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Democrats Bail on Netanyahu's Address
Democrats Bail on
Netanyahu's Address
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Democrats Bail on Netanyahu's Address

The Israeli prime minister will speak to Congress Wednesday afternoon

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress at 2pm Wednesday and, in his words, "present the truth about our just war." The BBC reports he comes at the invitation of House Speaker Mike Johnson and will make the rounds after his congressional appearance....

UN Court Rules Against Israel on Settlements

But non-binding opinion is unlikely to affect decision-making

(Newser) - The top UN court declared Friday that Israel's settlement policy in the West Bank and east Jerusalem violates international law, per the AP . The ruling is a non-binding advisory opinion on the legality of Israel's 57-year occupation of lands sought for a Palestinian state, one that is unlikely...

Drone Strike Kills 1, Injures 10 in Tel Aviv

Houthi rebels claim responsibility

(Newser) - Yemen's Houthi rebels on Friday claimed responsibility for an early morning drone believed to have exploded above Tel Aviv, leaving at least 10 injured and one dead. The aerial strike rumbled through the streets causing shards of shrapnel to rain down and leaving a large explosion radius, authorities said....

Israel Prepares to Draft Ultra-Orthodox Men

Move could topple Netanyahu's government

(Newser) - The Israeli military on Tuesday said it would begin sending draft notices to Jewish ultra-Orthodox men next week—a step that could destabilize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government. The announcement followed a landmark Supreme Court order for young religious men to begin enlisting for military service. Under long-standing political...

As Gaza Families Flee, They Cling to One Thing: House Keys

They're tangible symbol of the life Palestinians have been forced to flee as Israel continues its assault

(Newser) - On his key chain, Hassan Nofal keeps the keys to two homes. One is the house of his grandparents in what's now southern Israel, which his family was driven out of by Israeli forces in 1948 and to which they've never been able to return.The other is...

Hamas Drops Key Demand, Opening Door to Ceasefire

Militant group gives up on Israel offering an upfront commitment for a complete end to the war

(Newser) - Hamas has given initial approval for a US-backed proposal for a phased ceasefire deal in Gaza, dropping a key demand that Israel give an upfront commitment for a complete end to the war, a Hamas and an Egyptian official said Saturday. The apparent compromise by the militant group—which controlled...

Rockets Fly After Israel Kills Hezbollah Commander

Lebanese group launches 200 rockets in retaliation, with many intercepted

(Newser) - The Lebanese Hezbollah group says it has launched more than 200 rockets at several military bases in Israel in retaliation for a strike that killed one of its senior commanders. The attack by the Iran-backed militant group on Thursday was one of the largest in the monthslong conflict along the...

A Grim Tourism Emerges in Southern Israel

Israelis, celebrities, dignitaries are visiting communities that were overrun by Hamas

(Newser) - A new kind of tourism has emerged in Israel in the months since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack , per the AP . For celebrities, politicians, influencers, and others, no trip is complete without a somber visit to the devastated south that absorbed the brunt of the assault near the border with Gaza....

He May Be the First 'Squad' Member Voted Out
He May Be the First
'Squad' Member Voted Out
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He May Be the First 'Squad' Member Voted Out

House Democrat Jamaal Bowman of New York has alienated his Jewish constituency

(Newser) - Out West, Lauren Boebert's GOP primary contest on Tuesday is the main focus . On the East Coast, the big race is out of New York and among Democrats. Progressive Rep. Jamaal Bowman is at real risk at being the first member of the informal group known as "the...

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Can't Avoid Draft, Top Court Rules

Supreme Court calls out 'inequality' in draft enforcement

(Newser) - Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students, some of whom have say they'd rather die than fight, must be drafted for military service anyway, the country's Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The landmark decision threatens to destabilize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition government, reports the New York Times . Israelis...

Israel Accused of Launching 'Attack' on Christians in Holy Land

Leaders say property tax demand upsets status quo

(Newser) - Leaders of major churches have accused Israeli authorities of launching a "coordinated attack" on the Christian presence in the Holy Land by initiating tax proceedings against them, the AP reports. While Israeli officials have tried to dismiss the disagreement as a routine financial matter, the churches say the move...

Netanyahu: Hezbollah War Could Be Next

Triggering concerns of a broader conflict in the region

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the current phase of fighting against Hamas in Gaza is winding down, setting the stage for Israel to send more troops to its northern border to confront the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, the AP reports. The comments threatened to further heighten the...

'Stop the Genocide' Banner Unfurled on El Capitan

Climbers With Palestine group says of Yosemite protest: 'We need to stop killing people, today'

(Newser) - Pro-Palestinian protests over the Israel-Hamas war that have proliferated on college campuses have now made their way into the national parks. SFGate reports that four climbers stopped partway up Yosemite's El Capitan on Monday—not to rest, but to unfurl a 25-by-15-foot banner in the colors of the Palestinian...

Netanyahu Dissolves His War Cabinet
Netanyahu Dissolves
His War Cabinet

Netanyahu Dissolves His War Cabinet

Move could further complicate cease-fire talks

(Newser) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the small but influential War Cabinet that has overseen the fighting in Gaza, Israeli officials said Monday, a move that comes days after a key member of the body bolted from the government over frustration with the Israeli leader's handling of the war....

Blaming Netanyahu's Handling of War, Gantz Quits Government

Resignation weakens prime minister's position but doesn't end coalition

(Newser) - Benny Gantz, a centrist presence in Israel's emergency government, resigned on Sunday over Benjamin Netanyahu's management of the war in Gaza. The defection fractures, but appears unlikely to immediately break, the prime minister's ruling coalition. Gantz had said he would quit if there was no postwar plan...

Hostage Code: 'The Diamonds Are In Our Hands'
Hostage Code: 'The
Diamonds Are In Our Hands'
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Hostage Code: 'The Diamonds Are In Our Hands'

Details on how the rescue in Gaza unfolded

(Newser) - New details are emerging about Israel's surprise rescue of four hostages taken from Gaza on Saturday morning. A look at coverage:
  • Weeks of planning: The New York Times reports on the military operation itself on two buildings in a residential neighborhood of Nuseirat, central Gaza. It followed weeks of

4 Hostages Rescued in a 'Miraculous Triumph'

Israel says they're in good condition after 'complex' operation in Nuseirat

(Newser) - Israel said Saturday it rescued four hostages who were kidnapped in a Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7. The army said it rescued Noa Argamani, 25; Almog Meir, 21; Andrey Kozlov, 27; and Shlomi Ziv, 40, in a complex special daytime operation, per the AP . The hostages, who were said to...

Report: Israel Targets 128 US Lawmakers With Trolls

'NYT' exposes alleged covert campaign to influence US government on Gaza war

(Newser) - Israel has spent millions on a covert and still-active influence campaign targeting the US public and lawmakers in an effort to boost support for its war in Gaza, according to reporting by the New York Times . Commissioned by Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the $2 million campaign allegedly involved...

Spain to ICJ: We Want in on Genocide Case Against Israel

South Africa case before UN court accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza

(Newser) - Spain will ask a United Nations court for permission to join South Africa's case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza, its foreign minister announced Thursday. Spain is the first European country to take the step after South Africa filed its case with the International Court of Justice late last...

Angered by Netanyahu Warrant, House Hits Back at ICC

Illegitimate Court Counteraction Act passes 247-155, despite White House opposition

(Newser) - House Republicans led a push to impose sanctions against the International Criminal Court on Tuesday in response to arrest warrants for Israeli leaders , including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lawmakers voted 247-155 to pass the Illegitimate Court Counteraction Act introduced by GOP Rep. Chip Roy with nearly all Republicans and 42...

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