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Drought Ruins Crops, Shuts Off Milan's Fountains

Archbishop visits area to pray for rain

(Newser) - The mayor of Milan signed an ordinance Saturday turning off the spigots of public decorative fountains, and the city's archbishop prayed for rain in a tour of churches as northern Italy endures one of its worst droughts in decades. The city ordinance follows the declaration Friday of a state...

Jeff Goldblum, Kyle MacLachlan Walk the Prada Runway
Prada Has a
Couple of Unlikely
New Models
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Prada Has a Couple of Unlikely New Models

Jeff Goldblum, Kyle MacLachlan featured at Milan Fashion Week show

(Newser) - Jeff Goldblum infused Milan Fashion Week with some levity on Sunday as he shimmied down the Prada runway in a dark overcoat that cast a dramatic silhouette, the AP reports. The latest menswear collection in the 2-year-old collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons as co-creative directors was at once...

Women Report Being Abused in New Year's Eve Crowd

Italy asks victims to file reports over crimes in Milan square

(Newser) - Italian security officials on Saturday appealed to women or girls who think they were sexually abused or molested by mobs during New Year's Eve celebrations in a square near Milan's cathedral to file complaints with police. Several women have told authorities they were groped by young men that...

Billionaire and Family Die After Plane Hits Building

Dan Petrescu was piloting the private jet in Milan

(Newser) - A Romanian billionaire and his family were among the dead when a private jet flew into a building Sunday afternoon in Milan, Italy. All eight people on board were killed, including property tycoon Dan Petrescu, 68, his wife, and their 30-year-old son, the BBC reports. Family friends were also reportedly...

Burning Cars, Spilled Nails Await Armored-Car Driver

Robbers set a trap on a highway near Milan, Italy

(Newser) - In a bid to rob an armored vehicle, a gang of robbers set up barriers of burning vehicles and spilled nails on a highway near Milan but were foiled when the driver evaded their traps, according to news reports Wednesday, the AP reports. The assailants, believed to number about a...

Model Wasn't Happy With the Clothes, Protested While Modeling Them

'Mental health is not fashion' was written on Ayesha Tan Jones' hands

(Newser) - Ayesha Tan Jones walked in Gucci's Spring/Summer 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week—but they did so while protesting the very clothing they were wearing. The models were all wearing white straitjacket-like garments and similar outfits, and as Tan Jones walked the runway, they held up their hands to...

Someone Is Extremely Excited About the 2026 Olympics Pick

The mayor of Milan's joy is captured by photographers

(Newser) - The International Olympic Committee's decision was met with cheers of "Italia! Italia!" on Monday, and for an obvious reason: Stockholm-Åre lost out on the chance to host the 2026 Winter Olympics, with the honor going to Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo. That means two decades will have elapsed...

Arrest Made in Grisly Kidnapping of British Model

He's accused of sticking woman in a suitcase, auctioning her online

(Newser) - A 30-year-old man has been arrested in the alleged kidnapping of a young British model who thought she was coming to Milan for a photo shoot, but instead was drugged, hustled away in a suitcase, and handcuffed in a house in northern Italy before being released, Milan police said Saturday....

Student Breaks 19th-Century Statue While Taking Selfie

He jumped on its lap and it ceased having a lap

(Newser) - You have to admire an intrepid photographer going the extra mile for the perfect shot. Unless, of course, that intrepid photographer is a teenager taking a selfie and he breaks a centuries-old statue in the process. That's what happened in Milan this week when, according to witnesses, a foreign...

City Orders Sex Toys Removed From Christmas Tree

Milan says 'sobriety' must be used in 'urban decorations'

(Newser) - A provocatively adorned outdoor Christmas tree in central Milan was just too naughty for city officials, who ordered it denuded of its racy red sex toys. The city said in an order that the Christmas season, "qualifying as a holiday for children and families, requires sobriety in urban decorations,...

