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Miss Argentina Marries Miss Puerto Rico

Beauty queens Mariana Varela, Fabiola Valentin dated secretly before tying the knot Friday

(Newser) - Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentin were rivals at the 2020 Miss Grand International competition, as representatives of Argentina and Puerto Rico, respectively. But the beauty queens remained close after finishing in the top 10. Very, very close . As the pair revealed Thursday, they've not only been secretly dating but...

Puerto Rico Will Be Rebuilt, Biden Promises on Visit

FEMA chief acknowledges issues 'in the previous administration'

(Newser) - President Biden promised to "rebuild it all" while visiting Puerto Rico on Monday, as tens of thousands of people remain without power two weeks after Hurricane Fiona struck and residents worry that Washington's dedication to their recovery could prove fleeting. "I'm committed to this island,"...

Biden Takes Another Emergency Step for Puerto Rico

Major disaster declaration unlocks federal funding to be administered through FEMA

(Newser) - Days after approving an emergency declaration as Hurricane Fiona whomped Puerto Rico , President Biden has now issued a major disaster declaration to help the island recover. Gov. Pedro Pierluisi thanked the president and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for the expedited declaration Wednesday, saying it ensures Puero Rico "will...

5 Years After Maria, Puerto Rico Faces Another Power Crisis

It's not clear when electricity will be restored after Hurricane Fiona, though government says not long

(Newser) - The damage to Puerto Rico after it was slammed over the weekend by Hurricane Fiona is said to be "catastrophic," with landslides, severe flooding, and power getting knocked out for all of the island's residents. The storm is set to continue to dump rain on the US...

After 'Catastrophic' Damage in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona Isn't Done

'This is not over,' meteorologist warns

(Newser) - Hurricane Fiona bore down on the Dominican Republic on Monday after knocking out the power grid and unleashing floods and landslides in Puerto Rico, where the governor said the damage was “catastrophic." No deaths have been reported, but authorities in the US territory said it was too early...

All of Puerto Rico Loses Power
All of Puerto Rico Loses Power

All of Puerto Rico Loses Power

Hurricane Fiona has made landfall

(Newser) - The tropical storm became a hurricane Sunday, as winds and rain intensified and electricity was knocked out to all of Puerto Rico. Hurricane Fiona caused the power grid to fail, officials said, imposing a blackout on all 1.4 million customers. At the same time, the National Hurricane Center advised...

Puerto Rico Prepares for Landslides, Flooding

Forecasters expect tropical storm to become a hurricane

(Newser) - Tropical Storm Fiona was expected to become a hurricane as it neared Puerto Rico on Saturday, threatening to dump up to 20 inches of rain as people braced for potential landslides, severe flooding, and power outages. The storm previously battered various eastern Caribbean islands, with one death reported in the...

Book: Trump Wanted to Trade Puerto Rico for Greenland

Idea to purchase Danish territory wasn't actually his, according to reporters

(Newser) - In an interview for a new book, Donald Trump insisted the idea to buy Greenland from Denmark was all his. Looking at a map, the president wondered, "Why don't we have that?" Trump told husband-and-wife journalists Peter Baker of the New York Times and Susan Glasser of the...

Ricky Martin's Nephew Lobs Wild Accusation
Claim Against
Ricky Martin

Nephew Withdraws Claim Against Ricky Martin

Case in Puerto Rico is dismissed in victory for the entertainer

(Newser) - Updated: A disturbing court case against Ricky Martin has been dismissed, reports People . The singer's nephew, who had accused Martin of sexual abuse, requested that his case be dismissed, and a judge in Puerto Rico agreed to the request. As a result, a restraining order issued against Martin also...

11 Dead, 31 Rescued After Helicopter Spots Capsized Boat

Boat loaded with suspected migrants overturned near Puerto Rico

(Newser) - A boat loaded with suspected migrants capsized north of an uninhabited island near Puerto Rico and 11 people had been confirmed dead while 20 men and 11 women were rescued Thursday, authorities said. It wasn't immediately clear how many people were aboard the boat when it turned over, said...

