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Bull Fatally Gores Man at Festival in Spain

Running of the bulls event turned deadly

(Newser) - A Saturday running of the bulls in Pobla de Farnals, a town in Spain's Valencia region, turned fatal when a 61-year-old man died after being gored in the side by a bull. Emergency surgery could not save the man, whose friend was also gored in both legs by the...

Spain Changes Team's Name After Kiss Controversy

Soccer federation dropping 'women' from name in 'conceptual shift'

(Newser) - By eliminating the words for "women's soccer" from the name of its national team, the Spanish Football Federation is hoping to show it has changed its view of the sport. Spain made the move toward greater equality this week as part of an agreement between the governing body...

Man Accused of Groping Reporter During Broadcast

Incident has added to outrage over sexism in Spain

(Newser) - A man who appeared to grope a reporter during a live broadcast in Spain has been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. Video shows the man apparently groping Isa Balado's rear as she reported on a robbery in Madrid on Tuesday, Reuters reports. She tried to continue the broadcast...

Out of an Assassination, a Most Unusual Friendship
He Assassinated Her Husband.
They're Friends Now

He Assassinated Her Husband. They're Friends Now

'Guardian' tells the story of a widow who agreed to meet with her husband's killer in Spain

(Newser) - In July 2000, Luis Carrasco stood lookout as a fellow member of his assassination squad executed a perceived enemy inside a crowded cafeteria in Spain. Carrasco and his two partners—the shooter and a getaway driver, though they alternated duties—belonged to the Basque separatist group ETA. The man they...

Soccer Chief Who Kissed World Cup Winner Resigns

Luis Rubiales says suspension, investigations sparked by outcry mean he can't return to post

(Newser) - Suspended Spanish soccer federation President Luis Rubiales has resigned from his post after a kiss scandal that partly overshadowed Spain's victory at the Women's World Cup. Rubiales announced his resignation Sunday in a message posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the AP reports. Rubiales kissed team captain...

More Bad News for Rubiales Over That Kiss

Jenni Hermoso has formally accused soccer federation president of sexual assault

(Newser) - The coach of the Spanish national women's soccer team is out of a job , but soccer federation president Luis Rubiales still has his despite his very public unwanted kiss. Rubiales has been defiant in refusing to step down after kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips in the wake...

Amid Soccer Controversy, One Head Rolls in Spain
Now Out as Coach,
Jorge Vilda Responds

Now Out as Coach, Jorge Vilda Responds

Women's national team coach says he was 'unfairly' fired

(Newser) - How is Jorge Vilda doing in the wake of being fired as the coach of Spain's women's national team? "I am as good as one can be after being named world champion 16 days ago, then 10 days ago getting a four-year contract extension, plus the year...

Mother of Soccer Boss Begins Hunger Strike, Is Hospitalized

Angeles Bejar was protesting the treatment of her son after he kissed Spanish player

(Newser) - The mother of the Spanish soccer official under investigation for kissing a player at the Women's World Cup has been hospitalized after going on a hunger strike to protest the accusations against her son. Angeles Bejar locked herself in a church in Motril, southern Spain, on Monday, saying the...

Infamous Kiss in Spain Has Gone Way Beyond Soccer
Infamous Kiss in Spain
Has Gone Way Beyond Soccer
the rundown

Infamous Kiss in Spain Has Gone Way Beyond Soccer

Backlash against Luis Rubiales seen as an 'epochal moment' for nation's culture of machismo

(Newser) - As of Tuesday afternoon, Luis Rubiales remained president of the Spanish Football Federation. However, his ability to keep that post looks more uncertain by the hour because of the infamous kiss he planted on the lips of soccer player Jennifer Hermoso following Spain's World Cup championship. At this point,...

Coaches Quit as FIFA Suspends Spain's Soccer Chief After Kiss

11 coaches and staff members for women's team denounce Luis Rubiales' actions and resign

(Newser) - Global soccer's governing body suspended Luis Rubiales, the head of Spain's soccer federation, on Saturday while a disciplinary committee reviews allegations that he forcibly kissed a player during the Women's World Cup medal ceremony. Rubiales will be barred from all national and international soccer-related activities for an...

