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China Fires Official—Over Piggyback Ride

Image sparked a firestorm on social media

(Newser) - A Chinese official has been fired for getting a piggyback ride over floodwaters, state Xinhua news agency reports. The local authority, referred to by his surname, Wang, was visiting flood victims in the city of Yuyao, Zhejiang province. He was wearing fancy shoes, and when he prepared to take them...

This Book Will Scare You Off Social Media

 This Book Will 
 Scare You Off 
 Social Media 
in case you missed it

This Book Will Scare You Off Social Media

Dave Eggers' novel The Circle describes Facebook-like firm: Michele Filgate

(Newser) - Most of us are familiar with the pervasive need to check, and recheck, Facebook and Twitter—but it's not always easy to take a step back and realize how dependent we've become. For Michele Filgate, that moment of perspective came when she read Dave Eggers' upcoming book, The ...

Coffee Vs. Sex: We'd Mostly Rather Snuggle With ... Coffee

Given choice of giving one up for a year, romance gets cold shoulder

(Newser) - Would you rather swear off coffee for a year—or quit sex with your partner, alcohol, or social media for that same span? If you'd opt to keep the java, you're in good company: Some 78% of respondents to a hotel group's survey agree, reports Fox . Moreover,...

Twitter Really Wants TV's Money

Site looks to partner with networks in advance of IPO

(Newser) - It's now pretty common for Twitter to explode when something crazy happens on TV—but these TV shows obviously don't have to pay for that publicity. Now, with plans to go public , the social network wants TV to start pushing dollars its way, and is actively trying to...

First Amendment Protects Right to 'Like': Court

Sheriff allegedly let workers go over Facebook posts

(Newser) - The Founding Fathers, it seems, ensured our right to freedom of the press, freedom of assembly—and the freedom to "like." A federal judge yesterday ruled that the Facebook thumbs-up is part of our constitutionally protected free speech, CNN reports. It's the "Internet equivalent of displaying...

Another Teen Nabbed in WWII Vet's Slaying

Outrage over Delbert Belton's death explodes on social media

(Newser) - Another teen has been arrested following the beating death of Delbert Belton , an 88-year-old World War II veteran, in Spokane, Wash. Both Kenan Adams-Kinard and a suspect arrested earlier are 16; Adams-Kinard's name was released despite his age because, according to officials, "he represents ... an actual danger to...

Coming Soon on LinkedIn: 14-Year-Olds

Site hopes teens will use it to choose colleges

(Newser) - Your LinkedIn feed could soon be full of such awesome networking connections as "paperboy" and "babysitter": The site is dropping its minimum age next month, and come Sept. 12, 14-year-olds will be able to sign up, the Wall Street Journal reports. Why 14? That's the legal age...

Guy Tweets Pot Request, Cops Tweet Him Back

'Awesome! Can we come too'

(Newser) - Twitter, it seems, might not be the best place to conduct your weed-related transactions. A worker at an auto shop near Toronto has lost his job after tweeting for pot to be brought to his workplace. "Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr....

Facebook Tweaking Its Ad Strategy

Social network eliminating half of its ad formats

(Newser) - Right now, Facebook has 27 unique ad format options—and the site says that's giving advertisers a headache. "The No. 1 complaint of most advertisers was that it was too complicated to figure out which ads to use," says an advertising exec with the company. Now, the...

Internet Freaks Over Teen's Egypt Graffiti

Parents apologize for Luxor tagging

(Newser) - A 15-year-old Chinese boy's scrawled note on an ancient Egyptian sculpture has sparked international ire. Tens of thousands of Chinese micro-bloggers re-posted an image of the graffiti in the Luxor Temple, which read, "Ding Jinhao was here," CNN reports. "I'm so embarrassed that I want...

Painful Facebook Memorial Must Come Down: Judge

Mom couldn't handle tributes to her daughter

(Newser) - A memorial Facebook page will have to come down, says a Brazil judge, because it's causing too much pain to its subject's mother. The judge has twice ordered Facebook to remove the page following a lawsuit by the mother of a 24-year-old journalist who died after surgery, the...

Coming to Facebook: Video Ads That Autoplay

Source says company is asking $1M for single-day run

(Newser) - Facebook video ads are due to arrive this summer—and while some of the technical details remain uncertain, two things are clear: They won't be cheap, and they will likely be annoying. The site seeks to go live with the ad placement in June or July, say executives who...

Joshua Tree Canyon Closed Over Unusual Graffiti

Rangers say social media could be fueling vandalism

(Newser) - Some 300 acres of California's Joshua Tree National Park are closed to visitors thanks to a rare spate of graffiti. First, park rangers closed an area surrounding a historic dam following the discovery of carved graffiti. Then, this week, the popular Rattlesnake Canyon was closed after words—including "...

Yoko Shares Photo of Lennon's Bloody Glasses

In tweets pushing for gun control

(Newser) - Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of Yoko Ono's marriage to John Lennon, and she marked the occasion by offering a personal—and graphic—statement on the gun-control debate: She tweeted a photo of Lennon's bloodstained glasses. "Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in...

Privacy, We Hardly Knew Ye
 Privacy, We 
 Hardly Knew Ye 

Privacy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Facebook is reverting us to a pre-urban state: David Frum

(Newser) - Between Facebook and cell phone videos that propel any unguarded moment into a viral one, we spend a fair amount of time these days bemoaning the loss of privacy. But the truth is, privacy has only existed for a matter of decades, writes David Frum at CNN . "For most...

Facebook Looks to Use the Hashtag

Would serve Twitter-like function in conversations

(Newser) - It's done so well at Twitter, the hashtag may soon have a job at Facebook, too. The social network is looking into using the symbol to organize conversations on the site, the Wall Street Journal reports. As with Twitter, Facebook users could potentially click on a hashtag to see...

Time for Fine Print on Social Media Ads: FTC

The old advertising rules still apply

(Newser) - Just because an ad's on Twitter doesn't mean it can get away with being misleading. The FTC today unveiled new guidelines for social media advertising, saying that it must adhere to the same essential rules as traditional advertising. For instance, ads must make clear the fact that they...

Tomorrow: National Day of Unplugging

Time to turn off the smartphones—and everything else

(Newser) - Feeling the stress of being plugged in and available 24 hours a day, every day? Tomorrow is an opportunity to take a break from all that. Starting at sundown today—in accordance with the Jewish Sabbath—thousands of Americans are set to shut down their gadgets (yes, all of them)...

Facebook: We Got Hacked, but All Data Safe

'Sophisticated attacks' follows others at Twitter, newspapers

(Newser) - Add Facebook to the list of high-profile companies hit by hackers of late. The company said in a blog post today that it was the victim of a "sophisticated attack" last month but that no customer data was exposed, reports Ars Technica . "The attack occurred when a handful...

Rubio on Water Gulp: God Reminding Me I'm Human

Mid-speech sip sparks Twitter surge

(Newser) - It's not unusual for the peanut gallery to ask if a politician was drinking after a speech—or if that drink was Kool-Aid—but it's Marco Rubio's swig of water last night that's getting more attention than his words. While giving his party's response to...

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