Supreme Court Shuts Puerto Ricans Out of Benefits

Majority notes federal income tax doesn't apply to the territory, either

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has upheld the differential treatment of residents of Puerto Rico, ruling that Congress was within its power to exclude them from a benefits program that's available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The court held by an 8-1 vote Thursday that making Puerto...

Puerto Rico's 'Fragile' Grid Sees Major Blackout After Fire

More than 1 million customers are without power across the island

(Newser) - More than a million customers in Puerto Rico remained without electricity on Thursday after a fire at a main power plant caused the biggest blackout so far this year across the US territory, forcing it to cancel classes and shutter government offices. The blackout also left some 160,000 customers...

'Today Begins a New Chapter' in Puerto Rico's History

Long bankruptcy battle finally resolved

(Newser) - Puerto Rico’s nearly five-year bankruptcy battle was resolved Tuesday after a federal judge signed a plan that slashes the US territory’s public debt load as part of a restructuring and allows the government to start repaying creditors. The plan marks the largest municipal debt restructuring in US history...

Man Allegedly Chokes, Kicks Flight Attendant, Asks to Be Shot

Khalil El Dahr was reportedly angered after an in-flight call didn't go through

(Newser) - A passenger tried to rush the cockpit of a JetBlue flight on Wednesday before kicking and choking a flight attendant, according to an FBI affidavit . The man identified as Khalil El Dahr had become angry after trying unsuccessfully to make a phone call about an hour before the flight from...

Puerto Rican Boxer Allegedly Killed Pregnant Girlfriend

Félix Verdejo turns himself in

(Newser) - Puerto Rican boxer Félix Verdejo turned himself in to federal agents to face federal charges Sunday night just hours after authorities identified the body of a dead woman as his 27-year-old pregnant lover, officials said. The US Attorney's Office said late Sunday that Verdejo was being charged with...

Puerto Rico Statehood Is Back on the Table

Democratic lawmakers introduce a new proposal

(Newser) - Two Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday announced they will be introducing legislation to make Puerto Rico a state. Sen. Martin Heinrich of New Mexico and Rep. Darren Soto of Florida say the bill has around 50 co-sponsors, CBS News reports. It would set up a process for the US territory to...

Iconic Telescope Has Collapsed
Iconic Telescope Has Collapsed 

Iconic Telescope Has Collapsed

Officials: Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico has met its end after auxiliary cable broke in August

(Newser) - The scientific community and stargazers at large had been trying to save an iconic radio telescope , but those efforts have now come to an end after Puerto Rico officials announced the telescope has collapsed. Per CBS News , the huge Arecibo Observatory fell to its ruin Tuesday, less than two weeks...

They Know the Risks. They Want to Save Telescope Anyway

Petition, letter to Congress part of efforts to keep Arecibo landmark from being demolished

(Newser) - News last week that an iconic radio telescope that has gazed upon the cosmos for nearly six decades would be decommissioned and demolished has hit the scientific community hard, and now it's fighting to keep the astronomy landmark alive. The telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico sustained...

Arecibo Radio Telescope Can't Be Saved
Famed Telescope
Can't Be Saved

Famed Telescope Can't Be Saved

Cables are failing at astronomy landmark in Puerto Rico

(Newser) - The iconic radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory is being taken out of commission. Cables hold up a 900-ton equipment platform over the telescope's huge reflector dish, and those cables have begun to fail. One broke this month, after an auxiliary cable had slipped out of its socket in...

Puerto Rico Finds Thousands of Uncounted Votes

'Misplaced. Poorly organized. We have to admit that'

(Newser) - In a development that will have no effect whatsoever on the presidential race, thousands of uncounted ballots from American citizens have been found a week after Election Day. The election commission in Puerto Rico says more than 100 briefcases holding uncounted votes have been found since Nov. 3, which could...

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