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Kari Lake's Voting Lawsuit Will Not Make It to Supreme Court

SCOTUS dismisses the Arizona Republican's suit without comment

(Newser) - Kari Lake will not get her day in the nation's highest court, reports USA Today . The current Senate candidate from Arizona and former gubernatorial candidate from the same state has sued over her loss in the 2022 governor's race, alleging that Arizona's electronic voting machines were...

Kari Lake Is Urging Abortion Ban Repeal: Sources

Arizona would then revert to its current 15-week ban, which she supports

(Newser) - Kari Lake denounced Arizona's 1864 abortion ban almost immediately after a court ruling said the controversial law could go into effect, but the Republican Senate candidate is going further than that. Sources tell outlets including the New York Times that Lake, the former TV news anchor and Trump ally...

Arizona Abortion Bombshell May Be Trouble for GOP
Arizona Abortion
Bombshell May Be
Trouble for GOP
the rundown

Arizona Abortion Bombshell May Be Trouble for GOP

GOP Senate candidate Kari Lake denounces ruling, which could drive Democrats to the polls

(Newser) - Arizona is suddenly poised to enact one of the toughest abortion laws in the country, thanks to Tuesday's court ruling . And just as suddenly, abortion has become a monumental issue in a presidential battleground state that just happens to have a Senate contest this year as well, reports the...

State GOP Boss Quits Over Tape
Arizona GOP Picks Trump Ally

Arizona GOP Picks Trump Ally

Gina Swoboda, who argues elections aren't secure, replaces chair who quit over recording

(Newser) - Gina Swoboda, who was endorsed by Donald Trump, will be the next chair of the Arizona Republican Party. She'll replace Jeff DeWit, who resigned last week after the release of an audio recording that appeared to be incriminating. Swoboda ran Election Day operations for Trump in the state in...

With Arizona GOP in Turmoil, Trump Bails on 'Freedom Fest'

Ex-president backs out of fundraiser after resignation of state GOP chief, Kari Lake accusations

(Newser) - The head of the Arizona Republican Party stepped down this week, after former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake accused Jeff DeWit of trying to bribe her to back out of that state's Senate race, with a March 2023 audio recording she says proves it. It's a move that Lake,...

Lake Clashes With Senate Rival at Phoenix Airport

GOP hopeful was on the same flight from Washington, DC, as Ruben Gallego

(Newser) - Passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport got a possible preview of next year's Senate debates when two candidates clashed after arriving on the same flight from Washington, DC. The Arizona Republic reports that the exchange between Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego and Kari Lake, who is seeking the Republican...

Kari Lake Preps for a New Fight
Kari Lake
Preps for a
New Fight

Kari Lake Preps for a New Fight

Republican to announce run for Arizona Senate seat next month, per 'WSJ'

(Newser) - While still appealing her loss in last year's Arizona gubernatorial race, Kari Lake will mount a new fight—to snag Kyrsten Sinema's Senate seat. The former TV news anchor tells the Wall Street Journal that she'll launch her campaign with a rally on Oct. 10, setting up...

Arizona GOPer on Lake Suit: She Must Be 'Held Accountable'

Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer says ex-governor candidate's lies hurt him, many others

(Newser) - Like an Energizer Bunny custom-built for election denialism, Kari Lake continues to press on with her repeatedly debunked claim that Arizona's governor seat was stolen from her last November. Now she's being sued for her false remarks, by a fellow Arizona Republican who says he's had enough...

Big Question in Miami: Will Tuesday Be Violent?

Supporters of Donald Trump are ramping up the rhetoric ahead of his court appearance

(Newser) - Donald Trump is due to appear in federal court in Miami at 3pm ET Tuesday over his unprecedented federal indictment . The former president himself called for protests over the weekend in an interview with longtime ally Roger Stone—"our country has to protest," he declared, per Rolling Stone ...

Kari Lake Drops a New Song About '81 Million Votes'
Kari Lake's
New Song
Just Dropped

Kari Lake's New Song Just Dropped

GOPer releases '81 Million Votes, My A--,' announces appeal of Arizona gubernatorial loss

(Newser) - Kari Lake's protracted challenge to last year's gubernatorial race in Arizona, which the GOP candidate lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs, seemed to finally be over last month, after Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson dismissed her only remaining legal challenge on the matter. But the former news...

