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Sneaky Artist Hangs His Art Among Dali, Picasso, Loses Job

German artist lost his museum job, is being investigated for property damage

(Newser) - A museum employee fulfilled his wish of seeing his own art hanging among celebrated works from world-famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, though it meant he lost his job—which might not be the end of it. The German man, formerly employed in technical service at Munich's...

Germany Rebuts Genocide Claim, Cites the Holocaust

Nicaragua brought case before the UN's top court over Germany's arms sales to Israel

(Newser) - In an appearance before the UN's highest court on Tuesday, Germany responded to Nicaragua's accusations that it has been facilitating genocide in Gaza by providing weapons to Israel. The Guardian reports lawyer Tania von Uslar-Gleichen cited the Holocaust, saying, "Germany has learned from its past, a past...

Botswana Is Irked by Germany's Elephant Suggestion

It offers to ship 20K animals to Germany so it can see what it's like living among them

(Newser) - A suggestion from Germany's Environment Ministry didn't go over so well in Botswana. President Mokgweetsi Masisi took issue with the ministry's recommendation that tighter limits be put in place on importing hunting trophies, saying that conservation efforts had led to a surging elephant population that hunting helped...

Adidas Blocks Number 44 From German Soccer Jerseys

Critics said it was too close to SS logo

(Newser) - German soccer fans can buy replicas of the national team's jerseys with any number between 00 and 99—except 44. The number was pulled from sale after people on social media pointed out that it strongly resembled the logo of the SS, the organization that carried out many of...

With New Pot Law on Books, Germans Light Up Their Joints

Germany legalizes small amounts of marijuana for personal use, and aficionados stage a 'smoke-in'

(Newser) - Marijuana campaigners in Germany lit celebratory joints on Monday as the country liberalized rules on cannabis to allow possession of small amounts. The AP reports that the German Cannabis Association, which campaigned for the new law, staged a "smoke-in" at Berlin's landmark Brandenburg Gate when the law took...

German Officials: We're Not Going to Ban Dachshunds

Officials say draft bill on 'torture breeding' is being mischaracterized

(Newser) - German officials say reports that the country is planning to ban dachshunds and other beloved dog breeds have been greatly exaggerated. The German Kennels Association—VDH—spoke out this week against a draft bill clarifying and strengthening a law against so-called "torture breeding," leading to headlines like "...

American Who Attacked 2 Tourists Gets Life in Prison in Germany

Unnamed 31-year-old raped, murdered US citizen, injured another at popular tourist spot

(Newser) - An American man was convicted of murder and other charges on Monday for brutally attacking two American women near Germany's famed Neuschwanstein Castle last summer and pushing them into a ravine, fatally injuring one of them. He was sentenced to life in prison, reports the AP . The Kempten state...

'Hypervaccinated' Man Floors Scientists
'Hypervaccinated' Man
Floors Scientists
in case you missed it

'Hypervaccinated' Man Floors Scientists

German patient was vaccinated 217 times against COVID, seemingly with no ill effects

(Newser) - Well, we know this guy definitely isn't afraid of needles. A German man has been found to have received 217 vaccinations for COVID-19, and he doesn't seem to be any worse for it. The BBC reports on the "bizarre" case of the 62-year-old out of Magdeburg, whose...

AI Tools Located Long-Sought Militant Suspect in Minutes

Arrest of Daniela Klette perhaps not such a 'masterpiece' for German police

(Newser) - German police said this week's arrest of Daniela Klette , a long-hunted alleged militant hiding in Berlin, was a "masterpiece." Journalists, however, weren't quite sure where the extraordinary skill factored in—unless it came from themselves. "What was their success? Listening to a podcast?" a reporter...

Soldier Surrenders After 4 Shot Dead in Germany

Motive still unknown as investigation centers on town of Rotenburg

(Newser) - Four people are dead and a suspect has turned himself in after shootings in two locations in northern Germany—and that suspect is reportedly one of that nation's soldiers. Police on Friday said the shooting took place overnight in the rural areas of Bothel and Scheessel, and that the...

