Russia sanctions

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US Tries to Inflict Fresh Financial Pain on Russia

President Biden announced 500 new sanctions on Friday

(Newser) - Saturday represents the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the United States is marking the occasion by foisting 500 new sanctions on Russia, for both the war and the death last Friday of Alexei Navalny. The AP calls it "the largest single tranche of penalties" the...

After Sanctions, Most Russian Gold Went to One Country

Experts say it may be finding its way to Western markets from UAE with its origin masked

(Newser) - There's gold in them thar Emirates—and there's a lot more of it now that Western sanctions have blocked exports from Russia to London and other major gold trading hubs. Reuters reports that, according to Russian export records, some 75.7 metric tons of Russian gold worth $4....

EU Targets Ships 'Going Dark' to Evade Russian Sanctions

EU thinks there are some big sanctions loopholes that are helping Moscow refill its war chest

(Newser) - Wars tend to bring innovations—and European Union officials say Russia has been finding innovative ways to dodge sanctions in the 14 months since it launched its war in Ukraine. Sources tell Bloomberg that EU leaders are working with the US and other allies on a fresh package of penalties...

Gershkovich Sends Message: 'I Am Humbled'
Sends Message:
'I Am Humbled'

Gershkovich Sends Message: 'I Am Humbled'

'WSJ' reporter detained in Russia gets support from Griner, Biden, 3 big US newspapers

(Newser) - Last week, the world caught a glimpse of detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in a Moscow courtroom, looking calm as he stood in a glass cage and heard that his appeal to be released while awaiting an investigation into the spying charges against him was turned down. Now,...

Germany: Cut the Office Heat
Germany Wants Cool Offices

Germany Wants Cool Offices

Nation wants to cut dependency on natural gas from Russia

(Newser) - German businesses and public institutions should heat their offices no higher than 19 degrees Celsius—66.2 degrees Fahrenheit—this winter to help reduce the country's consumption of natural gas, Germany’s economy minister said Saturday. Germany, the European Union's biggest economy, is quickly trying to wean itself...

Russia's 'Secret First Lady' Finally Added to Sanctions List

Putin's alleged lover, Alina Kabaeva, had dodged US sanctions for months

(Newser) - Update: More than five months after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the woman widely known as Russia's "secret first lady" has been hit with US sanctions. Former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, was one of 13 Russian nationals added to the sanctions list Tuesday, the Washington Post reports....

Moscow Slams EU Nation's Move Against Russian Exclave

Lithuania is banning transit of some sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad

(Newser) - Lithuania on Monday defended its decision to bar rail transit of goods hit by European Union sanctions from Russia to a Russian Baltic Sea exclave, in a move that drew Moscow's strong anger amid high tensions in the region. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said his country was simply...

Russian Superyacht Arrives in Hawaii Flying US Flag

Amadea was seized after Fiji legal battle

(Newser) - A Russian-owned superyacht seized by the United States arrived in Honolulu Harbor on Thursday flying an American flag. The US last week won a legal battle in Fiji to take the $325 million vessel and immediately sailed it to Hawaii. The FBI has linked the Amadea to the Russian oligarch...

US Wins Round in Battle to Seize Superyacht
Fiji Superyacht Is
Now in US Custody

Fiji Superyacht Is Now in US Custody

US sailed oligarch-linked Amadea away soon after top court ruled in its favor

(Newser) - Update: The United States won a legal battle on Tuesday to seize a Russian-owned superyacht in Fiji and wasted no time in taking command of the $325 million vessel and sailing it away from the South Pacific nation. Fiji's Supreme Court lifted a stay order which had prevented the...

EU: Embargo Will Cut 90% of Russia Oil Exports

Latest round of sanctions will also make Russian oil shipments hard to insure

(Newser) - The European Union on Friday formally approved an embargo on Russian oil and other sanctions targeting major banks and broadcasters over Moscow’s war on Ukraine. EU headquarters says Russian crude oil will be phased out over six months, and other refined petroleum products over eight months, the AP reports....