Hidden Mona Lisa 'Code' Could Reveal Her True Identity

Real-life Da Vinci Code plays out in Italy

(Newser) - Want to know the true identity of the Mona Lisa? Just look deep into her eyes. Art historians have discovered miniscule numbers and letters painted there, and believe they might give a clue as to who sat for Leonardo Da Vinci's 500-year-old masterpiece. A group in Italy magnified high resolution...

Clooney Lover Linked to Drug, Sex Probe

Witness spotted her snorting cocaine

(Newser) - George Cooney's Italian girlfriend snorted cocaine with a group of women at a Milan nightclub at the center of a drug and sex scandal investigation, according to a witness. “I used cocaine along with other people, among whom was Elisabetta Canalis,” testified a young French escort who talked...

George Clooney Testifies, Italian Court Swoons

Actor takes stand against trio charged with co-opting his name

(Newser) - It's no wonder the Italian businessmen claimed George Clooney was behind their fashion line—the actor knows how to wow an audience whether he's on the red carpet or the witness stand. Maintaining his trademark aura of cool, Clooney delivered a few wisecracks today in Milan as he testified against...

Race Riots Erupt Again in Italy
 Race Riots Erupt Again in Italy 

Race Riots Erupt Again in Italy

North Africans battle South Americans in Milan

(Newser) - Milan exploded in race riots this weekend after an immigrant from Egypt was killed during an argument with a group of South American immigrants. A group of North African immigrants rampaged through the northern Italian city, overturning cars and attacking shops owned by South Americans. Milan's deputy mayor told the...

Berlusconi: Love Triumphs Over Hate
Berlusconi: Love Triumphs Over Hate

Berlusconi: Love Triumphs Over Hate

PM thanks supporters; government will go after enemy websites

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi thanked his supporters from a Milan hospital today, encouraging them to remain calm in his first statement since the attack that broke his nose and two teeth. "Sincere thanks to the very many who have sent me messages of solidarity and affection," the Italian PM's statement...

Berlusconi Leaving Hospital Tomorrow

Premier advised to avoid public appearances for 2 weeks

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi will be spending another night in the hospital recovering from injuries he sustained at the hands of a statue-wielding attacker. The Italian leader will be released tomorrow, but has been advised to avoid public appearances for at least two weeks, according to a statement from Milan's San Raffaele...

In Apology, Assailant Calls Berlusconi Attack 'Cowardly'

Massimo Tartaglia has been in psychological treatment 10 years

(Newser) - The man who bashed Silvio Berlusconi yesterday in the face with a souvenir statue has apologized via letter, calling the attack “superficial, cowardly and impetuous.” Italian news agency ANSA reports that Massimo Tartaglia, 42, has been treated for psychological problems for the past decade, and told police he...

Berlusconi Still Hospitalized as Italy Parses Attack

Some fear return to the bad old days of the violence-ridden 70s

(Newser) - A “shaken and disheartened” Silvio Berlusconi remains hospitalized after being smashed in the face even as recriminations fly amid predictions of a return to the political violence of the 1970s and '80s. Though the attacker at last night's rally apparently acted alone, both sides of the Italian political spectrum...

Berlusconi Hit in Face, Hospitalized

Protester assaults Italian PM after rally in Milan

(Newser) - Silvio Berlusconi is hospitalized tonight after being hit in the face and falling to the ground following a speech in Milan. The Italian PM has a fractured nose, two broken teeth, and a cut on his lip. The alleged assailant is under arrest. The man, who reportedly has a history...

Best and Worst of Milan Fashion Week
 Best and Worst 
 of Milan Fashion Week  

Best and Worst of Milan Fashion Week

Some collections reflect current industry inertia, but a few rise above

(Newser) - With economic stresses making it more difficult for designers to be creative—and the growing trend of manufacturing being outsourced to other countries—the Italian spring collections in Milan were somewhat “joyless,” but still offered a few standouts, writes Cathy Horyn for the New York Times. The good:...

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