Alleged Militant Nabbed After 30 Years on the Run

Daniela Klette, alleged ex-member of Red Army Faction, is caught in Germany

(Newser) - An alleged member of a far-left militant group tied to murders in Germany has been arrested after nearly 30 years on the run. Daniela Klette, a member of the now-dissolved Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang, was discovered at an apartment in Berlin's Kreuzberg district on...

It Could Be Europe's 'Oldest Man-Made Megastructure'
Beneath the Sea, an Ancient
'Man-Made Megastructure'

Beneath the Sea, an Ancient 'Man-Made Megastructure'

Stone Age wall found in sea off Germany thought to have been used to hunt reindeer

(Newser) - More than 10,000 years ago, humans constructed a long, low wall, using rocks weighing a combined 150 tons. Discovered by accident in 2021, the Blinkerwall—submerged 70 feet deep in the Baltic Sea, 6 miles off the coast of Rerik, Germany—is now a candidate for the oldest known...

Playboy Features Its First Princess on the Cover
Princess Poses for Playboy:
'Every Woman Is Beautiful'
in case you missed it

Princess Poses for Playboy: 'Every Woman Is Beautiful'

Saxony's Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris is first aristocrat to feature on magazine's cover

(Newser) - The March issue of Germany's Playboy is out, and its cover model proves that even royals can get ribald. Page Six reports that gracing the cover, and the magazine's inside pages, is Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, the princess of Saxony and great-great-great-granddaughter of Frederick Augustus III, the...

Protests Against Far Right Pick Up Steam in Germany

Demonstrations were sparked by anti-immigrants meeting

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people protested the far right in cities across Germany on Saturday, attending events with slogans such as "Never Again is Now," "Against Hate" and "Defend Democracy." The series of demonstrations has been gaining momentum in recent days, the AP reports. They...

Crowds Protest Far-Right Talk of Mass Deportations

Chancellor joins demonstration against Germany party meeting

(Newser) - Thousands of people gathered in Germany on Sunday for demonstrations against the far right, among them Chancellor Olaf Scholz, following a report that extremists recently met to discuss deporting millions of immigrants, including German citizens, if they took power. There were protests in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, and at the...

This Is a Different Kind of Protest

German farmers use their tractors to block traffic in protest of proposed cuts to diesel subsidies

(Newser) - Farmers blocked highway access roads and snarled traffic in parts of Germany on Monday with their tractors, launching a week of protests against a government plan to scrap tax breaks on diesel used in agriculture. Chancellor Olaf Scholz's unpopular three-party coalition infuriated farmers last month by drawing up plans...

Elegant German Great Hoisted World Cup as Player, Coach

Franz Beckenbauer said his life went according to plan

(Newser) - Franz Beckenbauer, who won the World Cup both as player and coach and became one of Germany's most beloved personalities with his easygoing charm, has died. He was 78. A statement said he died peacefully Sunday, surrounded by family, the AP reports. The family statement did not provide a...

Man Finds Out Not to Compare COVID Shots to Holocaust

German teacher is hit with $3.3K fine for 'trivialization' over COVID shots

(Newser) - A German man has been hit with a $3,300 fine after expressing some unconventional views on COVID-19 vaccines. Deutsche Welle reports that the unnamed vocational-college teacher, a 62-year-old from Berlin, heard his financial fate on Thursday from the Tiergarten Local Court, where a presiding judge slammed him for comparing...

80 Years Later, Soldier X-3212 Finally Has a Name

US Army private Homer Mitchell of New Mexico, killed in WWII, is identified

(Newser) - After years of combing through military records and making some key deductions, a team of US government historians and researchers has finally put a name to case file X-3212, identifying an Army private from eastern New Mexico named Homer Mitchell who died during World War II. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting...

Germany Makes Arrests, Saying It Foiled Hamas Plot

Denmark reports uncovering planned attack, showing that 'Danish Jews are under threat'

(Newser) - Germany announced the arrests Thursday of four men it said are members of Hamas who were planning attacks on European Jewish sites. A prosecutor said the four are longtime Hamas members with connections to the terrorist group's military branch, the Wall Street Journal reports. Hamas and its affiliates are...

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