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In Latest Poll, No One Comes Close to Trump

He's up 20 points over Ted Cruz in CNN poll

(Newser) - Last week's dip in poll numbers was apparently no indication of things to come for Donald Trump. A new CNN/ORC poll shows the Republican contender with his biggest lead yet: 36% of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents support him, while his next-closest opponent, Ted Cruz, sits 20 percentage points...

'The Doctor Sinks' in New Quinnipiac Poll

Ben Carson falls 7 points to 3rd place, with 16% to Trump's 27%

(Newser) - While nothing seems to be able to topple Donald "Teflon Don" Trump, Ben Carson isn't enjoying the same kind of luck. The former neurosurgeon plummeted 7 percentage points in a newly released Quinnipiac University poll , falling to third place with 16%, Politico reports. Meanwhile, Trump absorbed 3 points,...

Carson Unswayed by Refugee Camp Tour

They should stay in Middle East, he says

(Newser) - Ben Carson said Saturday, after visiting a camp for Syrian refugees , that the displaced should stay in Middle Eastern countries, with the international community sending aid and "encouragement" to the host nations. Carson toured the Azraq camp in northern Jordan under heavy Jordanian security, with journalists barred. Carson's...

Trump&#39;s Poll Numbers Dive
 Trump's Poll Numbers Dive 

Trump's Poll Numbers Dive

But he's still way out in front, according to Reuters

(Newser) - Donald Trump's antics last week, including attacks on a disabled reporter and questionable recollections of 9/11 , may have been the last straw for some supporters, the latest Reuters /Ipsos poll suggests. The poll put his support at 31% for the week ending on Nov. 27, down from 43% a...

Surprise: Carson Visiting Syrian Refugees

We're guessing he won't call any of them 'rabid dogs' in person

(Newser) - Ben Carson will try to prove he has a handle on foreign affairs during a surprise visit with Syrian refugees in Jordan on Friday. "I find when you have firsthand knowledge of things as opposed to secondhand, it makes a much stronger impression," Carson told the New York ...

Adviser Says Carson Can't Get Grasp on Foreign Policy

The briefings aren't sticking, former CIA agent says

(Newser) - Ben Carson is finding it very difficult to get a grasp of foreign policy, according to at least one of the advisers that have been trying to explain it to him. "Nobody has been able to sit down with him and have him get one iota of intelligent information...

Ben Carson Thinks We Should Pray for Trump

Carson responds to Trump's attack

(Newser) - Ben Carson responded Friday to Donald Trump's attack Thursday night, and it looks like he's taking the "turn the other cheek" route for now:
  • First, Carson's business manager responded to CNN, per Reuters : "When I spoke with Dr. Carson about this yesterday how we should

Story Questions Carson's Close Ties to Felon

Health care fraud a no-no in Carson's eyes—except when it comes to his pal

(Newser) - "Next to my wife of 32 years, there is no one on this planet that I trust more than [Alfonso] Costa," Ben Carson said at a 2008 sentencing hearing for the man he calls his best friend. "We discovered that we were so much alike and shared...

Best Lines From the Debate So Far
 Best Lines in the Main Debate 

Best Lines in the Main Debate

Things got testy on a range of subjects

(Newser) - As the eight top GOP candidates looked to make an impression in Tuesday night's debate in Milwaukee, here's a look at some of their lines earning attention, via Politico , CNN , the New York Times , and the AP :
  • Ben Carson: "Thank you for not asking what I said

Big Moments From the GOP Debate

Trump is combative, while Rubio and Paul spar

(Newser) - Here's a look at some of the key moments making headlines in the Republican debate:
  • Kasich vs. Trump on immigration: They got into it after Trump again talked about his plans for a wall and mass deportations, notes Politico . "It’s a silly argument," said Kasich. "

Ben Carson Slams 'Desperate' Media

He wonders why Obama didn't get same 'vetting'

(Newser) - Ben Carson is not enjoying the level of scrutiny he is receiving from the media—and he certainly doesn't remember Barack Obama receiving the same degree of "vetting" when he was running for president. He called the media "desperate" at a Friday conference, accusing reporters of talking...

Ben Carson Admits His West Point Story Is Untrue

School says he never even applied

(Newser) - Ben Carson claimed in his 1990 memoir Gifted Hands that he met Gen. William Westmoreland in 1969, when Carson was 17 and Westmoreland had just finished leading the US forces in Vietnam, and that soon after Carson was offered a full scholarship to West Point. Well, it turns out the...

Carson Alone in His Unusual Pyramid Belief

'This is not an academic topic of debate,' says biblical archaeologist

(Newser) - Ben Carson on Thursday stood by his belief that Egypt's great pyramids were built by the biblical figure Joseph to store grain, an assertion dismissed by experts who say it's accepted science they were tombs for pharaohs. Video posted online Wednesday by BuzzFeed News shows Carson explaining his...

Fact-Checkers Pounce on Ben Carson's 'Bald-Faced Lie'

His denial of relationship with controversial company Mannatech is under scrutiny

(Newser) - During Wednesday night's debate, Ben Carson took a question about his relationship with a company called Mannatech that makes dietary supplements and has been accused by officials at the state and federal level of shady health claims. His reply:
  • "Well, that’s easy to answer. I didn’t

GOP Candidates Name Their Big Weakness

Though a few dodged the question

(Newser) - The opening question of Wednesday night's Republican debate was an open-ended one: What's your biggest weakness? Here are the answers, via the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal , the Washington Post , and CNN :
  • Donald Trump: “I trust people too much and … if they let me

There's a New Leader of GOP Pack: Ben Carson

Ben Carson has overtaken Donald Trump in new national poll

(Newser) - Lindsey Graham is probably still shaking his befuddled head after results from the latest national poll showing who's in the lead for the GOP nomination. This time it's Ben Carson on top, per a CBS News/New York Times poll, showing that the retired neurosurgeon has obviously not taken...

Graham's Lament: 'How Am I Losing to These People?'

SC senator uses 'SNL' line to show how he feels about Carson, Trump

(Newser) - Ben Carson has admitted he used to "go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers" and that he almost stabbed someone when he was a teen. Donald Trump is … well, Donald Trump . And Lindsey Graham is completely baffled how he's not making inroads...

Ben Carson: Woman Having Abortion Like a Slave Owner

Presidential candidate appears on 'Meet the Press'

(Newser) - Ben Carson said today that he opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest—and compared women seeking abortions to slave-owners mistreating their slaves, the New York Times reports. On Meet the Press, discussing women impregnated by rape or incest, Carson referred to "the many stories of people...

Trump: I Would Have Prevented 9/11 Attacks

The Donald inspires new round of sniping

(Newser) - Donald Trump continued his recent attacks on the Bush family by implying today that he would have prevented the 9/11 attacks, CNN reports. The Republican presidential contender said on Fox News Sunday that he's "extremely, extremely tough on immigration," which may have thwarted the 9/11 terrorists. "...

Carson: News Media 'Like Used Car Salesmen'

He defends Holocaust comments

(Newser) - Ben Carson used a speech before the National Press Club on Friday to tell the national press what he really thinks of them. "You're down there with used car salesmen," he said, accusing the media of distorting his remarks on issues like the Oregon shooting, the Hill...

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