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'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Lives in Chinese Mall

Activists want it closed

(Newser) - His name is Pizza and he lives in a Chinese mall where visitors pose for selfies next to his glass enclosure and knock loudly to get his attention. Such is life when you're the "world's saddest polar bear," per the Daily Express . Pizza , a polar bear...

Zoo Locked Down After Polar Bear Escapes

'This kind of stuff happens'

(Newser) - It was a bear-y close call Wednesday at the Cincinnati Zoo when a female polar bear named Berit escaped her exhibit, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. According to WLWT , the bear got out of its exhibit into an interior hallway but never left the staff-only building. Regardless, visitors were herded into...

Polar Bears Lay Siege to Russian Weather Station

3 trapped workers have no weapons, and flares have proved ineffective

(Newser) - Like a combination of The Grey and The Thing that we would definitely watch, a group of polar bears has trapped three Russian scientists inside a remote weather station with no weapons and no clear idea of when help will arrive, CBS News reports. The Russians—two meteorologists and an...

4 Years Later, Mystery of Knut's Death Solved

And the discovery could end up saving humans

(Newser) - The sudden death four years ago of Knut, the celebrity polar bear, shocked his fans around the world and posed a riddle for veterinarians. The 4-year-old bear died in March 2011 after suffering an apparent seizure and collapsing into his enclosure's pool in front of hundreds of visitors at...

There&#39;s Something Staggering About This Photo

 There's Something 
 Staggering About 
 This Photo 
in case you missed it

There's Something Staggering About This Photo

'This is the first record of this species as polar bear prey'

(Newser) - They're as graphic as they are "unprecedented," in the words of io9 . Photos published in Polar Research earlier this month show a polar bear eating a white-beaked dolphin on a fjord in Svalbard, Norway; the carcass of a second—"little more than the spine, rib cage...

Polar Bears Will Struggle for Food on Land

Study contradicts research that says bears are eating berries, eggs

(Newser) - Polar bears forced off melting sea ice will not find enough food to replace their current diet of fat-laden seals, researchers say in a conclusion that contradicts studies indicating bears may be benefiting from bird eggs, berries, and other land food sources. Karyn Rode, a USGS wildlife biologist and lead...

Polar Bear Mauls Solar Eclipse Tourist

Czech tourist was in his tent in Norway's Svalbard archipelago

(Newser) - A Czech tourist suffered minor injuries when a polar bear attacked the tent he was sleeping in on the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norwegian authorities said today. Police spokesman Vidar Arnesen said the man, whom he didn't identify, was among a group of six that was on a...

Over 550K Sign Petition to Help 'Lonely Bear'

Arturo seems to be going crazy in Argentinian zoo

(Newser) - Arturo might feel better if he knew how many people want to help him. The polar bear, who seems miserable in an Argentinian zoo, could end up relocated to a zoo in Canada if social-media activists get their way, NPR reports. A Change.org campaign has over 550,000 votes...

Lonely Polar Bear: Going Insane?

Arturo may be going insane since losing his longtime companion

(Newser) - A polar bear in Argentina is looking sickly, and activists want him relocated to colder climes—but so far Arturo is stuck at Mendoza Zoo in Buenos Aires, the Independent reports. Disturbing video shows him pacing around his concrete enclosure while swaying his head and baring his teeth, possible signs...

Knut&#39;s Killer: Brain Disease
 Knut's Killer: Brain Disease 

Knut's Killer: Brain Disease

Viral encephalitis pinpointed in 'exhaustive' review

(Newser) - An exhaustive look into the cause of death of beloved polar bear Knut , almost three years after his death, has confirmed that a viral form of encephalitis, or a brain-inflammation disease, led to his seizures and eventual drowning . "But as there were no signs of disease beforehand there was...

US Hiker Mauled by Polar Bear

Matt Dyer in stable condition in Montreal: wife

(Newser) - A hiker from Maine was in his tent in northeastern Canada when a polar bear hauled him out and proceeded to maul him on Wednesday. Fellow hikers were able to stop the early-morning attack using flares that frightened the animal, CBC reports, causing it to release victim Matt Dyer. The...

Knut the Polar Bear Now Knut the Museum Display

Cuddly bear now a polyurethane model

(Newser) - Adorable in life, still attracting admirers in death: Knut the polar bear's hide has been mounted on a polyurethane body and is going on display in a Berlin museum. The Natural History Museum today unveiled the statue prepared by taxidermists featuring the famous Berlin Zoo bear's fur and...

Polar Bear Cannibalism May Be Rising

Bears now seen eating cubs on sea ice

(Newser) - Male polar bears have long been known to prey on cubs and even females, but bear cannibalism is more widespread than earlier thought, and may be on the increase because of climate change, researchers warn. Most previous sightings of bear eating bear involved animals on shore late in the year,...

Mystery Disease Killing Alaskan Seals

Ringed seal outbreak puzzles biologists

(Newser) - A mysterious disease is killing seals along Alaska's Arctic coast, and officials fear it might spread to other countries—and other species. Scores of dead or severely weakened ringed seals with telltale skin lesions and hair loss have been found along the coastline over the last few months, Reuters...

Polar Bear in Norway Attack Was Starving

Group's camp was surrounded by faulty tripwire

(Newser) - The mauling victims of a starving polar bear have been airlifted from Norway to Britain for treatment. The bear killed a teenager on a Norway science trip before a team leader managed to kill the animal with a gun that jammed four times. The adult leader, a co-worker, and two...

Polar Bear Kills Tourist in Norway

Four others injured in attack

(Newser) - A British tourist is dead and four people are seriously injured after a polar bear attacked them today in Norway. The five were part of a group of campers in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard, according to a district governor's spokesperson. The group reported the mauling via satellite phone...

Fed Polar Bear Defender Placed on Leave

Supporters charge he was singled out for punishment over stand

(Newser) - A federal wildlife biologist who sounded the alarm about drowning polar bears in the midst of global warming has been placed on leave pending the outcome of a scientific misconduct probe. Charles Monnett is being investigated for unspecified "integrity issues" apparently linked to his report that polar bears could...

Long-Distance Swims Harming Polar Bears?

The swims could be hurting cub survival rates

(Newser) - Polar bears forced to swim longer distances because of diminished sea ice off Alaska's coast may be paying a price in lost cubs or precious calories, according to a study by the US Geological Survey. The study reviewed data from female polar bears in the Chukchi and southern Beaufort...

Polar Bears Have Irish Ancestors

DNA study proves interbreeding with Irish bears of old

(Newser) - Polar bears have as much claim to Irish descent as any St. Patrick's day marcher, according to a DNA study of ancient bear bones. All polar bears alive today have the maternal DNA of the extinct Irish brown bear, the researchers found, suggesting that the two species interbred during...

Final Verdict: Knut Drowned
 Final Verdict: Knut Drowned 

Final Verdict: Knut Drowned

Cause of the brain swelling not known, says pathologist

(Newser) - The sad final verdict is in: Celebrity polar bear Knut died from drowning. But the four-year-old's collapse into his enclosure's pool at the Berlin Zoo was caused by encephalitis, according to a necropsy performed on the bear. The AP reports that a zoo pathologist said she could not tell what...

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