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Ducey Launches Transition, Though Lake Hasn't Conceded

'The people of Arizona have spoken,' GOP governor says

(Newser) - Outgoing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Wednesday his Republican administration will ensure an orderly transition to Democrat Katie Hobbs, his first public statement on her victory. Ducey met with Hobbs in his office more than a week after her victory became clear and days after the last ballots were counted,...

Liz Cheney Gets the Last Word in Kari Lake Loss

Or at least the latest word, with a 'you're welcome' tweet

(Newser) - When Liz Cheney crossed parties and campaigned against Republican Kari Lake in the Arizona governor's race, Lake reveled in it. At the time, the Trump-backed candidate issued a public letter thanking Cheney for coming out against her. “In fact, my team telIs me your commercial should add another...

Kari Lake's Team Wrestles With How to React If She Loses

Advisers urge Trump ally not to claim the election was stolen

(Newser) - With a Republican victory looking more unlikely in the Arizona governor's race, advisers are urging Kari Lake not to claim the election was stolen if she loses to Democrat Katie Hobbs. The GOP nominee's aides spent the weekend in a "war room" at a resort in Scottsdale,...

Cops Have News on 'Suspicious' Envelopes at Lake Campaign HQ

'No substance inside,' Phoenix police say, though Lake campaign says original envelope was tossed

(Newser) - "No substance inside." That's the final word from the Phoenix Police Department over "suspicious" envelopes confiscated last week from the campaign headquarters of Kari Lake, the GOP candidate for Arizona governor, reports KTAR . A police spokeswoman says items taken by authorities from Lake's HQ, after...

Arizona Polls Close After Judge Refuses to Extend Hours
Arizona Polls Close After
Judge Refuses to Extend Hours
election 2022

Arizona Polls Close After Judge Refuses to Extend Hours

Kari Lake hasn't said whether she'll accept a loss

(Newser) - Polls have closed in Arizona, where a judge denied an emergency motion from the Republican National Commitee to extend voting hours in Maricopa County because of problems with ballot tabulators , reports ABC15 . Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor, cast her ballot at a site she called "the heart...

Kari Lake May Accept Only One Result on Election Night

Arizona governor candidate won't commit to accepting a loss in her race

(Newser) - Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona, refused to tell CNN’s Dana Bash whether she will accept the results of November’s election if she loses. Per the Arizona Republic , Lake twice told Bash during a Sunday interview , “I’m going to win the election and...

Democrats Fear Long-Term Effects of Kari Lake Winning
Kari Lake Has
Democrats Worried

Kari Lake Has Democrats Worried

If former TV anchor becomes Arizona's governor, her star power in the GOP could grow

(Newser) - Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona, concerns Democrats for several reasons. One is that the 2020 election denier might very well win; polls show a close race now. Once in office, Lake could be a danger to the state's 2024 election process, Axios reports. And she'...

Lake Tries to Force Debate at Town Hall

Katie Hobbs repeats that she won't appear on the same stage as her Arizona opponent

(Newser) - Kari Lake was ready for her opponent to take the stage at an Arizona town hall, with a front-row seat in Katie Hobbs' line of sight. But that wasn't the organizers' plan: The candidates were to appear one at a time onstage while the other stayed in a holding...

Liz Cheney: If GOP Picks Trump, I'll Leave Party

Republican says she'll campaign for some Democrats to defeat election deniers

(Newser) - She plans to campaign for some Democrats, but for now, Rep. Liz Cheney remains a Republican. That will change, CNN reports, if the party nominates former President Donald Trump to run for president in 2024. "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure he is not...

Election Deniers Win Their Arizona Primaries

Trump pick Blake Masters will face incumbent Mark Kelly in Nov.; Mark Finchem wins SoS nom

(Newser) - It was a big night in Arizona for GOP candidates endorsed by former President Trump. First, Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly will be facing off in November against Trump pick Blake Masters, who got the ex-president's thumbs-up in June. First-time political candidate Masters, who has also received support from Silicon...

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