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Next Defense Secretary Could Be a Democrat

Jim Webb rumored to be front-runner

(Newser) - President Trump is rumored to be considering a surprising choice for defense secretary: Jim Webb, a former Democratic senator from Virginia who briefly ran for president in 2015 and was considered a front-runner to be Barack Obama's running mate in 2008. Sources tell the New York Times that White...

Ex-Dem Candidate Won't Vote for Clinton, Could Vote for Trump

Jim Webb says Clinton isn't 'inspirational'

(Newser) - During Thursday night's GOP debate, all three of Donald Trump's fellow candidates said they would support him if he received the nomination. On Friday, an even more surprising person kept that possibility open, Politico reports. Former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb says he won't vote for Hillary...

Democrats' 1st Dropout of 2016 Race: Jim Webb

Whether he'll run as an independent is the next question

(Newser) - Jim Webb has complained that the Democratic race is "rigged" for Hillary Clinton, and he's apparently done playing along. The former Virginia senator announced Tuesday that he's dropping from the Democratic race, reports Politico . As for a rumored run as an independent, Webb clearly kept his options...

That Edge Clinton Had? It Vanished

New poll shows Hillary losing ground in Dem race

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's email controversy may be hurting her more than she anticipated. In a new CNN/ORC poll revealed last night that surveyed 1,012 adults from Sept. 4 to Sept. 8, support for Clinton dropped 10 percentage points since last month among Democrats and independent voters who lean Democratic....

Democrats: Hey, We're Holding Debates, Too

DNC releases schedule today, of all days

(Newser) - Maybe trying to steal a little Republican thunder , the Democratic National Committee unveiled plans today to hold six presidential debates starting this fall, with the first scheduled for Oct. 13 in Nevada in a primary process that's far less crowded than the GOP side. The debates, said DNC chairwoman...

Dems Get a 5th Horse in 2016 Race

Virginia centrist Jim Webb is in

(Newser) - Jim Webb , who's spent time as a soldier in Vietnam, assistant secretary of the Navy, and US senator from Virginia , today became the fifth Democrat to declare his intention to seek the Oval Office next year, per a decidedly non-flashy statement on his campaign website. Acknowledging that "...

Jim Webb's Move the First Salvo in Battle of 2016

President Jim Webb? He forms exploratory committee

(Newser) - Jim Webb last night became the first "well-known" Democrat, as Politico puts it, to launch a presidential exploratory committee. The announcement came last night via a new website, Webb2016.com , and Webb (a former one-term Virginia senator , Vietnam vet, and Ronald Reagan's Navy secretary) didn't exactly hold...

Senate Cat Candidate Hounded by Attack Ad

Will Hank insist on ultrasounds before spaying?

(Newser) - Me-ouch. Hank the tabby who's running a spoofy campaign for a Virginia Senate seat had no idea politics could be such a catfight . Hank's already being hit with a dog-eat-dog attack ad firing questions off about his birth certificate, tax returns (he hasn't filed any), alleged use...

'Tens of Billions' Wasted on War Contractors: Report

'Criminal behavior and blatant corruption' a bad combo with 'ill-conceived projects'

(Newser) - The US has misspent “tens of billions of dollars” on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan—at minimum—according to a new report from a bipartisan commission set up to scrutinize the issue. The report bemoaned problems like “ill-conceived projects,” “poor planning and oversight by the US...

Va. Senator Jim Webb Won't Run Again

Democrat will leave after one term

(Newser) - Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia won't run for a second term in 2012, a decision that gives Republicans a better chance of regaining their swing-state Senate seat. Webb, a Vietnam vet and former Navy secretary, said he's heading back to the private sector, reports the Times-Dispatch . Friends tell Politico he...

George Allen Running for Old Senate Seat

Tea Party, Dems greet announcement with derision

(Newser) - George Allen lost his Virginia Senate seat and his presidential aspirations in 2006 to a no-name in combat boots, and he's decided he'd like one or both back. Allen, a former governor narrowly ousted by Jim Webb after his infamous "macaca" moment was picked up on tape, announced today...

GOP to Dems: Help Us Repeal ObamaCare

Republicans try to sway Senators facing 2012 election

(Newser) - Republicans are leaning on at-risk or moderate Senate Democrats to help them pick apart the Democrats’ health care reform bill. Strategists tell Politico that they think they can sway Ben Nelson, Jim Webb, and Jon Tester, since all come from red-tinged states and face 2012 reelection campaigns. They also expect...

Burma Working on Nuclear Weapons: Report

But it'll be years before they know how to make a bomb

(Newser) - Burma has been secretly acquiring the materials it needs to build a nuclear weapon, though the country currently lacks the technological expertise to do so, according to a new report. Based on documents and photos smuggled out of the country by an army defector, the study concludes with “high...

Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems
 Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems 

Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems

Some of them may surprise you

(Newser) - Republicans and Democrats may seem farther apart than ever, but believe it or not, there are some people on the other side of the aisle the GOP respects. Newsweek names the five donkeys the elephants get along with best.

Senate Could Kill Obama's Student Loan Fix

Private lenders have friends in the upper chamber of Congress

(Newser) - House Democrats are trying to find a way to pass Barack Obama’s student loan reform plan, but they may be powerless in the face of the Senate's intent to kill it. Because the Senate is full of private lending allies willing to filibuster the bill, Democrats had hoped to...

Dems Rethinking Health Care After Mass. Loss
Dems Rethinking Health Care
After Mass. Loss

Dems Rethinking Health Care After Mass. Loss

Webb urges Senate to avoid votes before Brown seated

(Newser) - Scott Brown's surprise win in Massachusetts has sent the Democrats scrambling to find a way to salvage health care legislation, as more and more legislators say they won't support hurry-up measures to push through the bill before he is sworn in. Sen. Jim Webb urged the Senate to delay any...

Suu Kyi Swimmer Heads Home
 Suu Kyi Swimmer 
 Heads Home 

Suu Kyi Swimmer Heads Home

(Newser) - American John Yettaw boarded a flight home today, ending an infamous journey that began three months ago with a secret swim to the home of Aung San Suu Kyi that landed them both in prison. Suu Kyi, who repeatedly asked him to leave, and her two live-in aides, are still...

Suu Kyi OK With Lifting Sanctions on Burma: Webb

(Newser) - Burma’s imprisoned opposition leader may be OK with a “new approach” toward the country’s oppressive military regime, Sen. Jim Webb told reporters today. Webb met with Aung San Suu Kyi on Saturday, during his visit to the country. “It was my clear impression from her that...

Suu Kyi's Yank Swimmer Lands in Thailand

Sen. Webb: 'What he did was regrettable'

(Newser) - While Myanmar activist Aung San Suu Kyi begins another 18 months under house arrest, the American responsible for her sentence is free and has landed in Thailand, reports CNN. John Yettaw, whose release was won by Sen. Jim Webb, was hospitalized for observation in Bangkok. “He had a medical...

Webb Visits Suu Kyi, Wins American's Release
Webb Visits Suu Kyi,
Wins American's Release 

Webb Visits Suu Kyi, Wins American's Release

(Newser) - Sen. Jim Webb visited Myanmar's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi today, in a rare meeting between a foreign official and the Nobel laureate, the AP reports. He also won the release of the American who swam uninvited to her home and caused her latest trouble. Suu Kyi, who was...

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