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Ohio Birth Marks a First in North America

Baby girl born from dead donor's transplanted womb

(Newser) - Ohio has welcomed North America’s first—and the world's second—baby born from the transplanted uterus of a deceased donor. The healthy baby girl was born via caesarian section in June to a mother who became pregnant through in vitro fertilization about a year after receiving a transplant...

'Extremely Exciting' World First for Woman Sans Womb

Patient gave birth to healthy baby girl after uterus transplant from deceased donor

(Newser) - A 45-year-old woman who'd been pregnant and had three successful deliveries died from a stroke—but her uterus just produced its fourth child. In what Gizmodo calls a "medical first," doctors in Sao Paulo, Brazil, implanted that woman's reproductive organ after her death in a 32-year-old...

Woman's Birth Like None Other in US History

For 1st time in US, woman born without uterus gives birth

(Newser) - For the first time ever in the US, a woman born without a uterus has given birth, Time reports. The baby boy was delivered via a planned Caesarean section in late November at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas; the historic birth was announced Friday. "We've been preparing...

US Breakthrough in Womb Transplants Offers New Hope

1 of 4 living donor transplants at Baylor looks promising

(Newser) - America's first uterus transplant might have failed , but doctors are "cautiously optimistic" that one of the country's first living donor womb transplants could be a success. Surgeons at Baylor University Medical Center say they performed the living donor transplants on four women, aged 20 to 35—each...

Why America's First Uterus Transplant Failed

Lindsey McFarland was so close

(Newser) - Lindsey McFarland made history in February by becoming America's first recipient of a uterus transplant . Then her dream of finally bearing children was put on hold —if not dashed—by something that forced doctors to remove the transplant. Turns out it was nothing more than a common yeast...

America's 1st Uterus Transplant Fails Suddenly

Only one day after press conference hailing it as a success

(Newser) - One day after it was declared a success at a widely covered press conference, America's first uterus transplant failed due to a "sudden complication," CNN reports. According to the New York Times , the transplanted uterus was removed from a 26-year-old woman named Lindsey on Tuesday at the...

Woman's Uterus Transplant Story Has Incredible Start

Lindsey speaks out for first time since operation

(Newser) - It remains to be seen whether America's first uterus transplant will be a success, but luck appears to be on the side of the first recipient: In what a Cleveland Clinic doctor says he considered an "act of God," details of a matching donor appeared just minutes...

In First, American Gets Temporary Uterus Transplant

Will give woman a chance to give birth

(Newser) - A woman's wish to experience pregnancy and give birth is closer to being fulfilled after she received the first uterus transplant ever performed in the US. Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio performed the transplant using a uterus from a deceased donor on Wednesday, the New York Times ...

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