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NordicTrack Sues Peloton
NordicTrack Sues Peloton

NordicTrack Sues Peloton

Companies have traded lawsuits, accusing the other of taking ideas

(Newser) - A rival company is arguing that some of the features on Peloton's latest stationary bike seem familiar. Icon Health and Fitness, whose brands include NordicTrack, filed a patent infringement lawsuit on Thursday, CNN reports. The legal battle is circular: Peloton had sued Icon in May and its lawyer said...

Peloton Takes Advantage of Closed Gyms

Company plans to roll out cheaper treadmill

(Newser) - With many Americans either unable or unwilling to go to gyms during the pandemic, Peloton is planning to roll out some new products. Sources tell Bloomberg that the company is planning to introduce a new, cheaper version of its Tread treadmill. The new version, which will be smaller and will...

Reflecting on Pain, Apple Adds to Donations

Other companies announce gifts to battle inequality

(Newser) - Apple will be donating money to combat discrimination, CEO Tim Cook said, but that's just the start. "We have to reexamine our own views and actions in light of a pain that is deeply felt but too often ignored," Cook wrote in a memo to employees after...

Guess What 'Peloton Husband' Got His Girlfriend for Christmas

'Here's hoping this goes over better the second time,' writes Sean Hunter

(Newser) - The actor who portrayed a husband in an infamous Peleton commercial this holiday shopping season apparently isn't cowed by public reaction. He announced on social media that he got his real-life girlfriend one of the company's exercise bikes, reports TMZ . "Here's hoping this goes over better...

Peloton Actress Places Blame for Hubbub on Her Face

Monica Ruiz says she may have spurred outrage because character's eyebrows looked 'worried'

(Newser) - She starred in an ad for a stationary bike that ended up going viral—and now Monica Ruiz says she thinks she knows why. Ruiz, a mom of two, is the actress in the infamous Peloton commercial , in which she plays a thin, apparently affluent woman receiving one of the...

Guru: Exercise Titan Is So Done
Guru: Exercise Titan Is So Done

Guru: Exercise Titan Is So Done

Andrew Left at Citron Research sees dark days ahead for Peloton

(Newser) - Peloton's month could get worse—we're just not sure how. First, a company commercial was widely panned and inspired a tongue-in-cheek response . Then stock fell, and kept falling this week. Now an esteemed short seller predicts that Peloton shares will plunge to just $5 in 2020, CNN Business...

A Peloton Ad Goes Viral, Not Exactly in a Good Way

It's being ridiculed on social media as sexist, elitist, and generally cringe-inducing

(Newser) - If the old adage of "all publicity is good publicity" is true, then Peloton has a terrific ad on its hands. If the opinions of lots of people on social media count for anything, the ad is closer to a sexist, elitist, cringe-inducing dud. Either way, the spot for...

The &#39;Peloton Girl&#39; Is Back
The 'Peloton' Fight
Is Far From Over
the rundown

The 'Peloton' Fight Is Far From Over

Actress Monica Ruiz is now in an Aviation Gin commercial

(Newser) - The so-called "Peloton Girl" is back and apparently needs a good, stiff drink—or at least that's how she's portrayed in a new Aviation Gin commercial, Marie Claire reports. It opens with the actress, Monica Ruiz, looking traumatized before she and two girlfriends toast "to new...

Peloton Defends Widely Criticized Ad

'We're disappointed in how some have misinterpreted this commercial'

(Newser) - It's been criticized as sexist , compared to an episode of Black Mirror, and linked to a steep drop in the company's share price—but Peloton is standing by its controversial holiday ad . The ad, which can be seen here , features a woman, who is already slim when she...

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