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A Decade-Long Uber Strategy Comes to an End
A Decade-Long Uber 
Strategy Comes to an End

A Decade-Long Uber Strategy Comes to an End

'Investor-fueled subsidy' is going away, and prices will likely rise, per Slate analysis

(Newser) - Those who use Uber and its rivals should prepare to open their wallets even wider, writes Henry Grabar in an assessment for Slate . The headline pretty much sums things up: "The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over." Uber has been content to lose a lot of money since...

Uber Cuts Deal With New York Taxis
Uber Cuts Deal
With New York Taxis

Uber Cuts Deal With New York Taxis

Company's app will list all city cabs

(Newser) - Uber is short of drivers. Ride-sharing companies have cut into cabdrivers' income. An agreement that could ease both problems has been reached, allowing passengers in New York City to choose a cab when they order a ride on Uber's app, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's the first...

Before Passenger Allegedly Killed Her, Uber Driver Pleaded: 'I Have 4 Kids'

Calvin Crew charged in Pittsburgh murder

(Newser) - During an attempted robbery by an armed passenger on the night of Feb. 10, Uber driver Christina Spicuzza was captured on dashcam video pleading for her life before her passenger eventually killed her, police say. Calvin Crew, 22, allegedly held a gun to Spicuzza's head as he had her...

Gig Driver Who Missed Car Rental Payments Mauled by K9

Ali Badr is suing city of San Ramon, Calif., for excessive force after being pulled over by cops

(Newser) - A gig driver badly mauled by a police dog is suing a San Francisco area suburb, alleging use of excessive force and violation of civil rights when police stopped him in December 2020 after he'd missed car rental payments, reports the AP . Dashboard and body-camera videos obtained by the...

Uber Faces ADA Suit Over Wait Time Fees
US Files ADA Suit
Against Uber

US Files ADA Suit Against Uber

Justice Department calls the charges discrimination against disabled people

(Newser) - The federal government has sued Uber, saying it discriminates against disabled people by charging fees when drivers have to wait for passengers to board their vehicles. Uber's wait time fees kick in two minutes after a driver arrives and are charged until the car begins its trip, the AP...

Uber Reports Its First-Ever Operating Profit

But its net loss for the quarter was $2.4B

(Newser) - Uber is still a very long way from being a truly profitable company, but by one metric, it has just managed to turn its first operating profit after a decade of heavy losses. The company reported an adjusted EBITDA—earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization—of $8 million for...

The Hertz-Tesla Deal Has Big News for Uber

Hertz will rent up to half of its new Teslas to Uber drivers

(Newser) - Hertz is adding 100,000 Teslas to its US and European fleets, and on Wednesday it announced that up to half of those will be rented out to Uber drivers. "Today's partnership with Uber is another major step forward in Hertz becoming an essential component of the modern...

Uber Jumps 11.5% on Mixed Day for Markets
Market Recovery 
Fizzles by Closing Bell

Market Recovery Fizzles by Closing Bell

S&P 500, Dow dropped but Nasdaq rose

(Newser) - Major indexes ended mixed on Wall Street Tuesday after spending much of the day wobbling between gains and losses. For parts of the afternoon the market had looked like it would recoup some of the losses it took in a big pullback a day earlier, but by the closing bell...

Salesforce, Uber, Lyft Make Moves Around Texas Abortion Law

Salesforce will relocate workers concerned about care access; Uber, Lyft will pay drivers' legal fees

(Newser) - The Texas abortion ban, and the recent Supreme Court ruling keeping it in place, is drawing plenty of reaction, from everyone from Justice Stephen Breyer to Attorney General Merrick Garland weighing in. Add Salesforce.com into the mix, with the company informing employees this week that it would pay for...

His Story Sums Up the Agony, Ecstasy of the Gig Economy

Ecstasy in 2014, at least

(Newser) - "To understand how a man could arrive at the point where he abandons his children to chase a phone, you might want to follow him on a journey." So writes Lauren Smiley in a lengthy piece for Wired about Jeffrey Fang, a "ride-hailing legend" who in 2014...

Lyft, Uber Offer Free Rides for Shots

Biden administration cuts deal to run through July 4

(Newser) - As part of the push to administer at least one coronavirus vaccination shot to 70% of US adults by Independence Day, President Biden's administration has a plan to handle the transportation for those needing a ride. Uber and Lyft will handle the round trip for vaccine recipients through July...

Uber Must Pay Up After Drivers Deny Rides to Blind Woman

Arbitrator awards California's Lisa Irving $1.1M

(Newser) - California's Lisa Irving says that Uber drivers denied her rides or verbally abused her 14 times between 2016 and 2018, all because she's blind and has a guide dog, reports CNN . Now, however, Irving has scored a measure of revenge. An arbitrator ordered Uber to pay her $1....

UK Uber Concessions Aren't Enough: Drivers

Company agrees to minimum wage, pension

(Newser) - Uber is granting its UK drivers the minimum wage, pensions, and holiday pay, following a recent court ruling that said they should be classified as workers and entitled to such benefits. The ride hailing giant's announcement cames after it lost an appeal last month at the UK Supreme Court...

Uber Incident Gets Woman Banned—From Lyft, Too

'If I was another complexion, I would have not gotten that treatment from them,' driver says

(Newser) - An Uber driver in San Francisco says that after he asked a passenger to put on a mask and pulled over at a gas station where she could buy one, he was insulted, racially abused, and pepper-sprayed by the woman and her two companions. Video of the Sunday attack shows...

British Ruling Could Affect Gig Workers Worldwide

Country's top court says Uber drivers are workers

(Newser) - A landmark ruling against Uber from Britain's top court could provide the framework for better protection for gig workers around the world, lawyers say. The country's Supreme Court ruled Friday that Uber drivers are workers, not independent contractors, and are entitled to minimum wage and vacation time, the...

Uber to Add Alcohol Delivery
Uber to Add

Uber to Add Alcohol Delivery

Company acquires Drizly in $1.1B deal

(Newser) - Uber is bringing the drinks to go with that food order. The mobile ride-hailing company said Tuesday that it is acquiring the alcohol-delivery platform Drizly for $1.1 billion in stock and cash. Uber expects more than 90% of the sum to be paid to Drizly stockholders in shares of...

Uber, Lyft Spent a Wild Amount, Came Out on Top in California

Proposition 22 passes, so workers can remain independent contactors

(Newser) - There was at least one clear winner on election night: Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and other delivery and ride-share companies, which can stick with classifying their California workers as independent contractors. Voters in the state came out 58% to 42% in favor of Proposition 22, which allows the companies to skirt...

Election Day Have You Stressed, Hungry? Check Out the Freebies

Doughnuts, chicken, and massages are gratis

(Newser) - Once you've voted, head to the gym for a free workout and massage, then reward yourself with a free doughnut. Still waiting around for election results early Wednesday? You can snag a free coffee, too. It's all possible with perks offered by various businesses this Election Day, which...

There's an Ugly Truth Behind the Idea of $100K in Uber Pay

Edward Ongweso Jr. says what Uber ends up paying out is a shadow of that

(Newser) - If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And in a piece for Vice , Edward Ongweso Jr. applies that lens to the video story of an UberEats driver who is seemingly on track to make $100,000 this year. The story was shared in a sponsored content...

Uber, Lyft Threaten to Stop Service in Calif.

They're not happy about ruling in gig-worker case

(Newser) - Uber and Lyft are threatening to halt service in California over an order requiring them to start treating drivers like employees instead of contractors and provide benefits including sick pay. The order was issued Monday by a San Francisco Superior Court judge who granted a request from California Attorney General...

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