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De Niro May Be Resurrecting Classic Line for Commercial
De Niro:
No, I'm Not
Travis Bickle


De Niro: No, I'm Not Resurrecting Travis Bickle

Spokesperson denies report he brought 'Taxi Driver' role back to life for an Uber ad

(Newser) - Film buffs might be able to exhale. A spokesperson for Robert De Niro denies a report that he resurrected his classic Travis Bickle character from Taxi Driver for an Uber commercial. The actor did make a spot for the ride-share company, but it has nothing to do with Bickle, who...

Cops: Woman's Note Saves Her From Fake Uber Driver

Police in Arizona are able to rescue her, arrest alleged kidnapper

(Newser) - A woman in Arizona was abducted by a fake Uber driver but managed to save herself by passing a note to a customer at a gas station, say police. As USA Today reports, the woman's ordeal began Monday morning when she got into a vehicle driven by a man...

Price of 3-Mile Uber Ride Startles Uber CEO
Uber CEO's Reaction to Cost
of 3-Mile Ride: 'Oh My God'
in case you missed it

Uber CEO's Reaction to Cost of 3-Mile Ride: 'Oh My God'

'Wired' writer shares conversation about the tab in new article

(Newser) - Wired reporter Steven Levy fittingly took an Uber to the company's annual product event in May. It was a 2.95-mile ride from downtown New York City to the West Side, and the cost was "nuts," in Levy's telling. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi seemingly agrees. In...

She Thought Uber Driver Was Kidnapping Her, Shot Him

Phoebe Copas is now charged with murder in Texas

(Newser) - A Kentucky woman visiting her boyfriend in Texas is now charged with murder after police say she shot an Uber driver she wrongly feared was kidnapping her. According to a complaint affidavit cited by USA Today and the Washington Post , Daniel Piedra, 52, who'd started driving for Uber only...

Uber Suspends Diversity Chief Over Diversity Event

Bo Young Lee goes on leave after 'Don't Call Me Karen' forum

(Newser) - Uber has suspended one of its execs who was accused of being insensitive to diversity issues. The odd thing is that the exec had been in charge of making sure the company was sensitive to diversity issues. The New York Times reports that Bo Young Lee, the company's head...

15 Oddest Things Left in an Uber in 2022

Americans are weird

(Newser) - Uber is out with a series of factoids related to stuff left behind in vehicles by passengers. The most commonly forgotten items in 2022 are exactly what you'd think they'd be: Clothing, phones, backpacks and purses, wallets, and headphones make up the top five. A bit more...

Unions Lose on Uber, Lyft Ruling: 'Our System Is Broken'

California appeals court says ride-hailing services don't have to treat drivers as employees

(Newser) - App-based ride-hailing and delivery companies like Uber and Lyft can continue to treat their California drivers as independent contractors, a state appeals court ruled Monday, allowing the tech giants to bypass other state laws requiring worker protections and benefits. The ruling mostly upholds a voter-approved law, called Proposition 22, that...

Walgreens Cuts Deal to Deliver Paxlovid to Homes

Uber, DoorDash partner with chain, greatly expanding access for COVID-19 patients

(Newser) - Walgreens announced Thursday that it has partnered with DoorDash and Uber to have Paxlovid, the oral antiviral therapy for COVID-19, delivered to homes. The company said that the new service will make the drug available to 92% of Americans, ABC News reports, and that its goal is to reach "...

Survey: Gig Drivers in Denver Average $5.49 an Hour

Pay comes in well under minimum wage, but companies contest the calculations

(Newser) - The income of gig drivers in the Denver area is running well below minimum wage, a survey has found. Two advocacy groups, Colorado Jobs with Justice and Gig Workers Rising, queried hundreds of drivers for such platforms as Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash from last November through January, the Guardian reports....

Hacker Posed as Uber Staffer
Uber Hacker Gained
Admin Access

Uber Hacker Gained Admin Access

Experts lament Uber failures that allowed breach

(Newser) - The ride-hailing service Uber said Friday that all its services were operational following what security professionals are calling a major data breach, claiming there was no evidence the hacker got access to sensitive user data. But the breach, apparently by a lone hacker, put the spotlight on an increasingly effective...