Russia Seeks to Blame West for Food Crisis

UK accuses Putin of 'trying to hold the world to ransom'

(Newser) - Moscow pressed the West on Thursday to lift sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine, seeking to shift the blame for a growing food crisis that has been worsened by Kyiv’s inability to ship millions of tons of grain and other agricultural products while under attack. Britain insisted...

Putin May Own Superyacht About to Sail Out of Italy
Superyacht Suspected of
Ties to Putin Is Seized

Superyacht Suspected of Ties to Putin Is Seized

Italian authorities boarded the Scheherazade on Friday

(Newser) - Update: The Scheherazade isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The 459-foot, $700 million superyacht that's believed to be tied to (and possibly owned by) Russian President Vladimir Putin was ordered by the Italian government to be seized on Friday, reports Reuters . Police impounded the six-deck vessel in the port...

Germany: We're Moving to End Russian 'Blackmail'

Big importer of Russia's oil aims to be free of it by late summer

(Newser) - Germany says it’s making progress on weaning itself off Russian fossil fuels and expects to be fully independent of Russian crude oil imports by late summer, per the AP . Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck said Sunday that Europe’s largest economy has reduced the share of Russian energy...

Import Ban Doesn't Keep Seafood Profit From Russia

Catch goes through China, then is exported to US

(Newser) - A US ban on seafood imports from Russia over its invasion of Ukraine was supposed to sap billions of dollars from Vladimir Putin's war machine. But shortcomings in import regulations mean that Russian-caught pollock, salmon, and crab are likely to enter the US anyway, by way of the country...

Russia Sanctions 398 House Members
Russia Sanctions
398 House Members

Russia Sanctions 398 House Members

'Well there goes my Spring Break plans!'

(Newser) - Russia slapped sanctions on 398 House lawmakers Wednesday, drawing reactions ranging from defiance to amusement. Russia released a list of hundreds of lawmakers from both parties, saying they would face "mirror" sanctions in retaliation for US sanctions placed on hundreds of Russian lawmakers last month, the Hill reports. "...

Latest Crackdown on Russia: $46M Worth of Art

Customs officials in Finland seize paintings, sculptures, antiquities

(Newser) - Some $46 million worth of art on loan from Russian galleries to museums in Japan and Italy has been seized on the return trip. Customs officials in Finland seized the paintings, sculptures, and antiquities in three shipments at the Vaalimaa crossing of the Finland-Russia border on Friday and Saturday, in...

Treasury Makes Big Move on Russia Debt Payments
Russia Tries to Pay
Dollar Debt in Rubles

Russia Tries to Pay Dollar Debt in Rubles

US sanctions may soon lead to country's first default in more than 100 years

(Newser) - Update: Russia said Wednesday that it made a debt payment in rubles this week, a move that may not be accepted by Russia's foreign debt holders and could put the country on a path to an historic default. The Ministry of Finance said it tried to make a $649...

Russia Hasn't Done This in a Century

Country inches toward a possible default on foreign debt for first time since 1918

(Newser) - "The last time Russia defaulted on foreign debt, Lenin was in power," reads a headline from Quartz . It's a relevant historical fact as Russia, under heavy sanctions triggered by its invasion of Ukraine, inches toward a default on its foreign debt again, more than a century after...

Report: Russia Threatens to Arrest Execs at Western Firms

They've also been told their assets could be seized if they withdraw from country

(Newser) - Western companies operating in Russia have been shifting executives out of the country after warnings that they could be arrested, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . Companies that have paused operations in Russia, including McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and KFC owner Yum Brands, have received letters, calls, and visits from prosecutors...

Russian Billionaire Says He Will Sell Team, Give Proceeds to War Victims
No More 'Safe Haven'
for Russian Oligarch 

No More 'Safe Haven' for Russian Oligarch

Billionaire Abramovich is sanctioned by UK government, freezing sale of Chelsea soccer club

(Newser) - Update: Roman Abramovich says he's not tight with Vladimir Putin, but that didn't stop the United Kingdom's government from penalizing him over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. CNN reports the 55-year-old billionaire is now on the UK's sanctioned individuals list , meaning Abramovich's sale of the...

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