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Jose Andres on Gaza: 'Time for the Best of Israel to Show Up'

World Central Kitchen founder implores Netanyahu's government to 'start the long journey to peace today'

(Newser) - Less than 48 hours after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed seven aid workers tied to Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen charity, Andres is making a simple plea: "Let people eat." In an op-ed for the New York Times , the 54-year-old celebrity chef honors the dead, whom he...

Israel&#39;s Airstrike Threatens to Entangle the US
Israeli Airstrike Threatens
to Entangle the US
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Israeli Airstrike Threatens to Entangle the US

White House says it played no role in attack in Syrian capital that killed Iranian general

(Newser) - Iran is promising revenge over an Israeli airstrike in Syria on Monday that killed a top general and six other officers. One big question is what form that revenge will take and whether it will draw the US into a widening regional conflict. Coverage:
  • The strike: Israel attacked an Iranian

Syria: Israeli Strike Destroyed Part of Iran's Embassy

Airstrike killed senior Iranian military adviser, according to Syrian state media

(Newser) - An Israeli airstrike has destroyed the consular section of Iran's embassy in Syria, killing a senior Iranian military adviser and several other people, Syrian state media said Monday. The strike on the Iranian consulate building in Damascus could mark an escalation of the Israeli military's ongoing targeting of...

Heat Intensifies on Netanyahu at Home
Pressure Intensifies
on Netanyahu at Home
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Pressure Intensifies on Netanyahu at Home

Israeli leader once again the subject of mass demonstrations

(Newser) - Benjamin Netanyahu weathered massive protests in Israel before the Hamas attack in October. Now, he's once again under what the BBC describes as "career-ending pressure" as protests resume in force. Details and related coverage:
  • Huge protests: Tens of thousands demonstrated in Jerusalem on Sunday against Netanyahu's government,

Israeli Hostage Details Sexual Assault by Hamas

Amit Soussana tells 'NYT' she was forced into sexual act at gunpoint, beaten, tortured

(Newser) - President Biden has condemned the sexual violence said to have been perpetrated by Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, and late last year, the New York Times provided a detailed account of the systemic use of sexual abuse the militant group is said to have carried out. Then,...

UN Demands Ceasefire in Gaza During Ramadan
UN Demands Gaza Ceasefire

UN Demands Gaza Ceasefire

Security Council resolution wants an end to violence for the rest of Ramadan

(Newser) - The United Nations Security Council on Monday demanded a ceasefire in Gaza during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, its first demand to halt fighting. The United States abstained on the resolution, reports the AP , which also demanded the release of all hostages taken captive during Hamas' Oct. 7 surprise...

Bibi Calls Hamas Ceasefire Plan 'Unrealistic'—but He's Listening

Egyptian officials say reboot of stalled Israel-Hamas talks will be in Qatar, perhaps by Sunday

(Newser) - Stalled talks aimed at securing a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas are expected to restart in earnest in Qatar as soon as Sunday, though they could get pushed to Monday, according to Egyptian officials. The talks would mark the first time both Israeli officials and Hamas leaders...

Schumer: It's Time for Netanyahu to Go

Highest-ranking Jewish official in US calls for new elections in Israel

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer delivered a remarkable rebuke to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, declaring that it's time for new leadership in the nation.
  • Netanyahu "has lost his way by allowing his political survival to take precedence over the best interests of Israel," said Schumer,

Bibi Defies Biden's 'Red Line,' Vows to Keep Fighting

Netanyahu also rejects 2-state solution to war in Gaza, predicts fighting will be over in 2 months

(Newser) - Late last month, President Biden predicted we'd see some sort of ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war within days . That break has still not come to pass, and now the US president is warning Israel's leadership on the attacks in Gaza, where deaths continue to mount, including by starvation...

Biden&#39;s &#39;Uncommitted&#39; Problem Is Growing
Biden's 'Uncommitted'
Problem Is Growing
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Biden's 'Uncommitted' Problem Is Growing

Minnesota in particular registered a sizable protest vote over his support of Israel on Super Tuesday

(Newser) - If President Biden thought Michigan's sizable "uncommitted" protest vote in the state's primary last month was a fluke, he learned otherwise on Super Tuesday. In Minnesota, for example, about 19% of voters checked the "uncommitted" option, largely in protest of Biden's support of Israel in...

