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Haley Steps Up Attacks on Trump
Haley Steps Up
Her Jabs at Trump

Haley Steps Up Her Jabs at Trump

But she's only going so far, as some suspect her of eyeing the role of Trump's VP

(Newser) - Nikki Haley has said the country "won't survive" another four years with Donald Trump in his old job. Yet she's refused to rule out becoming his running mate. It's all a bit wishy-washy, which has been a mark of her attitude toward Trump for years (she...

Trump Skipping Yet Another Debate
Trump Skipping
Yet Another Debate

Trump Skipping Yet Another Debate

Leaving just Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis to participate

(Newser) - Another Republican debate, another event for former President Trump to skip. CNN has a primary debate scheduled for next Wednesday night in Iowa, but instead of attending that, Trump will participate in a Fox News town hall in Iowa scheduled for the same start time of 9pm Eastern, Politico reports....

Well, This Satanic Display in State Capitol Didn't Last Long

Ex-House candidate vandalizes representation of pagan idol erected by local Satanic Temple in Iowa

(Newser) - A controversial display erected in the state Capitol by the Satanic Temple of Iowa has been vandalized, after an earlier outcry about its presence in the government building, reports KCRG . "This morning, we were informed by authorities that the Baphomet statue in our holiday display was destroyed beyond repair,...

Haley Aims for &#39;Knockout Punch&#39; in 4th Debate
Haley Aims for
'Knockout Punch'
in 4th Debate
the rundown

Haley Aims for 'Knockout Punch' in 4th Debate

Expect mentions of Trump as 4 Republican candidates look to boost their campaigns

(Newser) - There will be a lot on the line for candidates during the fourth Republican debate, perhaps the final one before primary voters head to the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. The debate stage Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, will be the least crowded yet , with just four candidates vying...

Who's In, Who's Out for 4th GOP Debate

Former President Trump is skipping again

(Newser) - The field of candidates onstage for the fourth Republican presidential debate will be the smallest yet, the AP reports. Four hopefuls will participate in Wednesday night's debate at the Moody Music Hall at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, according to the Republican National Committee. To qualify for the...

Florida GOP Chair Defies DeSantis, Won't Resign Amid Sex Allegation

Christian Ziegler, husband of Moms for Liberty co-founder, says sex was consensual

(Newser) - The chair of Florida's Republican Party says he will not resign over a woman's allegation that he raped her , saying in an email to supporters that he is innocent. He did not address any specifics of the accusation that has roiled the state's conservative politics, reports the...

Takeaways From the 'Great Red vs. Blue State Debate'

Florida governor was feistier against Democrat than he has been in Republican debates

(Newser) - Two governors clashed Thursday night in what Fox News billed as "The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate." Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom debated for 90 minutes in an empty studio in Georgia. Both governors hurled insults at each other in the debate, which...

DeSantis, Newsom Hurl Insults During Debate

And Trump, of course, weighs in

(Newser) - In an alternate reality, the prime-time showdown between California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday could have been a preview of a 2024 general election debate. Instead, the 90-minute meeting was a hard-to-explain event that pitted one struggling Republican presidential hopeful against a Democratic...

Fox Pits DeSantis vs. Newsom
Newsom, DeSantis
in Fox Showdown

Newsom, DeSantis in Fox Showdown

Democrat, Republican to debate for 90 minutes, then speak to reporters

(Newser) - California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis will debate Thursday night on Fox News Channel in an event featuring two young, high-profile leaders with presidential aspirations who may have to wait a while to realize them. Newsom, 56, has talked about eventually running for president but...

Nikki Haley Just Scored a Major Endorsement

Political network founded by the Koch brothers backs her

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis may be on the verge of a "full Grassley" in Iowa , but rival Nikki Haley has just secured a potentially bigger prize. The political network founded by billionaire brothers Charles and (the late) David Koch endorsed her in the 2024 race, reports the Hill . Tuesday's endorsement...

