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John McAfee: I'm Seeking Asylum in Guatemala

Fugitive software innovator fears returning to Belize

(Newser) - Surfacing in public for the first time in weeks, software company founder John McAfee says he plans to ask for asylum in Guatemala, saying he fears persecution in Belize. McAfee is now at a hotel in Guatemala City after sneaking out of neighboring Belize, where police have called him a...

McAfee Blog: I'm Safe, Out of Belize

But wanted man says he will return

(Newser) - Scratch that: John McAfee has not been captured, as a website he set up claimed yesterday , but rather the antivirus software pioneer is safe and not currently in Belize, a post at the same blog claims today. "I apologize for the silence, and misdirection," reads the post. "...

John McAfee: I&#39;ve Been Captured
John McAfee:
I've Been Captured

John McAfee: I've Been Captured

But Belize authorities don't agree

(Newser) - Another weird twist in the John McAfee story: A website he set up claims he's been captured, but Belize authorities say it's not true, the Guardian reports. "We have received an unconfirmed report that John McAfee has been captured at the border of Belize and Mexico,"...

Part of McAfee's Disguise: Tampon

Says he's at home, not in hiding, in Belize

(Newser) - John McAfee is offering more than $12,500 to anyone who can provide information in the murder of Gregory Faull, a case in which McAfee himself is wanted for questioning. The antivirus pioneer, who has been in hiding since Nov. 11, tells a Dateline reporter that he's now at...

McAfee: Belize PM a &#39;Dictator&#39;
 McAfee: Belize PM a 'Dictator' 

McAfee: Belize PM a 'Dictator'

Fugitive also stops by message board to ask for tech support

(Newser) - John McAfee fired back at Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow yesterday, after Barrow called the antivirus pioneer-turned-murder suspect " bonkers ." "You know, I think he himself is bonkers if he can throw away the constitution of the country and become dictator without the world catching on," McAfee...

McAfee: I've Disguised Myself

While Belize's PM calls the antivirus developer 'bonkers'

(Newser) - Antivirus pioneer John McAfee thinks Belize's prime minister dislikes him . Dean Barrow says that's nonsense—he's "never met the man"—though he does think McAfee seems "bonkers." "I don't want to be unkind, but he seems to be extremely paranoid,"...

McAfee: 'They Will Kill Me If They Find Me'

Antivirus founder-turned-fugitive swears he's innocent

(Newser) - When Belizean police came to arrest John McAfee, he buried himself in sand, covering his head with a cardboard box so he could breathe, until they went away. "It was extraordinarily uncomfortable," McAfee tells Wired in his first interview as a fugitive murder suspect , "but they will...

Antivirus Pioneer John McAfee Wanted for Murder

Belize police suspect him in death of American expatriate Gregory Faull

(Newser) - Police in Belize are on the hunt for John McAfee—the man who lent his name to the famous antivirus company—because they suspect him of murder. According to Gizmodo , which just last week ran a stunning piece about McAfee's weird transformation into a jungle gangster, McAfee is suspected...

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