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America's Avocado Habit Is Wreaking Havoc in Mexico

As demand for the lucrative fruit grows, so do land seizures, deforestation, and violence

(Newser) - The evils of avocado toast are back for more scrutiny—only this time because of an environmental nightmare. Illegal deforestation in avocado-growing regions of Mexico is on the rise, the New York Times reports, as chunks of forests are being burnt to make room for the profitable plant. Along with...

The World Is Getting a New Avocado
The World Is Getting
a New Avocado

The World Is Getting a New Avocado

The Luna aims to challenge the dominant Hass, but probably not for a few years

(Newser) - Look out, Hass, there's a new contender for the guacamole throne. It's the easier-to-harvest Luna, developed, according to Axios , over the course of 50 years at the University of California-Riverside. The university announced the Luna in a release , though it will probably be at least three years before...

US Relents on Avocados From Mexico
US Relents on Avocados
From Mexico

US Relents on Avocados From Mexico

Temporary ban threatened to result in higher prices

(Newser) - The US is lifting a ban on inspections of Mexican avocados, freeing the way for exports to resume. Ambassador Ken Salazar said in a statement the decision came after Mexico and the United States agreed “to enact the measures that ensure the safety" of agricultural inspectors who are in...

In Surprise Move, US Suspends Avocado Imports

After inspector in Mexico receives a threat

(Newser) - Mexico has acknowledged that the US government has suspended all imports of Mexican avocados after a US plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threat, the AP reports. The surprise, temporary suspension was confirmed late Saturday on the eve of the Super Bowl, the biggest sales opportunity of the year...

Interesting Condo Perk: Avocado Toast

For a whole year

(Newser) - In a true sign of the times, a Vancouver developer is offering free avocado toast with every condo purchase, the Courier reports. The Kira development also features such amenities as a meditation room and a rooftop courtyard, but the one getting the most hype is the gift card to a...

Avocados Recalled Over Infection Risk
Avocados Recalled
Over Infection Risk

Avocados Recalled Over Infection Risk

Henry Avocado Corporation decides to play it safe

(Newser) - Shopping for avocados? Watch out for sticker labels marked "Bravocado" and "California"—they've been voluntarily recalled by the Henry Avocado Corporation after government inspectors found Listeria Monocytogenes on avocados during a routine test, Fox 5 San Diego reports. The recalled fruit was packed in California and...

Sunny Side's Up: Americans Eat Nearly 300 Eggs a Year

Government forecasts say Americans eating the most eggs in 5 decades

(Newser) - Poached, scrambled, sunny, or not: whatever the preference, Americans are eating the most eggs in almost five decades. The average number of huevos consumed is 279 per person per year, reports the Washington Post , the highest since 1973, though well down from the post-World War II peak of 405 in...

Now Available: Avocados That Stay Fresh Twice as Long

Thanks to an edible coating

(Newser) - Avocados are the frequent subject of teasing over their ever-so-brief period of ripeness—but one California company is looking to change that. Avocados treated by Apeel Sciences will be sold in the US for the first time this week, and thanks to a tasteless and edible coating, those avocados will...

These Avocados Are Missing Something. Don't Worry, It's Good

Everyone celebrate the pitless avocado, available through UK retailer M&S

(Newser) - Who knew whipping up guac could be such dangerous business? A British retailer, apparently, as it has just introduced a pitless avocado to the masses to prevent the injury known as "avocado hand." The Guardian reports on Marks & Spencer's limited-edition cocktail avocado, a variety grown in...

Low-Fat Avocados Are Now a Thing
'Diet Avocados'
Are Now a Thing

'Diet Avocados' Are Now a Thing

Spanish company debuting the Avocado Light later this month

(Newser) - It sounds about as odd as fat-free half-and-half : The Avocado Light is here. Yes, Spanish company Isla Bonita has come up with a low-fat avocado, the BBC reports. The Avocado Light, launching at a trade fair in Spain later this month, has up to 30% less fat than a typical...

Mexico May Have to Start Importing Avocados

Exporting avocados is such business that many Mexicans can't afford the staple

(Newser) - All that avocado toast the kids are so fond of these days is having a very real effect in the very country where it's long been a staple: The fruit has become so popular worldwide that these days it's impossible for many in Mexico, the world's largest...

3 Busted in $300K 'Grand Theft Avocado'

Produce workers charged with swiping a whole lot of the precious fruit

(Newser) - Police are calling it grand theft avocado. Three California produce company workers have been arrested in the theft of up to $300,000 worth of avocados, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Thirty-eight-year-old Joseph Valenzuela, 28-year-old Carlos Chavez, and 30-year-old Rahim Leblanc were each charged with grand theft...

Will Coffee Drinkers Accept a Cup Made in California?

California farmers are trading avocados for coffee beans

(Newser) - Things aren't so easy for avocado growers in California these days. There's more competition from Mexico and less water. And the old trees just don't bear fruit like they used to. But the New York Times reports that's giving rise to a surprising new California crop:...

Australia Behind Latest Hipster Coffee Drink

Introducing the avocado latte

(Newser) - We don't anticipate Keurig coming out with guacamole pods anytime soon, so in the meantime, we'll have to make do with a new concoction brewed up by Australia's Truman Cafe. That concoction, per BuzzFeed , is the avolatte, or avocado latte, which is pretty much exactly what it...

Everyone's Talking About the Economics of Avocado Toast

A millionaire scolds millennials, sets off an online brouhaha

(Newser) - Headlines about avocado toast are everywhere, but this time it's more about economics than food trends. It began when an Australian property mogul went on Australia's 60 Minutes and scolded millennials. "When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn't buying smashed avocado for...

ERs Are Seeing More and More 'Avocado Hands'

Home chefs may need some cutting lessons

(Newser) - Avocados are all the rage. So much so that Huffington Post recently called the opening of New York's first avocado bar "painfully trendy." Turns out avocados are also, quite literally, part of a painful trend. Emergency room doctors are reporting an increase in the number of amateur...

Bad News for Avocado Lovers Everywhere
Bad News for
Avocado Lovers
in case you missed it

Bad News for Avocado Lovers Everywhere

The price of this trendy fruit is soaring for more than one reason

(Newser) - As avocado lovers prepare to ingest a massive amount of guacamole during the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, Bloomberg explains why that guacamole will come at a heftier cost: The price of avocados has set a record, more than doubling since last year. This higher price tag will be reflected...

Inevitable Finally Happens: NYC Gets Avocado Bar

'Painfully trendy' fruit will be featured in all the menu items

(Newser) - If you like to put avocado on just about everything, you're in luck—if you can make it to Brooklyn, at least. Three friends from Italy are opening Avocaderia, what they call the world's first avocado bar. (A Food & Wine blogger thinks the folks behind one already...

Mexico's Avocado Boom Drives a Forest Bust

Farmers are rapidly expanding orchards, clearing trees at much faster clip than thought

(Newser) - Your guacamole is taking a toll south of the border in the form of higher-than-thought deforestation as Mexican avocado orchards expand rapidly, reports the AP . Talia Coria, an official in the attorney general's office for environmental protection, said almost 50,000 acres of forest are converted to agricultural use...

Think Twice Before Biting Into Your Trendy Avocado Toast

The fruit is doing damage in Mexico: columnist

(Newser) - Avocados are quite trendy, but what hip health-food eaters may not realize is that the fruit is causing problems in Mexico, where many are grown. Avocados are so much more profitable for Mexican farmers to grow than most other crops that some growers are breaking laws and thinning out mature...

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