Israel Does a 180, Will Change Eurovision Song Lyrics

Leading submission to international contest appeared to reference Hamas attack

(Newser) - Contestants in the Eurovision Song Contest can be disqualified if their songs are not politically neutral—and because of that rule, Israel will see to it that the lyrics to its top submission possibility are amended. The leading song, "October Rain" by Eden Golan, seems to reference Hamas' October...

After Biden Talks Ceasefire, Israel and Hamas Are Puzzled

Both sides sound surprised at the optimism

(Newser) - President Biden declared Monday that a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war might be only days away. As it turns out, this is apparently news to the principal parties:
  • Israel: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was "surprised" by Biden's comments that a ceasefire might be in place by Monday,

Netanyahu Has a Plan for Gaza After the War

Proposal may not align with US goals, but Israel says it's a start

(Newser) - Israel's prime minister has drawn up a proposal for governing Gaza after the war ends, a plan that would demilitarize the territory, shut its southern border with Egypt, and give his country ongoing security control. Benjamin Netanyahu presented his proposal to members of his security cabinet on Thursday night,...

US Vetoes UN Resolution Demanding Gaza Ceasefire

Arab-backed Security Council resolution gets 13-1 vote

(Newser) - The United States vetoed an Arab-backed UN resolution Tuesday demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war in the embattled Gaza Strip. The vote in the 15-member Security Council was 13-1, with the United Kingdom abstaining, reflecting the wide global support for ending the more than four-month war, reports...

Israel, Brazil Go Further With the Genocide Throw-Down

Brazil's Lula says Gaza war reminiscent of 'when Hitler decided to kill the Jews'

(Newser) - Israel on Sunday condemned Brazil's president for comparing the war in Gaza to the Holocaust, accusing him of being antisemitic and trivializing the Nazi genocide of Jews during World War II. The outcry further strained relations between the countries, which have deteriorated since President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva...

Egypt Seems to Be Walling Off Massive Area Near Gaza Border

Analysts say it's the country's 'contingency plan' should displaced Gazans flood into Egypt

(Newser) - Amid the growing humanitarian crisis in Rafah , the southernmost city in the Gaza Strip, and threats of a ground invasion there by Israel, Egypt appears to be building a giant walled "buffer zone" on its side of its border with Gaza. Satellite images reveal the more than 2-mile-wide area...

After Hezbollah Rocket Fire, Israel Makes a Move

Member of nation's war cabinet suggests Lebanese government to blame for rocket attacks

(Newser) - Israel escalated its attacks on Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon Wednesday in response to rocket fire that killed a citizen while reaching further into northern Israel than previous attacks from Hezbollah, per Bloomberg . A woman died and eight others were injured when a rocket landed near Safed, some 8 miles...

Israel's War Effort Receives a Blow in Dutch Court

Dutch government ordered to stop sending F-35 parts to Israel given potential use in war crimes

(Newser) - A court has ordered the Dutch government to stop sending fighter jet components to Israel as they "might be used in the commission of serious violations of international humanitarian law." Human rights groups made that same argument in a lawsuit filed against the government in December. Oxfam Novib,...

128 Days After Kidnapping, an 'Impressive Rescue Operation'

Israeli forces say they rescued 2 hostages in Rafah in gunfire-ridden raid on Hamas

(Newser) - Two more hostages taken during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel are home. Israeli forces said Monday morning that they rescued Fernando Simon Marman, 60, and Louis Har, 70, during an overnight raid in Rafah, amid Israeli airstrikes against the city in southern Gaza, reports CNN . According to the...

Sinema, Graham Throw Down Over Border Bill

Senators got testy over Graham's 'no' vote on bipartisan legislation

(Newser) - Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan border bill on Wednesday, and independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is steamed. On Thursday, the upper chamber voted to start working on separate $95 billion legislation regarding aid for Ukraine and Israel—which Republicans originally indicated they wanted tied to the border bill that...

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