Costa Concordia

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Cruise Ship Captain: I'll Be Last Off

Francesco Schettino initially told Port Authority he'd stay with Costa Concordia

(Newser) - Somewhere along the way, Francesco Schettino's definition of "last" changed: The BBC highlights new audio of the beleaguered Costa Concordia captain speaking with Italian Port Authority in which he says he'll be the last off the ship. Schettino tells the person on the other end of the...

12th Body Found in Cruise Ship

Woman has not been identified yet

(Newser) - The death toll in the Costa Concordia tragedy rose to 12 today as rescuers found a woman's body in the cruise ship, reports AP . She was wearing a life jacket and found near an evacuation staging point. Authorities haven't identified her yet. The discovery means that 20 people...

Angry 'Get Back on Board!' T-Shirts a Hit in Italy

Plays off coast guard command to captain of cruise ship

(Newser) - The Italian coast guard officer who ordered the Costa Concordia captain to get back on his foundering ship has entered the lexicon with his angry command. "Vada a bordo, cazzo!" T-shirts are all the rage in Italy, reports Reuters . The phrase has been translated into "Get back...

Woman: Husband's Ashes Went Down With the Ship

She intended to scatter them as the ship sailed past Monaco

(Newser) - More sad stories are emerging from the Costa Concordia disaster. The Guardian relays the tale of a British expat living in Spain who had set sail on the cruise ship with her daughter and twin granddaughters, age 7. The grieving group intended to scatter the ashes of Sandra Rodgers' husband...

Cruise Captain Waited 73 Min. to Order Evacuation

Rescue operations suspended again

(Newser) - Rescuers yet again suspended operations on the Costa Concordia wreck today, as scrutiny of Captain Francesco Schettino's final actions deepened. Investigators are trying to figure out why Schettino waited 73 minutes after hitting rocks to sound an evacuation alarm—and whether the abrupt turn he made doomed the ship....

Woman on Ship's Bridge Defends Captain as Hero

Prosecutors want to interview off-duty hostess

(Newser) - What's this? Someone on the doomed Costa Concordia is actually praising the actions of Capt. Francesco Schettino: "Look at how many people are alive because of him. It’s a tragedy that people are missing, but he saved over 3,000 people on that ship because of his...

As Costa Concordia Went Down, Titanic Song Played

Passengers report that Celine Dion was singing as ship began to list

(Newser) - If you thought details of the Costa Concordia disaster couldn't get much stranger than the captain saying he didn't lead the evacuation because he tripped , well, get a load of this: Two of the ship's passengers told a Swiss paper that the theme song from Titanic was...

Search for Cruise Ship Victims Back On—for Now

Costa Concordia operation may soon shift from rescue to recovery

(Newser) - Rescue efforts are back on at the site of the half-submerged Costa Concordia—but they may not last long. Overnight tests revealed it was safe to send divers back to the scene, reports the AFP , and a rep for the coast guard explained that the plan is to use "...

Cruise Violinist Died Trying to Save Instrument

Sandor Feher helped children before heading back to room for violin

(Newser) - The captain may have jumped ship—or, as he claims, tripped his way off —but it looks like there were some brave musicians on board the Costa Concordia. Hungarian violinist Sandor Feher is the first victim to have been identified, and a pianist who played in a trio with...

Cruise Ship Captain: I Tripped, Fell Into Lifeboat

Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino cops to crashing the ship

(Newser) - Just when you thought you couldn't get more disgusted with Francesco Schettino, the Costa Concordia captain produces this reason for how he came to leave the stricken cruise ship: As he was assisting passengers, "I tripped and I ended up in one of the boats. That's how...

Costa Concordia Rescue Called Off

22 still missing, death toll stands at 11

(Newser) - With 22 people still missing, rescue operations at the downed Costa Concordia were called off today amid safety concerns after the cruise ship moved slightly. Officials say they will look at their data to determine if the ship has resettled and the search can resume, the AP reports. A Dutch...

What Happened to &#39;Women and Children First&#39;?
What Happened to 'Women and Children First'?

What Happened to 'Women and Children First'?

If the age of chivalry wasn't dead, it is now: Rich Lowry

(Newser) - The men who gallantly stayed behind on the Titanic would have "recoiled in shame" reading about our latest ship disaster, writes Rich Lowry in the National Review . Beyond the captain who abandoned ship , survivors recount tales of brawny crew members and male passengers shoving their way into lifeboats as...

Sniveling Captain Caught on Tape Refusing to Reboard
Sniveling Captain Caught on Tape Refusing to Reboard
death toll rises

Sniveling Captain Caught on Tape Refusing to Reboard

And 5 more bodies are found, bringing death toll to 11

(Newser) - The death toll from the Costa Concordia has inevitably risen, as Italian media announced the recovery of five more bodies; 11 are now confirmed dead, and 24 remain missing, reports the AP . Divers earlier exploded four holes into the ship to allow for entry to previously inaccessible areas. The news...

As Hope Fades, Divers Blast Holes in Cruise Ship

Minnesota couple among 29 passengers, crew unaccounted for

(Newser) - Rescuers are working around the clock looking for survivors on the Costa Concordia—as Italian naval divers blast holes in the hull to speed the search—but they admit they are running out of time to find survivors. Some 25 passengers and four crew members from the cruise ship are...

Cruise Captain Changed Route 'for Headwaiter'

Schettino invited waiter to the bridge to watch

(Newser) - The Costa Concordia's captain may have steered too close to shore so his head waiter's family could watch from a nearby island, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Just minutes before disaster struck, the head waiter's sister on the island of Giglio posted a Facebook message: "In...

Was Ship Captain Showing Off for Pal Onshore?

Costa Concordia's captain insists waters were marked safe

(Newser) - Was the Costa Concordia's captain showing off when he ran the ship aground off the coast of Giglio island? Investigators believe Captain Francesco Schettino may have ordered the ship too close to the island to greet someone on shore, reports the Telegraph . "Schettino approached the island of Giglio...

Cruise Dancer Saved After Updating Facebook Status

Rose Metcalf, 22, was rescued a few hours later

(Newser) - You never know when an updated Facebook status might come in handy. A dancer stranded on the foundered Italian cruise ship typed out on her FB page: “My name is Rose, and I’m one of the last survivors still on board the sinking cruise ship off the coast...

Cruise Ship Disaster: Death Toll Hits 5
 Cruise Ship Death Toll Hits 5 

Cruise Ship Death Toll Hits 5

Elderly couple discovered at emergency gathering point

(Newser) - The death toll in the Costa Concordia disaster has hit five, as divers discovered the bodies of two elderly people at an emergency gathering point that submerged when the cruise ship tipped over, reports the AP . There are 15 people still unaccounted for today, after authorities pulled a cabin service...

Captain Detained in Cruise Disaster

Police consider charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship

(Newser) - Italian police today detained the captain of a cruise ship that ran aground last night , killing at least three and triggering a massive overnight evacuation off Italy's west coast, CNN reports. Authorities say they may charge captain Francesco Schettino for manslaughter and abandoning ship. They also want to know...

Dozens Still Missing From Cruise Ship

Three bodies have been recovered so far

(Newser) - As of this morning, authorities in Italy said up to about 70 people remain unaccounted for after a huge luxury cruise ship ran aground and tipped on its side near the Tuscany coast, reports AP . It's possible that number could come down as authorities get a better handle on...

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