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Woman Sues Dunkin' Donuts for Putting Sugar in Coffee

Danielle Jordan claims it sent her into diabetic shock

(Newser) - A Philadelphia woman is suing Dunkin' Donuts, saying a worker mistakenly put sugar in her coffee that ultimately caused her to go into diabetic shock. Danielle Jordan's lawsuit claims she asked for artificial sweetener to be added to her coffee during a June 2009 visit. After she downed the...

McDonald&#39;s Coffee Drinkers Most Loyal
 McDonald's Coffee 
 Drinkers Most Loyal 
sorry, starbucks

McDonald's Coffee Drinkers Most Loyal

McD's fans beat out Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks customers

(Newser) - It may be a burger chain, but McDonald’s is winning the battle for coffee customers’ devotion, a study finds. In a given month, just 29% of McDonald’s customers hit up Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee or breakfast. Meanwhile, 53% of Starbucks and Dunkin’ fans “roam,”...

Times Square Suspect Got Cash at LI Dunkin' Donuts

Faisal Shahzad was allegedly paid $4,000 for attack

(Newser) - It costs plenty to plant a car bomb in Times Square, and Faisal Shahzad apparently drove from his Connecticut home to a Dunkin' Donuts on Long Island to pick up $4,000 in cash to help fund his plan, sources tell the New York Daily News . It's unclear who exactly...

Need Coffee Fix ASAP? Definitely Skip Starbucks

Famous chain loses in Slate taste test

(Newser) - Coffee snobs may “talk about the subtleties of macchiato” and scorn the chain stores, but “even sanctimonious coffee bores must lapse: The flesh is weak, the day is full, and Starbucks is just half a block away,” writes Nathan Heller for Slate. Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s...

Canuck Doughnut Standby Supplants Dunkin' in Wary NYC

(Newser) - Many New Yorkers met their first Canadian doughnuts today as the Tim Hortons chain took over 12 locations previously occupied by Dunkin’ Donuts, BlackBook reports. “My frantic runs to Canada to buy tins of Tim Hortons ground coffee are over,” a delighted expatriate said. “Everything in New...

Dunkin' iPhone App Ruins the Coffee Run
 Dunkin' iPhone App 
 Ruins the Coffee Run 
Tech review

Dunkin' iPhone App Ruins the Coffee Run

People want to leave the office

(Newser) - Dunkin’ Donuts has a new iPhone app, and it’s a dud, writes Matthew Shaer for the Christian Science Monitor. “Dunkin’ Run” users can send emails to their coworkers notifying them of an impending run; the app makes a list of orders and the “runner” heads to Dunkin’...

Dunkin' Pushes...Donuts
 Dunkin' Pushes...Donuts 

Dunkin' Pushes...Donuts

(Newser) - America may run on Dunkin', but the working-man's coffeeshop would like to remind recession-slapped Americans about the cheap, sugary goodness of the other end of its name. After a decade of emphasizing coffee—which fuels 60% of the chain's revenue—Dunkin has decided it's time to make the doughnuts pay...

Brit, US Cops Speak the Same Language: Doughnut

(Newser) - British transit cops in Philadelphia to trade counter-terrorism tactics with their US counterparts were treated to an American specialty, the Daily Mail reports—Dunkin’ Donuts. The UK contingent is touring railroad terminals on the East Coast so that “our two organizations” can “work and learn from each other,...

Economy Brews Change for Coffee Drinkers

Americans splurge on Starbucks less often, make joe at home

(Newser) - Still hitting Starbucks every day on your way to work? You’re in the minority. A recent survey found 60% of Americans buying less gourmet coffee as the economy has soured, reports Advertising Age. Starbucks’ loss has been Dunkin’ Donuts’ gain, allowing the company to expand into new markets as...

Dunkin' Donuts Brews Up Showdown With Starbucks

Dunkin' fires new salvo in coffee wars with blind taste tests

(Newser) - Dunkin' Donuts is aiming to punch holes in Starbucks' share of the coffee market with an aggressive new ad campaign, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The ads portray Dunkin' Donuts coffee as being the choice of "hard-working Americans" and boast of having beaten Starbucks' house blend in blind taste tests....

