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Castro Set for Competency Test Today

Three women want the case over as quickly as possible

(Newser) - Ariel Castro will undergo an evaluation to determine whether he is mentally competent to stand trial, a judge ordered yesterday. Although the defense and the prosecution agree Castro is competent, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Michael Russo said he wants to make sure Castro is able to understand the charges...

Ariel Castro Pleads Not Guilty

Faces more than 300 counts, including murder, rape, kidnapping

(Newser) - Ariel Castro pleaded not guilty to more than 300 counts this morning, a raft of charges that included two counts of aggravated murder, 139 counts of rape, and 177 counts of kidnapping. The murder charges are tied to his termination of one of the women's pregnancies. Castro was silent...

Cleveland Captives See Outpouring of Financial Help

Trust fund to be split evenly among four victims

(Newser) - A month after three women and a young girl were found captive in a Cleveland home , Reuters checks in on the victims' situation, or at least their financial state. The Cleveland Courage Fund, a tax-free trust set up in their name, has been flooded with donations and now totals $825,...

Cleveland Kidnap Victims' Choice: Do They Want the Dogs?

Three women deciding whether to keep Ariel Castro's pets

(Newser) - As they continue their recuperation, the three Cleveland kidnap victims have an unusual choice to make, reports ABC News . Do they want Ariel Castro's three dogs? The chihuahua and two terrier-poodle mixes are in a foster home for the time being until the women decide. "I think it'...

Sources: 2 Cleveland Victims Have Injuries 'Like POWs'

More details of women's horrific ordeal emerge

(Newser) - Two of the women held in captivity for a decade at the home of Ariel Castro suffered severe malnourishment and have injuries from which it will take them a long time to recover, sources close to the investigation tell Reuters . Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight appear to have been treated...

Ariel Castro No 'Monster': Lawyers

He'll plead not guilty in Cleveland kidnapping case

(Newser) - He stands accused of holding three women captive for a decade —two of whom apparently have POW-like injuries —yet Ariel Castro's attorneys insist he's not a bad guy. "The initial portrayal by the media has been one of a 'monster' and that's not...

Inside Ariel Castro's Life in Jail

He's had Kool-Aid at least twice

(Newser) - Ariel Castro sits in Cuyahoga County Jail on $8 million bond, where he's under close scrutiny. The man charged with kidnapping three Cleveland women a decade ago is on suicide watch, and his movements are monitored every 10 minutes and reported to a shift sergeant, according to jail logs...

Cleveland Shields Castro's Home From Vigilantes

Ariel Castro's house needed for evidence at trial

(Newser) - The dilapidated house where three women were held for nearly a decade may seem like an odd structure to protect, but that's exactly what the city of Cleveland is doing. A 10-foot privacy fence is going up around Ariel Castro's home, reports the AP , in a bid to...

Cleveland Victims: Give Us 'Time, Privacy'

Berry, DeJesus, Knight issue statement thanking community

(Newser) - The three women found in Cleveland after a decade of captivity have finally spoken, albeit through an attorney. The spokesman read a statement on the behalf of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight yesterday in Cleveland, thanking the police and the community but asking for "time, space, and...

Castro Daughter: I Now See There Were Signs

Angie Gregg refuses to see father again

(Newser) - Once, she saw her father as a "friendly, caring, doting" person—but things have changed for Ariel Castro's daughter. Angie Gregg tells CNN her father, the Cleveland kidnapping suspect , is "dead to me," adding that he's "the most evil, vile, demonic criminal" she's...

Cleveland Victim Wiped From Missing Persons List in 2003

Further evidence Michelle Knight slipped through the cracks

(Newser) - Michelle Knight was the forgotten victim of the Cleveland kidnappings—an adult at the time of her disappearance, her case appears to have received far less attention from the media and police than that of the two then-teen victims. Now, further proof she slipped through the cracks: Knight's name...

Cleveland Suspect May Face Death Penalty

Prosecutors plan murder charges against Ariel Castro over forced abortions

(Newser) - Ariel Castro already has been charged with rape and kidnapping, but prosecutors plan to bring murder charges as well that could result in the death penalty. The Cuyahoga County prosecutor says he will pursue aggravated murder charges on allegations that Castro forced his captives to terminate pregnancies, reports the Plain ...

Castro Served Women Cake on Abduction Anniversaries

And reportedly passed them food through holes in door

(Newser) - Neighbors have told the media that Ariel Castro was often spotted carrying bags of McDonald's into the house, ostensibly to feed his captives. Today, more sick details of how he sustained the women are emerging. The New York Post reports that he passed them food through holes in a...

Castro Would 'Test,' Punish His Captives

Amanda Berry thought his slip Monday was another trick

(Newser) - One reason it took the women in the Cleveland kidnapping case so long to escape to the world just outside their door? Ariel Castro would "test" them for just such a scenario, reports CNN . According to a law enforcement source, he would pretend to leave the house then return...

Ariel Castro Arraigned, Bail Set at $8M

Bond set at $2M for each case

(Newser) - Ariel Castro has been arraigned on charges of rape and kidnapping days after three women missing for about a decade were found alive at his home. Castro appeared in court this morning. He looked down at the ground for nearly the entire proceeding, biting his collar and signing documents with...

Ariel Castro Charged; Brothers Are Not
 Ariel Castro Charged; 
 Brothers Are Not 

Ariel Castro Charged; Brothers Are Not

Amanda Berry escaped when he left inside door unlocked

(Newser) - The first charges in the Cleveland kidnapping case have been filed, and Ariel Castro faces four counts of kidnapping (that includes the 6-year-old daughter of Amanda Berry) and three counts of rape, reports the Plain Dealer . Authorities, however, say his brothers Onil and Pedro will not be charged because no...

Gina DeJesus Flashes Thumbs Up on Return Home

Of the three, only Michelle Knight remains hospitalized

(Newser) - Two of the three Cleveland captives are home again, with only Michelle Knight still hospitalized. Gina DeJesus returned to her parents' house this afternoon as neighbors cheered and chanted, and while she didn't address the public, DeJesus flashed a thumbs-up sign upon leaving the vehicle. Her parents did speak,...

Meet Amanda Berry's Little Girl, Jocelyn

Police believe one of the Castro brothers is her father

(Newser) - The little girl born to Amanda Berry in captivity is "happy, healthy," Cleveland's police deputy chief tells ABC News . The 6-year-old's name is Jocelyn, and an FBI agent says Berry had been home-schooling her while being held in Ariel Castro's home. Gina DeJesus, who was...

Was There a 4th Woman in Home?

Chilling detail emerges in Cleveland kidnapping case

(Newser) - A chilling possibility in the Cleveland kidnapping case: Fox 8 spoke to law enforcement sources, and one of them says Michelle Knight told police that there was a fourth woman in Ariel Castro's house when she was first taken there, but that the woman vanished one day. Written on...

Castro Bizarrely Involved in Search for Missing Women

And he wasn't the only Castro to factor into the aftermath of the vanishings

(Newser) - If you thought the twisted details of the Cleveland case ended with yesterday's news of reported sightings of naked women in Ariel Castro's backyard, well, steel yourself: New reports reveal Castro bizarrely and brazenly inserted himself into the search for one of the missing girls. The latest:
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