'All In' in Iowa, DeSantis Will Soon Complete the 'Full Grassley'

Florida governor will soon finish touring every one of the state's 99 counties

(Newser) - Ron DeSantis has been campaigning his way through Iowa's counties, nabbing Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds' endorsement in the process, and he'll complete his tour of all 99 counties on December 2 with an event at the " Thunderdome ," sources tell CBS News . The feat is known as...

Haley to Launch $10M Ad Blitz to Overtake DeSantis

Former UN ambassador plans TV, radio, and digital ads in Iowa, New Hampshire

(Newser) - Nikki Haley's presidential campaign will reserve $10 million in television, radio, and digital advertising across Iowa and New Hampshire beginning in the first week of December, a massive investment designed to give the former United Nations ambassador an advantage over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Details of the advertising plans,...

Pronoun Costs Teacher&#39;s Job
School Fires Teacher Over Mx.

School Fires Teacher Over Mx.

Expanded law limits pronoun, courtesy title choices, Florida Virtual School says

(Newser) - The Florida Virtual School gave a veteran teacher a choice of courtesy titles to use in its materials and communications: Ms., Mrs., or Miss. Instead, the teacher used Mx, and was fired on Oct. 24, told that was a violation of a new state law. "Obviously, I'm not...

'Leave My Daughter Out of Your Voice'

Haley slams Ramaswamy as 'scum' after he says her daughter is on TikTok

(Newser) - At the last GOP debate, Nikki Haley got off one of the night's more memorable lines at the expense of Vivek Ramaswamy by saying, "Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber." On Wednesday night, Ramaswamy went after the former UN ambassador early, referring...

Biggest DeSantis Donor Is Jumping Ship

Robert Bigelow says he's now 'pro-Trump'

(Newser) - In yet another setback for Ron DeSantis, the biggest donor to his presidential campaign has decided Donald Trump is the "commander" America needs. Nevada real estate tycoon Robert Bigelow tells the Financial Times that the Hamas attack on Israel showed him America needs a "streetwise" leader. "I'...

Rick Scott Endorses Trump Over DeSantis

Florida senator suggests governor is in the right job now

(Newser) - Florida Sen. Rick Scott said Gov. Ron DeSantis never asked for his endorsement in the race for the Republican nomination for president. And he didn't receive it. Scott, whom DeSantis succeeded as governor, said Thursday he's backing Donald Trump. Although he's worked with his home state's...

DeSantis Addresses the Boot Question
DeSantis Addresses
the Boot Question

DeSantis Addresses the Boot Question

Florida governor insists he doesn't wear lifts, but a Politico analysis suggests otherwise

(Newser) - It's one of the weirder political stories of the day: Politico Magazine talked to three boot-makers about the pair worn by Ron DeSantis, and all suspect the Florida governor is wearing lifts to boost his height. The governor's boots have been the topic of much speculation, and critics'...

Haley Catches DeSantis; RFK Jr. May Hurt Trump

Poll shows a statistical tie for second, suggests Kennedy's run costs Trump a narrow lead

(Newser) - The 2024 Republican race is a nail-biter—but only for second place. A new USA Today /Suffolk University poll shows that Nikki Haley has caught Ron DeSantis—the former UN ambassador and South Carolina governor is at 11%, while DeSantis is at 12%, within the margin of error. What's...

Things Are Looking Grim for Mike Pence

Latest FEC filings show former VP's campaign is in the red

(Newser) - FEC filings were due at midnight Sunday, and they begin to tell a tale of the Republican presidential primary. As Politico reports, the campaign of former VP Mike Pence is "running on fumes," with just $1.2 million in the coffers and more than $600,000 in debt....

Biden Team, GOP Rivals Wonder What Trump Sees in Hezbollah

Pence, DeSantis join criticism of front-runner for calling terrorist group 'smart'

(Newser) - White House and Biden campaign aides expressed disgust and bafflement Thursday for Donald Trump's expressed admiration for Hezbollah. "Sickening rhetoric," Kevin Munoz, a campaign spokesperson, posted on X, in response to the former president's remarks to supporters in Florida on Wednesday night. Trump's comments were...

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