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Analyst Changes Projection for Boebert's Reelection Race

Cook Political Report now sees run against Democrat Adam Frisch as a 'toss up'

(Newser) - Citing Rep. Lauren Boebert's apparent decision to not moderate her far-right image, a nonpartisan analysis has downgraded her chances of winning reelection. The Cook Political Report has changed its rating of the Colorado race from "lean Republican" to "toss up," the Hill reports. Editor David Wasserman...

Evidence Mounts That MTG Is Truly Out of the House Freedom Caucus

Another member says it's a done deal

(Newser) - In what NBC News calls "some of the most definitive comments yet" regarding Marjorie Taylor Greene's membership, or new lack thereof, in the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Ken Buck, who is a member of the far-right caucus, says MTG is in fact out. "She's not a...

Report: House Freedom Caucus Members Are Seeking a Purge

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a top target, insiders say

(Newser) - While it apparently hasn't reached the loyalty oath stage yet, the House Freedom Caucus is struggling to maintain unity amid infighting and mutual distrust. Politico , citing "three Republicans with knowledge of the talks," reports some members of the conservative caucus want to purge its ranks, with at...

Boebert Forces Vote, but House Deflects on Impeachment

McCarthy lobbied against the measure, saying there's no case against Biden

(Newser) - The House headed off an attempt to impeach President Biden on Thursday while Republican leaders still appeased their hardcore members who forced the vote. The chamber voted 219-208 to refer two articles of impeachment to committees that have already begun investigating the administration, Politico reports. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who...

MTG Argues With Boebert on House Floor

Tension over competing impeachment resolutions comes to a head

(Newser) - Things got heated between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert on the House floor Wednesday after a move Boebert made to push her own resolution to impeach President Biden ahead of Greene's competing resolution. Three sources tell the Daily Beast that Greene accused Boebert of "copying" Greene's...

Video Suggests Lauren Boebert's 'No-Show Protest' Wasn't Quite That

She is seen rushing up Capitol steps to vote on debt ceiling but getting locked out

(Newser) - When the House approved the debt-ceiling deal last week, Rep. Lauren Boebert was not present to cast her vote. Later, in a tweeted video, the conservative firebrand called it a "no-show protest" over legislation she called a "crap sandwich." A new video, however, suggests her absence wasn'...

Boebert Surprise Comes With 'Heavy Weight on My Heart'

GOP congresswoman from Colorado splits from husband Jayson after nearly 2 decades of marriage

(Newser) - It's over for Lauren and Jayson Boebert. The 36-year-old congresswoman from Colorado is splitting from her spouse of nearly two decades. "It is with a heavy weight on my heart that I have filed for divorce from my husband," she said in a written statement, per the...

'What Happens in the Ladies Room Stays in the Ladies Room'

Alleged spat between MTG, Boebert may be a reflection of MTG's new strategy

(Newser) - The buzzy story out of DC on Tuesday revolves around Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. The Daily Beast reports that the GOP congresswomen got into a heated confrontation on the first day of the new Congress in a House bathroom. “Greene questioned Boebert's loyalty to [Kevin] McCarthy,...

After a Boebert Potshot, Greene Fires Back

Public rift widens between GOP congresswomen

(Newser) - They are two high-profile congresswomen on the right who might be mistaken for what Politico calls "MAGA twins" from a distance. But friction between Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado has spilled into public in a big way in recent days. It began when...

Boebert Declares Victory Ahead of Recount
Boebert's Rival Concedes
in Tight Colorado Race

Boebert's Rival Concedes in Tight Colorado Race

It still appears headed to automatic recount, but both he and the congresswoman say it's over

(Newser) - The Democratic challenger who ended up in a surprisingly tight race with Rep. Lauren Boebert in Colorado has conceded, reports the Hill . Adam Frisch said Friday that while the race appears headed for an automatic recount, "the likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is...

Boebert&#39;s Race Nears Recount
Boebert's House Race
Is Nation's Closest
election 2022

Boebert's House Race Is Nation's Closest

Final votes will be counted Friday, county clerks say

(Newser) - Election officials in the Colorado counties still counting votes in the Rep. Lauren Boebert-Adam Frisch congressional race say they'll finish Friday. Boebert was 551 votes ahead at 5pm Thursday, the Colorado Sun reports, putting the election on track for a mandatory recount. Recounts are triggered when the margin between...

