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Baby Decapitated During Delivery Was a Homicide

Police in Clayton County, Georgia, forward findings to district attorney

(Newser) - A medical examiner's office has ruled the death of an infant decapitated during childbirth at a hospital in Georgia as a homicide. In a lawsuit, Jessica Ross, 20, claims her doctor, Tracy St. Julian, tried for hours to deliver her son, whose shoulder had become wedged in the birth...

After a Gruesome Murder, a Horrifying YouTube Video

Pennsylvania's Justin Mohr accused of decapitating his 'traitor' father, displaying head in online clip

(Newser) - January has come to a gruesome end in Pennsylvania's Bucks County, where a man has been accused of beheading his own father and displaying his head in a grisly YouTube video. Law enforcement sources tell the Philadelphia Inquirer that 32-year-old Justin Mohn was arrested Tuesday night in Fort Indiantown...

Pilot Who Decapitated Skydiver Is Found Guilty

French pilot has been banned for flying for one year

(Newser) - A French pilot who decapitated a skydiver with the wing of his plane in 2018 has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and banned from flying for one year. The unnamed pilot was handed a 12-month suspended sentence on Tuesday in connection with the death of Nicolas Galy, 40, who...

Suit: Doctor Decapitated Baby During Delivery

Jessica Ross alleges the funeral home was the one to tell her what had occurred

(Newser) - A Georgia woman says she suffered "tremendous mental and physical anguish and trauma" after her baby was allegedly decapitated during delivery. Jessica Ross on Wednesday sued the hospital and various personnel involved in the July delivery of her son. FOX 5 Atlanta reports Ross, 20, went to Southern Regional...

Headless Geese in Idaho Baffle Wildlife Authorities
In Idaho, a 'Horrible
Display of Truly Unusual
Human Behavior'
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In Idaho, a 'Horrible Display of Truly Unusual Human Behavior'

Wildlife officials are trying to find out who hit a group of geese with their car, decapitated them

(Newser) - Wildlife officials in Idaho are scratching their heads over an "unusual case" involving a gaggle of dead geese. A release from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is asking for the public's health in IDing the person or persons who, sometime over the Fourth of July weekend,...

Widow Arrested in 'Most Notorious' French Cold Case
His Headless Body
Was Found in 1995.
His Widow Was
Just Arrested
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His Headless Body Was Found in 1995. His Widow Was Just Arrested

Christophe Doire's decapitated body was found on Christmas Day 1995

(Newser) - "Serious and concurring evidence points to her involvement in the murder of Christophe Doire," said a French prosecutor of that man's widow, who was arrested this week and charged with that crime. It's an allegation that comes nearly 30 years after Doire's death. Le Parisian ...

Researchers Discover Animal That Can Shed Its Whole Body

It's the ultimate case of regeneration

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the ultimate case of regeneration: Some decapitated sea slugs can regrow hearts and whole new bodies. Biology researcher Sayaka Mitoh explains the genesis of the study published in Current Biology on Monday: She saw something bizarre in her lab one day. A sea slug had decapitated itself...

Guy Accused of Beheading Tech CEO Boss Makes His Plea
Guy Accused
of Beheading
His Boss Had
'Mystery' Date
the rundown

Guy Accused of Beheading His Boss Had 'Mystery' Date

Tyrese Haspil's attorneys ask the public to 'keep an open mind'

(Newser) - The executive assistant who allegedly dismembered his boss this week has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, CNN reports. Tyrese Haspil, 21, who apparently has no criminal record, is accused of decapitating and cutting up tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh at the CEO's Manhattan condo. "We are in the...

Woman Goes on a Run, Finds Decomposing Human Head

Police are investigating Florida incident

(Newser) - A woman's morning run turned horrifying when she stumbled upon a decomposing human head. Police in St. Petersburg, Fla., say the head was on the side of the road, in a grassy area under an overpass, and was spotted around 7am Tuesday, CNN reports. Homicide detectives are now searching...

