Bo Xilai

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China Corruption Purge Targets Biggest Fish Yet

Zhou Yongkang was member of country's Politburo

(Newser) - Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it his mission to eliminate corruption within the ruling Communist Party, and his latest target is the highest-ranking thus far. Zhou Yongkang is the former head of national security and an ex-member of the Politburo Standing Committee, which heads the party; he was among...

China Confirms: Bo Xilai Going to Prison for Life

Unsurprising ruling closes corruption case

(Newser) - A court today upheld ousted politician Bo Xilai's conviction and life sentence for corruption and abuse of power in the final decision of one of China's most politically charged trials in decades. The denial of Bo's appeal by the Shandong Provincial Higher People's Court came as...

China Sentences Bo Xilai to Life

Onetime party boss will likely appeal, and lose

(Newser) - Capping a dizzying downfall, a Chinese court has slapped onetime political rock star Bo Xilai with a life sentence in prison after convicting him of corruption and abuse of power. "Bo Xilai was a servant of the state, he abused his power, causing huge damage to the country and...

Bo Xilai Bashes Key Witness: He's in Love With My Wife

Disgraced pol turns makes planned 2-day trial last 5

(Newser) - Earlier in his corruption trial, Bo Xilai dismissed his wife's testimony by calling her insane ; today, he attacked another witness by arguing that the man was in love with his wife. According to Bo, the government's top witness, former police chief Wang Lijun, and Bo's wife, Gu...

Bo Xilai Slams Wife's Testimony: She's Nuts

Gu Kailai says ex-politician knew about bribes

(Newser) - It's day two of the corruption trial of Bo Xilai , and a central witness has testified against the disgraced Chinese politician: his wife, Gu Kailai, herself convicted of murder in the death of Brit Neil Heywood. In a video, Gu said her husband was fully aware of bribes a...

Slain Brit's Mom to China: Show Us 'Compassion'

Neil Heywood at center of Bo Xilai scandal

(Newser) - The mother of the British businessman murdered in China's biggest political scandal in decades has kept quiet about the matter—but now, she says, it's time to speak up. Ann Heywood is calling on China to show "decisiveness and compassion" to "mitigate the consequences of a...

Corruption Trial Looms for China's Bo Xilai

Former pol accused of bribery, embezzlement

(Newser) - Nearly a year after his wife was sentenced in the death of a British businessman, former top Chinese politician Bo Xilai is headed for a trial of his own. He has been charged with corruption, bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power, the BBC reports. The charges accuse Bo of using...

Poisoned Brit Dished China Intel to MI6
 Brit Dished 
 China Intel 
 to MI6 

Poisoned Brit Dished China Intel to MI6

Neil Heywood relayed information about Bo Xilai and his family

(Newser) - Neil Heywood, the businessman who Bo Xilai's wife was convicted of poisoning , fancied himself a spy—complete with 007 on his license plate and a job working for a dealer of the James Bond-favored Aston Martin. In reality, he actually had spy connections, a Wall Street Journal investigation finds....

China's Communists Boot Bo as Transition Looms

Central Committee ends final meeting before party congress

(Newser) - China's ruling Communist elite have endorsed the expulsion of former high-flying politician Bo Xilai and approved final preparations for the party's upcoming congress. The closed-door meeting of the Central Committee that ended yesterday was the last before Communist Party leader Hu Jintao and other government officials begin to...

'Princeling' Defends Bo Xilai
 'Princeling' Defends Bo Xilai 

'Princeling' Defends Bo Xilai

Bo Guagua says dad is 'upright in his beliefs'

(Newser) - The son of bounced Communist Party official Bo Xilai and convicted murderer Gu Kailai is speaking out against Chinese treatment of his parents. "Princeling" Bo Guagua, believed to be in the US, lashed last week's accusations against his dad , including bribe-taking and a string of affairs with women....

Disgraced Bo Xilai Ejected From Communist Party

China: Politician will 'face justice'

(Newser) - Former Chinese political star Bo Xilai has been expelled from the country's Communist Party, Voice of America reports, following his wife's suspended death sentence in the murder of a British businessman. Once the party leader in the city of Chongqing and a likely candidate for high national office,...

Ex-Police Chief in Bo Xilai Scandal Gets 15 Years

Noose tightens around Bo in murder case

(Newser) - The one-time Chinese police chief who blew the whistle on the Bo Xilai murder scandal has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Wang Lijun, who attempted earlier this year to defect to the US, was sentenced today by the Chengdu City Intermediate People's Court for bending the law...

Gu Kailai Gets Suspended Death Sentence

Bo Xilai's wife will likely serve at least 14 years in death of Neil Heywood

(Newser) - The murderous wife of fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been given a suspended death sentence. Gu Kailai did not contest charges that she poisoned former Bo family associate and British businessman Neil Heywood, and was convicted of his murder in a one-day trial earlier this month. A suspended death...

Bo Xilai's Wife Confesses: Report

Gu Kailai cites mental breakdown: state media

(Newser) - Near the end of her seven-hour trial , Gu Kailai admitted killing British businessman Neil Heywood, Chinese state media say. The wife of ousted politician Bo Xilai apologized for what she called a "tragedy," saying the murder occurred during a "nervous breakdown," the BBC reports. She said...

Murder Trial of Bo Xilai's Wife Lasts 7 Hours

Verdict for Gu Kailai will come later

(Newser) - The wife of deposed Chinese official Bo Xilai didn't reject accusations that she murdered a British businessman during her single day in court. The hearings in the high-profile trial of Gu Xilai began and ended in just seven hours today, but a verdict won't come until a later,...

Bo Xilai's Wife Charged With Murder

Gu Kailai, aide allegedly poisoned Neil Heywood

(Newser) - The wife of ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai and a family aide have been charged with the murder of a British businessman, the government said today. The official Xinhua News Agency reports that the prosecutor's indictment said Bo's wife, Gu Kailai , had a falling out with Brit Neil...

Bo Xilai's Wife Admits Murder: Newspaper

Gu Kailai reportedly confesses to killing Brit Neil Heywood

(Newser) - Two twists in the China scandal involving ousted political leader Bo Xilai and wife Gu Kailai:
  • Confession? A Japanese newspaper reports that Gu has confessed to killing British businessman Neil Heywood , apparently because she was worried he knew too much about her illegal financial dealings. The report quotes anonymous Chinese

China's 'Princelings' Rolling in Cash, Power

Relatives of top leaders enjoy 'Red Nobility'

(Newser) - The wealth of Bo Xilai's family members was no anomaly. Known as "princelings," close relatives of many Chinese leaders are on a fast track to fortune and power, the New York Times reports. The president's son used to head a company with a security-scanner monopoly; the...

Bo Xilai Son Racked Up Porsche Tickets at Harvard

Bo Guagua still insists he's no playboy

(Newser) - It turns out Bo Xilai's "Harvard princeling" son is a bit of a playboy after all. While Bo Guagua has indignantly shot down media reports that he drives a Ferrari, he has racked up three traffic tickets zipping around Boston in what appears to be a pricey black...

NYT: Bo Wiretapped Communist Party Chiefs

Eavesdropping expanded to include party bigwigs

(Newser) - Another twist in the scandal shaking China : Bo Xilai was ousted as Chongqing party chief not just for his link to the murder of a British businessman, but for eavesdropping on a scale that would shame British tabloids, reports the New York Times , citing Communist Party insiders. The wiretapping program...

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