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Mom's Suit: Peloton Bike Instantly Killed My Son

Death of NYC's Ryan Furtado, 32, may be first to be blamed on the brand's exercise bike

(Newser) - A woman has filed a lawsuit against Peloton over the death of her son, who was killed when his exercise bike fell on his neck during a workout in his New York City apartment. Ryan Furtado, 32, was doing a workout in his Brooklyn apartment that involved getting off his...

Peloton Recalls 2M Bikes: 'Immediately Stop Using'

Seat post on affected model, PL01, can break during use

(Newser) - Peloton is recalling more than 2 million of its exercise bikes in the US because the bike’s seat post assembly can break during use, per the AP .
  • Model PL01: The recall includes approximately 2.2 million of the Peloton Bikes Model PL01. The bikes were sold in the US

Peloton Drops 8.7% After Reporting Fall in Sales

Tech gains helped S&P 500 revere slide

(Newser) - Stocks ended mixed on Wall Street Tuesday after a rally in technology companies helped reverse most of an early slide. The S&P 500 wound up 0.2% higher after giving up most of an early gain of 1.9%. It also traded in the red around midday. Big technology...

Peloton CEO Who'd Hoped to 'Disrupt' Industry Stepping Down

Co-founder John Foley is leaving chief executive role, but he's not completely riding off into sunset

(Newser) - The co-founder of Peloton is stepping down as chief executive after an extended streak of tumult at the exercise and treadmill company. John Foley first pitched the idea of an interactive exercise bike in 2011, hoping to disrupt the industry. Now, he'll give up his CEO position and become...

Peloton Shares Surge Amid Buyout Rumors

Amazon, Nike are among the reported suitors

(Newser) - Peloton is back in the news, but not because of another fictional heart attack . This time, it's because the company's stock is surging amid takeover rumors, reports CNBC . Shares were up more than 25% in trading Monday after multiple reports—including in the Wall Street Journal and London'...

Peloton Not Happy After Another TV Character's Heart Attack

'Billions' scene was written before 'Sex and the City' incident, however

(Newser) - Warning: Spoilers ahead for viewers of Billions and And Just Like That... A second television character has had a heart attack after using a Peloton exercise bike, and the company is not pleased. "We get why these fictional TV shows would want to include a brand that people love...

Peloton Suspends Production
Peloton Suspends Production

Peloton Suspends Production

Supply has outstripped demand as potential customers return to gyms

(Newser) - With demand no longer on an incline, Peloton plans to stop making its bike and treadmill equipment for a while. The company overestimated its market, CNBC reports, and now has thousands of unsold treadmills and cycles on its hands—on cargo ships or in warehouses. A company memo attributed the...

Peloton Responds to Sex and the City Controversy With Own Video

Major spoiler alert

(Newser) - First things first: Major spoilers for the Sex and the City sequel series, And Just Like That..., follow, so turn back now if you haven't watched the first episode, which premiered on HBO Max on Thursday. Peloton, which let the world know it was not happy with the storyline...

Peloton Has a Beef With Sex and City Sequel
Peloton Is Not Happy
With Sex and City Sequel
spoiler alert

Peloton Is Not Happy With Sex and City Sequel

But the explanation involves a major spoiler alert

(Newser) - At least one camp is not happy with the latest Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That ... That would be Peloton, maker of exercise bikes. However, explaining why involves the reveal of a major spoiler about the series, so anyone who wants to avoid that should stop reading...

Lululemon Sues Peloton Over Clothing Line

Patent infringement filing seeks triple damages

(Newser) - Lululemon and Peloton once had a co-branding agreement, which they ended this year. Peloton said the breakup was friendly, but you wouldn't know it from the court filings. On Monday, Lululemon filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Peloton over five of its products, the New York Times reports. Lululemon...

A Peloton Coach's Bananas 5-Day Wedding Tells Us a Lot

About celebrity, specifically

(Newser) - If you're a Peloton user, you're no doubt aware of Ally Love's wedding. For the uninitiated, she's a popular Peloton coach, and her five-day (yes, five) wedding was played out for all to see on Instagram. Carefully. As Anne Helen Petersen writes on her Culture Study...

Peloton Price Cut May Signal Changing Times

Company's exercise bikes boomed during the early days of the pandemic

(Newser) - The popularity of Peloton exercise bikes boomed during the early days of the pandemic, but it looks like things have cooled down considerably. Whether the waning interest is specific to the company or a sign that the shift from gyms to at-home workouts is waning as well remains too early...

Peloton's Rides Are More Scripted Than You Think
Peloton's Rides Are More
Scripted Than You Think

Peloton's Rides Are More Scripted Than You Think

'Hollywood Reporter' looks at how the company aims to be the 'Netflix of wellness'

(Newser) - Peloton's fortunes have soared during the pandemic, with more people than ever shelling out $2,000 or more for an exercise bike and riding along with instructors on video. But what happens as the world reopens and people aren't stuck at home as much? The Hollywood Reporter takes...

Peloton Is Shifting Manufacturing to US

Company is spending $400M on Ohio factory

(Newser) - Peloton says it will soon have jobs as well as exercise equipment for Americans. The company announced Monday that it is spending around $400 million to build its first manufacturing facility in the US, reports. The northern Ohio factory, which will make Peloton's bikes and treadmills, will...

Peloton Shares Dive 14.5% After Treadmills Recalled

Dow Jones rose 97 points to record high

(Newser) - Major US stock indexes closed with mixed results Wednesday as a pullback in utilities and real estate companies kept gains elsewhere in the market in check. The S&P 500 posted a gain of 0.1% to 4,167, after having been up 0.6% earlier in the day. The...

After Death of a Child, Peloton Recalls Its Treadmills

It's a major reversal for the company

(Newser) - In a major reversal after pushing against this very outcome , Peloton is recalling its treadmills after one child died and 29 other children suffered from cuts, broken bones, and other injuries from being pulled under the rear of the treadmill. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Wednesday that Peloton...

Regulator Issues Warning for Peloton Treadmill

US Consumer Product Safety Commission says dozens of children have been injured

(Newser) - Safety regulators warned people with kids and pets Saturday to immediately stop using a treadmill made by Peloton after one child died and others were injured, per the AP . The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said children and at least one pet were pulled, pinned, and entrapped under the...

Peloton Fighting Demand to Issue a Recall

CPSC is worried about treadmills after a child's death and other injuries

(Newser) - Peloton is waging a behind-the-scenes fight with a federal agency to avoid issuing a safety recall of its treadmills. Or at least it was the behind-the-scenes until the Washington Post reported on it Friday. The Consumer Product Safety Commission wants the company to recall its $4,300 Peloton Tread+ after...

After Child's Death, Peloton Issues a Warning

Keep children and pets away from treadmills and other equipment, Peloton advises

(Newser) - Peloton has advised treadmill owners to be careful after a child was killed in an accident involving its Tread+ product. "While we are aware of only a small handful of incidents involving the Tread+ where children have been hurt, each one is devastating to all of us at Peloton,...

Biden's Peloton May Cause 'Unexpected Headache'

High-tech bike hooked up to internet could cause cybersecurity risk in the White House

(Newser) - There's nothing wrong with a president who takes care of himself, but how Joe Biden stays fit could lead to what the Guardian calls an "unexpected headache." It's been reported that, before he became commander in chief, the 78-year-old kicked off each day in Wilmington, Del....

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