Teen Who Decapitated Classmate Learns His Fate

Mathew Borges gets life, with the possibility of parole

(Newser) - A Massachusetts teenager convicted of fatally stabbing and then decapitating a high school classmate has been sentenced to life in prison, the AP reports. Eighteen-year-old Mathew Borges, of Lawrence, will be eligible for parole in 30 years under the maximum allowable sentence handed down on Tuesday by Superior Court Judge...

Student Accused of Decapitating Schoolmate

Mathew Borges' trial begins in Massachusetts

(Newser) - A murder trial began Monday for a Massachusetts teen accused of cutting off a schoolmate's head in a jealous rage, the Boston Herald reports. In his opening statement, a prosecutor said Mathew Borges, then 15, decapitated 16-year-old Manuel Viloria-Paulino in November 2016 after accusing him of sleeping with Borges'...

Cops Thought It Was a Prank. Then They Saw the Head

Decaying head was found in Oakland backyard

(Newser) - Police investigators on Monday were trying to determine whether a decaying human head found in an Oakland backyard belongs to a recently discovered headless corpse, the AP reports. People visiting an Oakland apartment complex last week found the head in the grassless yard with a couple of trees and took...

Cops ID Headless Body Found in Fish Tank

San Francisco police also arrested 2 men

(Newser) - Missing man, headless man—they're the same person, officials say. San Francisco police said Wednesday that a headless, handless torso found in a fish tank in a missing man's house belonged to 65-year-old homeowner Brian Egg, People reports. Police have also arrested two men and say one of...

Park Director Indicted Over Ride That Decapitated Boy

Tyler Austin Miles turns himself in

(Newser) - Last year, 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was decapitated riding a Kansas waterslide. Friday a grand jury indicted the company running the park and former director Tyler Austin Miles with involuntary manslaughter, saying they brazenly flouted safety rules and covered up previous accidents, USA Today reports. Caleb's death "appeared at...

Man Forced to Decapitate His Dog Sues Deputies

Animal had been shot because it lunged at an officer

(Newser) - A dog owner who was ordered to decapitate his pet after a deputy shot it to death is now suing over the ordeal. The disturbing chain of events began in December, when a deputy showed up to the home of Joe Goodwin in Crawford County, Georgia, to investigate a neighbor'...

Severed Head Found on Home's Front Steps

Mississippi police are still looking for the body

(Newser) - The severed head of a young black man was found on the front steps of a Mississippi home and police are working to identify him, the AP reports. Jackson Police Cmdr. Tyree Jones says the rest of the man's body has not been located. The head was found Saturday...

Cops: Man Decapitated Mom on Mother's Day

Oregon man brought head to store, police say

(Newser) - An Oregon man is accused of decapitating his mother on Mother's Day and bringing her head to a grocery store. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says Joshua Lee Webb, 36, killed his mother at their rural home Sunday. He then allegedly showed up at a grocery store in...

Man Beheaded in Freak Accident Had Pregnant Wife

Cops say Fabian Zepeda would never have seen wire across road

(Newser) - The man decapitated in a freak motorcycle accident in San Bernardino, Calif., on Tuesday morning has been identified as Fabian Zepeda, a 27-year-old who'd been married for less than a year and whose wife is four months pregnant. "I am very happy to keep a little blessing from...

Young Motorcyclist Decapitated in Freak Accident

Driver of a Ford Taurus lost control, setting the tragedy into motion

(Newser) - A Ford Taurus crashed in a yard in San Bernardino, Calif., Tuesday morning, and the accident set off a series of events that ended in a freak tragedy. The Press-Enterprise reports that after the driver lost control and struck a mailbox, his car didn't stop in that home's...

Baby Jesus' New Head Is a Bit 'Shocking'

But fear not, it's only temporary

(Newser) - Whenever the head of the baby Jesus statue in an Ontario churchyard previously got vandalized and knocked off, it was always found nearby and reattached. But when it happened last October, the head was nowhere to be found—and with a replacement statue of the baby being held by Mary...

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