Michelle Knight

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Cleveland Suspect Was Probed for Child Kidnap

More details emerge on Castro brothers

(Newser) - Friends and neighbors of the Castro brothers say there is nothing about the three men that signaled they were capable of a crime as horrific as the kidnapping and decade-long imprisonment of three young women , the Cleveland Plain Dealer finds. Onil, 50; Ariel, 52; and Pedro, 54, are members of...

One of Those Cleveland Victims Got Scant Attention

Michelle Knight's case generated little interest decade ago

(Newser) - For all the attention given to the amazing story out of Cleveland , the wire services as of this evening still hadn't managed to move a photo of Michelle Knight, one of the three women rescued. It was a similar story a decade ago, when the disappearance of Knight, now...

Neighbors: We Told Cops About Cleveland House

At least two say they reported suspicious activity at Ariel Castro home

(Newser) - Cleveland police say they're still figuring out charges against 52-year-old Ariel Castro, accused of keeping three women captive in his home with the apparent help of brothers Onil, 50, and Pedro, 54. Meanwhile, more apparent missed opportunities by police are emerging, with these two getting prominent play:
  • A woman

Cleveland Neighborhood Has Another Still-Missing Teen

Fate of Ashley Summers still a mystery

(Newser) - Amid the many emotions swirling around the Cleveland kidnapping case , there must, for one family, be a kind of disappointment that one more captive wasn't rescued from that house. Ashley Summers disappeared in 2007 at age 14 in the same Cleveland neighborhood where Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus vanished,...

One of the Missing Women Knew Her Captor: Family

More details on their years in captivity

(Newser) - Horrifying details are emerging in the case of three women found after vanishing a decade ago in Cleveland: Family members of Gina DeJesus say she actually knew suspect Ariel Castro; he was related to her best friend (he is possibly the friend's father; in another twist, his son once...

What if Kidnapper's Neighbor Had Just Walked Away?

Amy Davidson: Charles Ramsey is a hero

(Newser) - When Charles Ramsey heard a woman screaming and trying to escape a neighbor's home in Cleveland, "I figured it was a domestic violence dispute," he told a news station. It wasn't: It was Amanda Berry, kidnapped 10 years ago, and Ramsey helped her escape . But his...

Child in Cleveland Home Is Captive's Daughter: Cops

Press conference also reveals suspect once left child on a bus

(Newser) - Cleveland officials held a press conference today about the case of the three women found alive after a decade of apparent captivity , even as Mayor Frank Jackson admitted that there were "several unanswered questions: why were they taken, how were they taken, and how [did] they remain undetected in...

Vanished Woman's 911 Call: 'I'm Here, I'm Free Now'

Police say Cleveland women were likely tied in captivity

(Newser) - Police have released a frantic 911 call made by one of three women found alive in a Cleveland home yesterday after disappearing a decade ago. "Help me, I am Amanda Berry," she tells police. "I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years, and...

Cleveland Rescuer Saw Girl 'Going Nuts Trying to Get Out'

3 brothers arrested in shocking case; 1 woman has daughter

(Newser) - The three Cleveland women found alive after vanishing a decade ago were found in a home just a few miles away from where they disappeared after one of them apparently managed to escape her captor. Neighbors of suspect Ariel Castro say they heard a woman scream "Help me! Help...

Decade After Vanishing, Girls Found in Ohio Home—Alive

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight found in Cleveland

(Newser) - They're the kinds of stories that rarely have happy endings: Amanda Berry told her sister she was getting a ride home from work the day before her 17th birthday, in 2003. She vanished, as did Gina DeJesus, a 14-year-old who went missing on her way home from school. A...

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