The Case of Uber's Ex-Security Chief Is a Divisive One

Joe Sullivan goes on trial this week

(Newser) - Data breaches that put consumer data at risk have become commonplace; this suit involving one such breach is anything but. Uber's former security chief, Joe Sullivan, goes on trial this week in US District Court in San Francisco in what's thought to be the first time an executive...

This Uber Passenger's Ride Was a Most Unusual One

Driver Fritz Sam stopped car to help rescue people from Brooklyn house fire

(Newser) - A Brooklyn writer headed to a conference in Vermont this week just barely made her flight, and she has her Uber driver to blame. But Jemimah James Wei is completely OK with the detour, since it came about because the driver, 54-year-old Fritz Sam, stopped to rush into a burning...

Uber Whistleblower: We 'Sold People a Lie'

Former chief lobbyist Mark MacGann says he wants to clear his conscience

(Newser) - The man who leaked a huge quantity of Uber internal documents to the media has come forward, revealing that he was a key player in the company's aggressive efforts to establish itself in new countries. Mark MacGann, 52, was Uber's chief lobbyist in Europe in 2014 to 2015...

'Uber Files' Reveal Company's Stealthy, Hard-Nose Tactics
As Uber Expanded Worldwide,
It Had a 'Kill Switch'

As Uber Expanded Worldwide, It Had a 'Kill Switch'

'Switch' would block access of investigators to its servers, as revealed in the 'Uber Files'

(Newser) - They're being called the "Uber Files." The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a nonprofit network of investigative reporters, scoured internal Uber texts, emails, invoices, and other documents to deliver what it called “an unprecedented look into the ways Uber defied taxi laws and upended workers' rights....

Check Your Uber for Tater Tots, Metal Legs, Slime

Those are just some of the odd items left behind in the company's vehicles last year

(Newser) - If you've ever left something behind in a cab—or, these days, in a ride-hailing vehicle—you're not alone. It's not uncommon for drivers to discover the phones, keys, wallets, or purses that customers forgot in the back seat, especially in Austin, Texas, the most forgetful city...

A Decade-Long Uber Strategy Comes to an End
A Decade-Long Uber 
Strategy Comes to an End

A Decade-Long Uber Strategy Comes to an End

'Investor-fueled subsidy' is going away, and prices will likely rise, per Slate analysis

(Newser) - Those who use Uber and its rivals should prepare to open their wallets even wider, writes Henry Grabar in an assessment for Slate . The headline pretty much sums things up: "The Decade of Cheap Rides Is Over." Uber has been content to lose a lot of money since...

Uber Cuts Deal With New York Taxis
Uber Cuts Deal
With New York Taxis

Uber Cuts Deal With New York Taxis

Company's app will list all city cabs

(Newser) - Uber is short of drivers. Ride-sharing companies have cut into cabdrivers' income. An agreement that could ease both problems has been reached, allowing passengers in New York City to choose a cab when they order a ride on Uber's app, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's the first...

Before Passenger Allegedly Killed Her, Uber Driver Pleaded: 'I Have 4 Kids'

Calvin Crew charged in Pittsburgh murder

(Newser) - During an attempted robbery by an armed passenger on the night of Feb. 10, Uber driver Christina Spicuzza was captured on dashcam video pleading for her life before her passenger eventually killed her, police say. Calvin Crew, 22, allegedly held a gun to Spicuzza's head as he had her...

Gig Driver Who Missed Car Rental Payments Mauled by K9

Ali Badr is suing city of San Ramon, Calif., for excessive force after being pulled over by cops

(Newser) - A gig driver badly mauled by a police dog is suing a San Francisco area suburb, alleging use of excessive force and violation of civil rights when police stopped him in December 2020 after he'd missed car rental payments, reports the AP . Dashboard and body-camera videos obtained by the...

Uber Faces ADA Suit Over Wait Time Fees
US Files ADA Suit
Against Uber

US Files ADA Suit Against Uber

Justice Department calls the charges discrimination against disabled people

(Newser) - The federal government has sued Uber, saying it discriminates against disabled people by charging fees when drivers have to wait for passengers to board their vehicles. Uber's wait time fees kick in two minutes after a driver arrives and are charged until the car begins its trip, the AP...

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