Anti-Bubba: Is Obama's Bod Un-American?

Maybe the typical American will have trouble identifying with a 'beanpole'

(Newser) - No matter how long the 2008 campaign drags on, we'll never see Barack Obama as we did Bill Clinton in 1992: drenched in sweat and jogging into a McDonald's. Obama's fit—skinny, even—and a bit of a gym rat. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the notion...

NYC Not Eating Up Calorie-Count Law

Even 'healthier' options can be too hefty, would-be splurgers horrified to find

(Newser) - As chain restaurants waddle their way toward compliance with a New York City law that requires them to post the calorie counts of food, the numbers behind the items have diners grappling with some unappetizing knowledge, MSNBC reports. The restaurant skinny is turning out to be anything but, from 630-calorie...

Cup of Joe Getting Smaller
 Cup of Joe Getting Smaller 

Cup of Joe Getting Smaller

Chicago coffee maker nixes 20-ounce drinks, for flavor's sake

(Newser) - One purveyor of fine coffee is drawing a line in the sand: Come Aug. 1, Chicago brewer and distributor Intelligentsia will phase out its 20-ounce option—or venti, per Starbucks lingo, the Chicago Tribune reports. Brewing such a large cup dilutes the proportions necessary for maximum flavor, Intelligentsia's CEO says,...

Rachael Ray's 'Terror Scarf' Ad Yanked

Rachael Ray sporting jihadist neckwear, righty bloggers say

(Newser) - Dunkin' Donuts has pulled an ad featuring TV chef Rachael Ray after conservative commentators got tied in knots over her scarf, the Boston Globe reports. The black-and-white scarf around her neck looked a little too much like a keffiyeh—the traditional headwear of Arab men—for some observers, who howled...

Starbucks Rolls Out Customer-Focused Changes

Loyalty card, new machines headline plans to jolt coffee giant

(Newser) - A customer-loyalty card, a new website and upgraded brewing machines highlighted changes in store at Starbucks, the Wall Street Journal reports, with CEO Howard Schultz using today's annual meeting to re-focus the firm on quality of customer experience. The card will offer rewards for regulars at the coffee giant, which...

Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns
Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns

Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns

Rival coffee chains target customers as Starbucks takes training break

(Newser) - Starbucks customers and competition alike got to know each other yesterday as the java giant closed for a 3-hour training break for all employee, reports the AP. "Free-market economy, baby! You've got to take advantage of what the competition throws at you," said one former Starbucks devotee swilling...

Starbucks to Close 7,100 US Stores Today

Relax: It's just for 3 hours, and Dunkin' Donuts has 99¢ coffee

(Newser) - Get your afternoon latte early today, because Starbucks—all 7,100 US locations—is closing at 5:30pm for 3 hours of staff training, CNNMoney reports. The company says it hopes baristas will  “deepen their passion for coffee” and even “transform the customer experience,” not to speak...

Starbucks Testing $2.50 Cup of Brew
Starbucks Testing $2.50 Cup of Brew

Starbucks Testing $2.50 Cup of Brew

Slumping company looks to both high-end and low-end products

(Newser) - Struggling with its first major sales slump, Starbucks hopes to lure back customers with a $2.50 cup of luxury coffee. The company hopes to find a high-end niche among serious coffee aficionados with the new brew, made in an $11,000 gizmo similar to a French press, Bloomberg reports....

Starbucks Tries Out $1 Coffee
Starbucks Tries Out $1 Coffee

Starbucks Tries Out $1 Coffee

Java giant also trying free refills in Seattle experiment

(Newser) - Starbucks is offering a low-cost option as it experiments with new approaches in the face of fresh competition from McDonald's, the Wall Street Journal reports. While Starbucks made its fortune on extravagantly named $4 offerings, an 8-ounce “short” cup is now available for $1 in the Seattle area, and...

Dunkin' Donuts Will Cut the Trans Fat

New oil won't clog arteries but will still make you fat

(Newser) - Dunkin' Donuts says it will eliminate nearly all trans fat from items on its menu by October 15—including the doughnuts. The chain will switch to a more heart-friendly blend of palm, soybean and cottonseed oils. But the company itself cautions consumers to keep the move  in perspective. "Certainly,...

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