Russia sanctions

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Thousands of Russians Are Getting Out While They Can

But leaving the country is getting harder

(Newser) - More than 2 million Ukrainians have fled Russia's brutal invasion of their country—and a smaller, but significant, number of Russians are trying to get out of their own country while they can. Thousands of Russians have departed for countries including Georgia, Armenia, and Israel in recent weeks, but...

Oil Prices Jump After Russia Sanctions
Oil Prices Jump
After Russia Sanctions

Oil Prices Jump After Russia Sanctions

Dow dropped 161 points

(Newser) - Markets quivered Monday amid worries about how high oil prices will go and how badly the global economy will get hit after the US and allies upped the financial pressure on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Stocks swung down, up and down again, while investors herded into gold in...

Sanctions Start to Bite for Ordinary Russians

Ruble has plunged 30%

(Newser) - Ordinary Russians faced the prospect of higher prices and crimped foreign travel as Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine sent the ruble plummeting, leading uneasy depositors to line up at banks and ATMs on Monday in a country that has seen more than one currency disaster in the post-Soviet...

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