Judge Dismisses Kari Lake's Final Election Claim

Long-running election challenge to Arizona's gubernatorial race is over

(Newser) - A judge on Monday dismissed the only remaining legal claim in Republican Kari Lake's challenge of her loss in last year's race for Arizona governor, reports the AP , affirming the election of Democrat Katie Hobbs. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson said Lake failed to prove...

Kari Lake's Last Legal Hail Mary Gets Underway

Arizona Supreme Court takes up signature verification on early ballots in Maricopa County

(Newser) - Kari Lake lost the race for the Arizona governor's mansion to Democrat Katie Hobbs by more than 17,000 votes in November. Six months later, her final legal challenge to the results gets underway Wednesday in the form of a three-day trial. As the AP reports, courts have dismissed...

Kari Lake Gets Mostly Bad News From Arizona Supreme Court

High court dismisses 6 of her 7 election claims, sends one back to a lower court

(Newser) - The Arizona Supreme Court has declined to hear most of Republican Kari Lake’s appeal in a challenge of her defeat in the governor’s race, but revived a claim that was dismissed by a trial court, the AP reports. In an order Wednesday, the state’s highest court said...

After Losing Appeal, Kari Lake Has a Message: 'Buckle Up!'

Says she'll take challenge of her defeat in governor’s race to Arizona Supreme Court

(Newser) - An Arizona appeals court has rejected Republican Kari Lake’s challenge of her defeat in the Arizona governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, denying her request to throw out election results in the state’s most populous county and hold the election again. In a ruling on Thursday, the...

Sinema's 2024 Race Just Got Interesting

Now Face
Tough Choice
in Arizona
the rundown

Democrats Now Face Tough Choice in Arizona

Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego will challenge newly independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

(Newser) - About a month after Kyrsten Sinema surprised Washington by leaving the Democratic party to become an independent, a big consequence: Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego said Monday that he planned to run for her Senate seat in Arizona in 2024, reports the Hill . His move sets up a likely three-way race...

Judge Makes a Decision on Kari Lake Sanctions

He doesn't sanction her, but does order her to pay Katie Hobbs $33K

(Newser) - An Arizona judge declined to sanction Kari Lake, but he did order her to pay Katie Hobbs $33,040.50 in compensation for expert witness fees. The judge also reaffirmed Hobbs' election as the next governor of the state; Hobbs had asked for Lake to be sanctioned over her filing...

After Kari Lake's Court Loss, Opponent Wants Her to Pay Up

Katie Hobbs is asking a court to sanction Lake $550K

(Newser) - Katie Hobbs wants Kari Lake and her lawyers to pay for what Hobbs, the governor-elect of Arizona, calls a "frivolous" (and ultimately unsuccessful ) lawsuit challenging the results of November's gubernatorial election. Hobbs, along with Maricopa County, on Monday asked a judge to sanction Lake and her legal...

Judge Rejects Challenge to Kari Lake's Election Loss

Ruling says Arizona court heard no clear evidence, only speculation

(Newser) - An Arizona judge on Saturday threw out Republican Kari Lake's lawsuit challenging her loss in the state's election for governor. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson said in his ruling that the witnesses Lake presented had no firsthand knowledge of intentional misconduct by election officials, which Lake...

Kari Lake Says She's Fighting Election Results
Kari Lake Sues
to Overturn Election Loss

Kari Lake Sues to Overturn Election Loss

Trump ally makes good on promise to challenge Katie Hobbs' win as Arizona's next governor

(Newser) - Kari Lake promised last month that her fight for the Arizona governorship wasn't over, and on Friday she made good on that promise. The Trump ally filed a civil complaint Friday in Maricopa County that, per ABC News , seeks "unprecedented and likely unlawful relief of fully overturning the...

Arizona Certifies 2022 Election
Arizona Certifies 2022 Election

Arizona Certifies 2022 Election

Lawsuits, recounts expected

(Newser) - Arizona's top officials certified the midterm election results Monday, formalizing victories for Democrats over Republicans who falsely claimed the 2020 election was rigged. The certification opens a five-day window for formal election challenges. Republican Kari Lake, who lost the race for governor, is expected to file a lawsuit after...

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