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Police Ignored Huge Child Abuse Ring for Years: Report

1,400 kids exploited in UK town of Rotherham over 16 years

(Newser) - For 16 years, 1,400 children in the impoverished South Yorkshire town of Rotherham were stalked, reported missing, or seen leaving school with strange men. At first, they were "white British children" and more recently, they were Pakistani, Kashmiri, and Roma, the AP reports. A new report reveals they...

UK Cops Seek 'Incredible Hulk' Over Assault

Suspect was painted green with orange hair during alleged attack

(Newser) - Police in northern England are after a suspect who should stand out from the crowd: She's green with orange hair—or at least, she was. The police themselves have already dubbed the woman, suspected of assault, the "Incredible Hulk," Sky News reports. The alleged attack, outside a...

'Tool Kit' Found Near Hookers' Remains

Ripper scholar calls himself a 'cannibal'

(Newser) - Forensics experts are examining a suitcase filled with tools found near the suspected remains of murdered hookers linked to a British "Jack the Ripper" scholar. Stephen Griffiths, 40, who dubbed himself the ''Crossbow Cannibal" last week in court, has been charged with the dismemberment murder of 3 prostitutes in...

British Cleric to Pope: Party On!
British Cleric to Pope: Party On!

British Cleric to Pope: Party On!

Archbishop of York knows Bavarian pontiff likes brew

(Newser) - An Anglican archbishop from the land of Monty Python brought Pope Benedict a hoppy Holy Grail this month, reports the Guardian. Archbishop of York John Sentamu had heard that Benedict liked Black Sheep, so he brought along the British ale and a custom brew dubbed Holy Grail to his audience...

Amateur Prospectors Find Rare Viking Treasure in UK

(Newser) - A pot filled with mostly silver coins, buried for 1,000 years, was found recently by a father and son wielding a metal detector on a farm in Yorkshire, England.  Archeologosists theorize that the find by Dave and Andrew Whelan was booty from a Viking raid on a monastery....

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