Occupy Wall Street

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Undercover Cop Guilty in NYC Biker Attack

Mass motorcycle ride would be 'mayhem,' he told handler

(Newser) - An undercover NYPD detective was acquitted yesterday of the most serious charges but convicted of lesser crimes for his role in a highway melee in which motorcyclists pulled an SUV driver out his window and pummeled him in front of his wife and toddler. Detective Wojciech Braszczok and his co-defendant,...

Commencement Speaker Blasts 'Immature' Students

He slams students for forcing original speaker to cancel

(Newser) - This year's commencement speaker at Pennsylvania's Haverford College used his speech to blast students for causing the original speaker to cancel. Dozens of students and three professors had protested the choice of former UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau over his handling of an Occupy protest in 2011, the...

Pepper-Spraying Cop Gets Workers' Comp: $38K of It

Which is more than the students he sprayed got in a class-action suit

(Newser) - Apparently, pepper spraying dozens of protesters who are sitting peacefully on the ground in front of you counts as a debilitating—and lucrative—workplace incident. Former UC Davis police officer John Pike has been awarded $38,055 in workers' compensation for the "continuous trauma" he suffered as a result...

Occupy Wall Street Launching ... a Debit Card?

Some in the movement not pleased by low-fee service

(Newser) - When you think Occupy Wall Street, do you think "financial products"? Because the Occupy Money Cooperative would like you to do just that. Two weeks ago it began raising money to fund its operations (it'll function like a bank) and announced its first product: a prepaid Occupy...

1K Kentuckians Get Medical Debt Wiped Away

Thanks to Occupy offshoot

(Newser) - This is a protest that's easy to get behind: 1,064 Louisville-area residents have had their medical debts erased, thanks to what the Courier-Journal describes as a protest against the credit industry. The Rolling Jubilee Fund's intent is "to buy and abolish personal debt," per its...

Big Winner in Occupy's Lawsuits: the Lawyers

NYC to settle 3 suits for $350K, but lawyers walk with more than $230K

(Newser) - New York City will shell out $350,000 to settle three lawsuits brought by Occupy Wall Street protesters—who will walk away with a just portion of that. The protesters sued over seized property that was never returned or became damaged during the Nov. 15, 2011, police raid on the...

Banks Helped FBI to Crush Occupy: New Doc Trove

Naomi Wolf: Cops, banks merged into a 'monstrous whole'

(Newser) - Those violent clampdowns on Occupy protesters weren't just planned by US authorities—they were carefully coordinated with the big banks themselves, writes Naomi Wolf at the Guardian . At times the FBI, police, and the Department of Homeland Security even merged with banks into a "monstrous whole" called The...

Occupy Legacy: Tougher Laws Against Protests

Some fear free speech of all is at risk: LA Times

(Newser) - As Occupy Wall Street first moved across the country, protests enjoyed a fair amount of tolerance from—and even sometimes popularity with—local government. But as time has dragged on, the "ironic legacy" of Occupy is tightened restrictions on public demonstrations, the Los Angeles Times reports. Many cities have...

Occupy Activists Buy, 'Liberate' Bad Debt

The Rolling Jubilee project is seeking donations

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street campaigners have a new target: distressed debt. A project called Rolling Jubillee is soliciting donations to buy up bad debts at bargain prices and cancel them, the Telegraph reports. So far they've only bought $14,000 in debt for $500, but they want to refill their...

Goldman Sachs 'Traitor' Rips Wall Street Culture

But critics question Greg Smith's insider account

(Newser) - After rocking the financial world with a New York Times op-ed condemning Goldman Sachs' culture, former company VP Greg Smith is back with a full book : Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story, out today. Going public was the "only way" to "change the system" that...

Occupy, One Year Later: Fizzling or Thriving?
Occupy, One Year Later: Fizzling or Thriving?
opinion roundup

Occupy, One Year Later: Fizzling or Thriving?

Observers weigh in on the movement's impact

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street celebrated its first anniversary today not so much with a bang as with a whimper— police and press outnumbered protesters . Reactions from both sides of the fence:
  • In the Daily Beast, Matt Taylor says the movement has "fizzled" as organizers, too worried about being "co-opted"

Occupy Anniversary: More Cops Than Protesters

42 arrested amid preparations this weekend

(Newser) - Today is the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and hundreds of protesters hit New York City's financial district—but police in riot gear held the upper hand from the start, ABC News reports. Cops used human walls and metal barriers to deter protesters; 42 were arrested over disorderly...

300 Mark Occupy's 1-Year Anniversary

Cops bust about a dozen in small march on Zuccotti

(Newser) - About 300 people observing the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street marched to tiny Zuccotti Park in New York's lower Manhattan, the birthplace and headquarters for the protest movement. Police patrolled the crowd yesterday and took at least a dozen people into custody near Trinity Church, which borders Zuccotti Park....

Pepper-Sprayed Students to Receive Payout

UC Davis wants to put Occupy incident behind it

(Newser) - The University of California has agreed to cough up an undisclosed amount in damages to students and alumni doused in pepper spray during a peaceful protest last fall. Officials have approved a payment to 21 people who sued after the incident at an Occupy protest at UC Davis, reports the...

5 Ways Dems Could Ruin Their Own Convention

Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Occupy: all possible hazards

(Newser) - The RNC ran into its share of snags—a hurricane , Clint Eastwood , frustrated Ron Paul supporters—but the Democratic convention has a few potential pitfalls too. Politico lists five:

Occupy Wall Street's Next Plan: S17

They'll surround stock exchange, maybe make citizens' arrests

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street movement has been locked in a slow death spiral this year, but organizers think they can revive it with a massive protest to mark its first anniversary on Sept. 17. The "S17" event will see protesters block traffic in the financial district, encircle the New...

Pepper-Spraying Cop Leaves UC Davis

No word on what led to Lt. John Pike's departure

(Newser) - As of yesterday, the pepper-spraying cop no longer works at UC Davis. "I can confirm that John Pike's employment with the university ended on July 31, 2012," a spokesperson tells the San Francisco Chronicle . No word on what led to the lieutenant's departure. Pike became an...

Dark Knight Rises Rebukes Occupy Protesters

Film touts the free market: Andrew Klavan

(Newser) - The Dark Knight Rises is more than just a movie—it's an argument against Occupy Wall Street and other "radical leftist movements," writes Andrew Klavan in the Wall Street Journal . "The movie is a bold apologia for free-market capitalism; a graphic depiction of the tyranny and...

Murder Case DNA Not From Occupy Protester

Both NYC samples traced to lab worker

(Newser) - The only link between the Occupy Wall Street protests and the unsolved 2004 murder of a New York City student now appears to be sloppy lab work. Matching DNA samples were found on a CD player belonging to 21-year-old Sarah Fox and on a chain used to hold a subway...

DNA Found at Occupy Site a Clue to 2004 Murder?

Sarah Fox's killer never found

(Newser) - Could DNA found at an Occupy Wall Street protest site help to solve a 2004 murder? In March, a chain was used to prop open a subway emergency exit door, allowing Occupiers to ride free. Police ran the DNA found on the chain in hopes of tracking down the culprit—...

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