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Princess Charlene Returns Home After Lengthy Absence

She had been away from Monaco seeking treatment for ailment described as exhaustion

(Newser) - Update: Monaco's Princess Charlene is back home after being gone the better part of a year, reports the Daily Beast . The 44-year-old had been seeking treatment abroad for an unspecified ailment previously described as exhaustion. A statement from the palace says Charlene "still needs peace and calm" but...

Prince Albert Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Monaco royal tests positive for virus that causes COVID-19

(Newser) - The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has touched the royals. The Palace of Monaco announced Thursday that Prince Albert has tested positive, the AP reports. Albert, the son of Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace, is the reigning monarch of the French Riviera principality. The palace says there's little...

'We Have to Get Rid of the Old Woman. Can You Help?'

Wojciech Janowski is sentenced to life in prison for ordering Hélène Pastor's 2014 murder

(Newser) - The man on trial for ordering Hélène Pastor's 2014 murder had for four weeks insisted he had nothing to do with her death. The BBC reports that changed in a startling way on Tuesday with the shock 11th-hour confession of Wojciech Janowski, 69. The former Polish diplomat...

Monaco Taking Land From Sea for Millionaires to Live On

Inside the $2B land reclamation project

(Newser) - Monaco is set to get 3% bigger. The Guardian looks at Prince Albert II's decision to green-light a construction project that will see 15 acres of land reclaimed from the sea so that more luxury homes can be built on it. The prices are astronomical, and so too, apparently,...

Monaco's Albert, Charlene Welcome Twins

Girl born first, but the boy will rule

(Newser) - Brace yourself, planet Earth: There's been a royal birth. Not that one . Rather, the blessed and royal event has taken place in Monaco, where Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene have today welcomed twins, a boy named Jacques Honore Rainier and a girl named Gabriella Therese Marie, reports the...

1 in 25 New Yorkers Is a Millionaire

 1 in 25 New Yorkers 
 Is a Millionaire 
in case you missed it

1 in 25 New Yorkers Is a Millionaire

And city tops world for billionaire residents, study says

(Newser) - If you were to chuck everybody who wasn't a millionaire out of New York City, the city would still have a higher population than New Orleans, according to a new study. Researchers at Spear's magazine say 4.63% of the city's population have assets of $1 million...

Kidman's Grace Humiliated at Cannes

It's absolutely slammed by critics

(Newser) - To say the premiere of Grace of Monaco, with Nicole Kidman in the title role, did not go well last night at Cannes would be an understatement. In an absolutely scathing review at the Guardian , Peter Bradshaw calls the biopic "a breathtaking catastrophe ... a film so awe-inspiringly wooden that...

5 Hot Events You Can Attend Next Year ... via Cruise Ship

From Mardis Gras to Carnival and beyond

(Newser) - Cruises are about more than just eating as much as possible, lounging by the pool, and wandering around port cities. As Fox News reports, they can also get you to some of the biggest events of the year. A sample:
  • Australian Open: One of the four annual Grand Slam tennis

Solar-Powered Vessel Travels 'Round the World

MS Turanor PlanetSolar lands safely in Monaco

(Newser) - A cool, spaceship-like catamaran dropped anchor in Monaco yesterday after completing the first-ever round-the-world trip by a solar-powered vessel, the LA Times reports. The MS Turanor PlanetSolar left Monaco in September of 2010 with the goal of showing "that we have the technologies as well as the knowledge to...

Monaco Prince Hospitalized in Fight Over Supermodels

Pierre Casiraghi finds himself in brawl with former club owner

(Newser) - Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco, the 24-year-old grandson of Princess Grace, found himself in less-than-classy circumstances on Saturday when a fight over vodka and supermodels broke out between his entourage and another group at a Manhattan nightclub, sending the prince to the hospital. Casiraghi had been partying with a group...

Charlene, Albert on Hellish Honeymoon

Prince Albert, Charlene Wittstock don't seem to be having much fun

(Newser) - Not too surprising considering the bride supposedly tried to flee three times , but newlyweds Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock don't appear to be all that blissful on their honeymoon. A fantastically British ABC News correspondent describes Wittstock as appearing to be "sucking on a lemon" in all the...

Monaco Princess Tried to Flee Wedding 3 Times

Wittstock spooked by Prince Albert's growing number of out-of-wedlock kids

(Newser) - The bride who didn't look all that excited to wed Monaco's Prince Albert tried to flee the ultra-luxe wedding not one but three times, sources now say. Charlene Wittstock was reportedly stopped by cops just last week at an airport in France, where she was about to head...

Prince Albert, Charlene Wed in Monaco

Bachelor prince now has his princess

(Newser) - Another royal wedding, but not a Pippa in sight. Prince Albert II of Monaco wed former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock in predictably lavish style. Today's pomp followed a quiet civil ceremony yesterday. Albert, 53, is 20 years older than his South African bride, and the wedding went off despite...

Inside Prince Albert's 'Glitterati' Guest List

Invites went out to designers, models, athletes

(Newser) - France's richest man, a prince from South Africa, and a James Bond actor are among the glitterati converging on Monaco this week for the much-anticipated nuptials between Prince Albert II and former South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock. It's the first wedding of a reigning prince in the...

Palace Swats 'Ugly' Rumors of Albert's Runaway Bride

Fiancee Charlene Wittstock apparently didn't try to call off wedding

(Newser) - An aide to Prince Albert II has dismissed as "ugly rumors" news reports the sovereign's fiancee, Charlene Wittstock, tried to call off the wedding and return to her native South Africa. Christiane Stahl says the reports, which have appeared in several European publications, are "the very incarnation...

Prince Albert's Lady Almost Put Wedding in a Can

Wittstock stopped at airport after new revelation about prince: reports

(Newser) - Someday my prince will come ... and have me tracked down at the airport as I try to flee my upcoming marriage to him. That just might be the thought running through the head of South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock—the intended of Monaco's Prince Albert—who was stopped...

World's Most Expensive Home Sells For...

...a whopping $305 million, according to reports

(Newser) - Perhaps you thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s recent $40 million mansion purchase was a bit extravagant. Well, it was nothing compared to this: The world’s most expensive home just sold for $305 million, according to the New York Post , which cites a report in the London Times....

Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever
 Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever 

Prettiest Celebrity Brides Ever

From Elizabeth Taylor to Ivanka Trump, the finest wedding finery

(Newser) - June is the traditional month for weddings, but a gorgeous bridal ensemble is timeless. From Elizabeth Taylor (in 1950 ... and 1964, and 1975) to Ivanka Trump (in 2009), InStyle picks the best-dressed celebrity brides. To see more selections, including Marilyn Monroe in a brown suit, click here .

Prince Albert of Monaco Engaged

Perhaps this will inspire William to propose?

(Newser) - Finally, a royal wedding! No, not Wills and Kate: Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. The 52-year-old prince met the 32-year-old former teacher in 2000 and has been dating her publicly since 2006. This is Albert’s first marriage—though he has fathered two children out of wedlock—...

US Backs Bluefin Tuna Ban
 US Backs Bluefin Tuna Ban 

US Backs Bluefin Tuna Ban

Obama administration stands with conservationists

(Newser) - The Obama administration will endorse a full ban on the international trade of Atlantic bluefin tuna, the strictest protection yet for the endangered sushi fish. Monaco proposed such a ban late last year, but the administration hesitated to endorse it, sparking criticism from marine scientists. Now, with less than two...

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