Battle to Fend Off Unionization

Workers in 3 more stores vote yes

(Newser) - Update: Three more New York Starbucks stores will become unionized after the majority of employees at the locations voted, narrowly, to form unions. There are now six unionized Starbucks stores in the US, five of them in New York and one in Arizona, the AP reports. Union supporters say Starbucks...

Amazon Pressured Union Voters, US Official Says
Ruling Orders
Revote on 
Amazon Union

Ruling Orders Revote on Amazon Union

NLRB official finds company pressured employees to oppose organizing

(Newser) - Update: After a finding that Amazon exerted improper pressure on employees at an Alabama warehouse, a federal labor official has ordered another vote on whether to authorize a union there. The company said it will appeal the ruling by an official of the National Labor Relations Board, NPR reports. A...

Starbucks to Improve Pay, Working Conditions

Company speeds up previous promise of $15 per hour

(Newser) - Starbucks is sweetening the deal for current and prospective employees. The company announced Wednesday it is raising pay for US workers and taking steps to improve working conditions, the AP reports. In a letter to employees, Starbucks' North America President Rossann Williams said the raises will enhance recruitment efforts in...

Former Flight Attendants Strip In Protest of Job Losses

About 50 women were also protesting colleagues' working conditions

(Newser) - About 50 women who until recently were flight attendants for Alitalia staged a protest in Rome on Wednesday in which they stripped off their uniforms and stood chanting in their undergarments. The women chanted “We are Alitalia,” protesting the loss of their jobs, and the working conditions for...

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