Lauren Boebert Now Leads by 1K Votes
Lauren Boebert
Now Leads by 1K Votes
election 2022

Lauren Boebert Now Leads by 1K Votes

House race in Colorado still too close to call

(Newser) - After briefly trailing Democratic challenger Adam Frisch by 64 votes , Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is back in the lead in her race for re-election to the House. As of midnight Friday, with 99% of the vote counted, she was ahead by 1,122 votes. Boebert, a Trump ally, represents...

Boebert Shouted Twice During Biden&#39;s Speech
GOP Rep. Boebert Had
a Busy Night During Speech
state of the union

GOP Rep. Boebert Had a Busy Night During Speech

She yelled out twice during Biden's address, at one point blaming him for US casualties in Afghanistan

(Newser) - One of President Biden's conservative critics made her feelings known during the State of the Union address Tuesday night. GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert shouted out twice during the president's speech:
  • Afghanistan: At one point, Biden talked about the dangers facing US troops. “When they came home, many

Boebert's Ukraine Comparison Ticks Off Canadian Politicians

'We also have neighbors to the north who need ... to be liberated,' says conservative congresswoman

(Newser) - Some Canadian politicians are unhappy with conservative firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert, who compared the invasion of Ukraine to the way Canada cleared protesting truckers from its capital. The remarks came as the Colorado congresswoman was being interviewed by Fox Nation over the weekend at the CPAC convention, reports the Guardian ...

Lauren Boebert in Tiff With SNL Star After Skit

GOP congresswoman didn't like Chloe Fineman's portrayal of her; Fineman calls Boebert a 'clown'

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live's cold open over the weekend focused on COVID and vaccinations, and "cold" is the best way to describe the reaction that GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert had to a sketch that pilloried her and colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene. In the short bit, Boebert (played by Chloe...

Lawmaker&#39;s Rejoinder Begins With a Grammar Fix
New Target of Greene's
Wrath: a Fellow Republican
the rundown

New Target of Greene's Wrath: a Fellow Republican

And GOP Rep. Nancy Mace fires back, first by correcting her colleague's grammar flub

(Newser) - GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina is making all kinds of headlines this week, some for getting caught up in a dispute between fellow lawmakers and some for TV appearances in which she was accused of being two-faced on COVID. The details:
  • Criticism: On Sunday, Mace criticized fellow GOP

Omar, Boebert Argue Apology in a Tense Call and Afterward

Members' conversation about anti-Muslim story doesn't settle the issue

(Newser) - After Rep. Lauren Boebert told an anecdote about mistaking Rep. Ilhan Omar for a terrorist , House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested the Colorado Republican call the offended Democrat and just talk it out. Boebert and Omar talked Monday, but the conversation didn't defuse the situation, the Hill reports. Afterward,...

Omar Doesn't Find Boebert's Anti-Muslim Story Funny

Colorado Republican apologizes in post after video draws outrage

(Newser) - Just a week after the House dealt with Rep. Paul Gosar's cartoon attack on a Democratic colleague, another Republican member has drawn outrage with an apparent joke about Rep. Ilhan Omar being a suspected terrorist. Rep. Lauren Boebert made the remark, which elicited laughter and applause, to an audience...

Greene Wants Congress' Highest Honor for Rittenhouse

Teen who killed 2 men is 'a hero who defended his community,' she says

(Newser) - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to see Kyle Rittenhouse join George Washington, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Dalai Lama in receiving the legislative branch's highest honor. The Republican congresswoman introduced a bill Tuesday to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two people...

Don't Want to Wear a Mask? Here's What it Could Cost You

The TSA has recommended a range of fines

(Newser) - People who refuse to wear a mask on public transit may get hit with fines ranging from $250 to $1,500—or higher, should the factors warrant it, the Hill reports. The TSA recommended the penalties Friday, saying in a statement : “Based on substantial aggravating or mitigating factors, TSA...

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