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Twitter Used to Be Great, Now It&#39;s a &#39;Prison&#39;
Twitter Used to Be Great,
Now It's a 'Prison'

Twitter Used to Be Great, Now It's a 'Prison'

Matt Lewis says it's become a haven for petty fights and snark

(Newser) - Political writer Matt Lewis used to consider himself an "evangelist" for Twitter. No more, he writes at the Week . It's become "more of a hindrance than a help," more about imparting snark than useful information. More like a "prison." Lewis joined relatively early, in...

Twitter's Vine Posts Hardcore Porn, Users Convulse

Hardcore video topped feeds due to 'human error'

(Newser) - Twitter's iOS video-sharing app has some hardcore explaining to do: This weekend, Vine feeds featured an "editor's pick" that turned out to be hardcore porn, TechCrunch reports. The video managed to make its way to the top of Vine's home feed, and Twitter users fumed, VentureBeat...

Indiana Dumps Facebook Ban on Sex Offenders

Law found to be too broad by appeals court

(Newser) - An Indiana law that bans registered sex offenders from accessing Facebook and other social networking sites that can be accessed by children is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled today. The 7th US Circuit of Appeals in Chicago overturned a federal judge's decision upholding the law, saying the "...

Griping About Work Online Is (Mostly) Protected

Employees have a right to band together, say recent rulings

(Newser) - Companies have been overstepping their authority by restricting workers' online comments, say federal officials who are moving to fix the issue. Labor regulators have deemed some firings over social-network discussions illegal, arguing that companies' rules regarding online speech are far too broad, the New York Times reports. A lot of...

Facebook's Search Tool Has Real Promise ...

... assuming people 'like' and share more, say reviewers

(Newser) - Facebook unveiled its new search tool today even as stats showed that the number of Americans using the site fell by 1.4 million in December, reports MarketWatch . A blip, or did the US hit a saturation point? Maybe it's those new ads and fees ? Time will tell,...

Same-Name Couple Calls It Quits

Kelly Hildebrandts met through Facebook

(Newser) - Turns out searching Facebook for people with the same name as you isn't the ideal way to meet a partner after all. Kelly Hildebrandt and her husband, Kelly Hildebrandt, have decided to end their three-year marriage, after a romance that began when the female Kelly Hildebrandt searched Facebook and...

Facebook: You Can Message Zuck for $100

Site says it's testing 'extreme price points'

(Newser) - Hey, Facebook users: Want to get in touch with Mark Zuckerberg himself? Well, you can, but it may cost you $100. Mashable finds that users who try to send the CEO a message may see two options: Send it to his "other" folder—a zone for less important messages—...

Google+ Looking to Suck You in

CEO Larry Page pushes effort to build social network

(Newser) - Signing up for a YouTube or Gmail account? Get ready for a publicly viewable Google+ page, too. While Facebook users are clocking 400 minutes per month on that site, Google+ users spend just three minutes—and Google is trying to change that by making its own social network a little...

Facebook Yanks New Year's Notes Over Privacy Fail

Holiday messages could be read by strangers

(Newser) - Facebook was hoping to allow users to write special messages to be sent at midnight tonight, but a student in Wales discovered a small problem: It's way easy to read—or delete—other people's private notes, the Daily Mail reports. Tweaking the URL of a message sent via...

Facebook Tests $1 Fee to Message Non-Friends

Guaranteed delivery will cost a dollar, at least at first

(Newser) - Facebook is tweaking its message filters, and the part getting all the attention is an experiment to see whether people would be willing to pay to send messages to those who aren't friends. A small group of users will play with the system, and AllThingsD reports that the fee...

Missing From Newtown Memorials: Nancy Lanza

'26 acts of kindness' campaign just one example

(Newser) - Twenty-seven people were murdered in the Newtown shootings, but the number cited—in memorials, in the media, and by the president—is often just 26. Nancy Lanza is often left out of the victim count amid the anger, the Washington Post reports. "Why would a woman who had a...

Can Twitter Filters Put a Dent in Instagram?

Site will add photo features soon, says New York Times

(Newser) - In a matter of months, Twitter users will be able to use filters on the site to make their photos look pretty or old-timey or whatever, reports the Bits blog of the New York Times . Sound familiar? Right. The site wants to better compete with Instagram, and "it could...

Craigslist's New Classified Rival: Facebook

Zuckerberg and Co. developing classified ad project

(Newser) - Look out, Craigslist: Facebook is developing a classified ad service, insiders say—and unlike Craigslist, it would target ads at interested users. Dubbed Marketplace—like an earlier Facebook venture—for the time being, the service could be used for anything from hawking second-hand furniture to advertising apartments. To sell a...

Facebook Hits 1B Users, Still Searching for the Money

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges 'tough cycle'

(Newser) - Facebook has crossed the 1 billion mark, Mark Zuckerberg announced today in an appearance on the Today show in which he nonetheless acknowledged that his 8-year-old company is "in a tough cycle now." The milestone means that one in every seven people uses the site, notes Fast Company...

Big Winner in Debate: Twitter

Debate was most-tweeted US political event ever

(Newser) - Last night's debate was the most-tweeted US political event in history, Computerworld reports, with viewers offering some brilliant—and not so brilliant—analysis of the contest as it unfolded. Twitter and other social media gave viewers the chance to skip the pundits' take and jump right into the...

Now in Crosshairs: Debate Moderators

Social media, confrontational candidates turn up heat

(Newser) - Jim Lehrer has been moderating presidential debates for decades, but lately, it's a lot tougher than it used to be. Candidates have started confronting not just their opponents but the moderators themselves, as Newt Gingrich showed us during the GOP primaries. And the general public can easily hammer chosen...

MySpace Gets Another Reboot
 MySpace Gets Another Reboot 
in case you missed it

MySpace Gets Another Reboot

Radical refresh offers new look, more Facebook and Twitter integration

(Newser) - You're not going to believe this, but MySpace still exists. This week, the once-mighty social network showed off a radical redesign in the hopes of halting its ongoing slide toward oblivion. "We're hard at work building a new MySpace, entirely from scratch," its webpage boasted, calling...

Stalking Exes Online Is Bad for Your Health

Tracy Clark-Flory: 'Cutting off contact' is much healthier

(Newser) - What with Facebook, Flickr, and other fine venues for stalking "exes," breakups aren't nearly as final as they once were. But for your own good, please stop following them around cyberspace. "Conventional wisdom, and even science, has it that cutting off contact with an ex makes...

Twitter Redesigns Profile Pages, Mobile Apps

iPad app 'rebuilt from the ground up'

(Newser) - Twitter has undergone an overhaul, Mashable reports: Get ready for an updated profile page and reworked apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. The profile page is now more graphics-heavy, with an image reminiscent of the Facebook profile banner at the top, notes Today . User avatars are now smack...

Winklevosses Sink $1M in New Social-Network Venture

They back Divya Narendra's investment site with $1M

(Newser) - It seems their much-publicized battle with Mark Zuckerberg hasn't put the Winklevoss twins off social networking for good. Instead, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have invested $1 million in another social site: SumZero, a site created in 2008 by their fellow Facebook-fighter Divya Narendra and another Harvard grad. The site,...

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