Women's Team Refuses to Play Over Postgame Kiss

Move comes as Spain's soccer boss says he won't step down

(Newser) - The president of Spain's soccer federation has defended his kiss of a player after the national team's victory in the World Cup by saying it was consensual. Jenni Hermoso answered that on Friday, the BBC reports. "I want to clarify, that at no time did I consent...

Kiss Showed Soccer for What It Is: 'The Misogynistic Game'

Unwanted kiss and Spanish federation's reaction is a disgrace, but not a surprise: Christine Brennan

(Newser) - The message behind the Women's World Cup was one of empowerment. But it "wasn't destined to last long, not in international soccer, not with its long history of ignoring women, not paying women equally and not particularly caring about the women's game." As Christine Brennan...

Star Scores World Cup Winner, Then Learns Her Father Died

Spain's Olga Carmona had just honored a friend who lost her mother

(Newser) - Olga Carmona, whose goal won the Women's World Cup for Spain on Sunday, learned of her father's death after the final, the Spanish soccer federation said. The federation did not say when Carmona's father died or give a cause of death. "We love you, Olga,"...

After Enduring Women's Ban, Soccer Pioneer Cheers Change

Beating Spain in World Cup final would close book on 'huge injustice,' Gail Newsham says

(Newser) - Gail Newsham can't stop grinning as she prepares for England's soccer team to play in the final of the Women's World Cup. Newsham, 70, grew up at a time when women in England were banned from the sport—called football here—and helped lead a resurgence in...

Crews Won't Be Able to Put Out Canary Islands Fire

Inferno is 'beyond our capacity to extinguish it,' government says

(Newser) - Thousands more residents of Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands have fled their homes as a wildfire that authorities deemed "out of control" raged on for a fourth day. The regional government for the Canary Islands said that 4,000 more people were ordered to evacuate on Saturday. Those...

Spain at Risk of Political Gridlock
Spain at Risk of
Political Gridlock

Spain at Risk of Political Gridlock

Parties on both sides have no clear path toward a new government

(Newser) - Spain appears headed for political gridlock after Sunday's inconclusive national elections left parties on both the right and left without a clear path toward forging a new government, the AP reports. The conservative Popular Party won the elections, but it fell short of its hopes of scoring a much...

Aggressive Orcas Set Their Sights on Elite Yacht Race

Pod of killer whales goes after boats taking part in around-the-world Ocean Race near Spain

(Newser) - A pod of killer whales bumped one of the boats in an endurance sailing race as it approached the Strait of Gibraltar, the latest encounter in what researchers say is a growing trend of sometimes-aggressive interactions with Iberian orcas. The 15-minute run-in with at least three of the giant mammals...

Spain Begins Heartrending Mass Exhumations

Government seeks to identify 128 Franco victims buried anonymously at mausoleum

(Newser) - Initial forensic work was to begin Monday to try to exhume the bodies of 128 victims of late dictator Francisco Franco’s forces who are among tens of thousands of people buried anonymously in wooden boxes underground in a mausoleum. The team of some 15 forensic experts, archeologists, scientific police,...

Meteorologists Take Abuse for Reporting Heat, Drought

Conspiracy theories tie forecasters to weather manipulation in the name of climate change

(Newser) - A meteorologist in Spain tweeted an update that was factual and, she thought, inoffensive. "Rain skips Spain," Isabel Moreno posted in April, along with an image showing a band of rain across Europe that was leaving her country almost entirely dry. Hundreds of readers didn't see the...

Spain Arrests 7 After Black Soccer Star Racially Abused

There was an outpouring of support after Vinicius Junior was racially abused during Valencia match

(Newser) - Spanish police took action Tuesday after the latest case of abuse against Vinícius Júnior, arresting seven people accused of racially insulting the Real Madrid player. Spanish soccer officials also acted, fining Valencia $48,500 and closing part of the team's stadium for the next five games, the...

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