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Wozniak Gets 2 New iPhones, in Australia

He takes his line-waiting to a whole new level

(Newser) - He could pull some strings and get a special delivery to his front door, but where's the fun in that? Instead Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak continued his tradition of waiting in line for the latest iPhone —and this time he did so in Australia, reports Mashable . "I...

Maps 'Blunder' Dogs Apple as New iPhone Launches

But version 5 might sell a record 10M this weekend

(Newser) - The iPhone 5 is on sale today, as evidenced by the usual jam-packed stores in Asia and Europe, reports AP . The same will follow in the US—in fact, some analysts think Apple might sell a record 10 million phones this weekend, notes Bloomberg . Apple, however, also is dealing with...

Google Might Create Map App for iPhones

Apple ditched Google Maps, and critics aren't happy

(Newser) - If you're one of the people wailing and gnashing your teeth because Apple removed Google Maps from iOS 6, take hope: Google's making it pretty clear it wants to make a standalone map app available. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Google UK's marketing director said iPhone...

iOS 6: Goodbye, Google Maps

 iOS 6: Goodbye, 
 Google Maps 

iOS 6: Goodbye, Google Maps

Apple's new mapping app suffers glitches: experts

(Newser) - The latest iPhone operating system is missing a key feature: Embedded Google maps. Instead, phones using iOS 6 will be treated to Apple's own mapping system, and that's a very mixed bag, analysts tell the New York Times of the software update released yesterday. Sure, it looks nice;...

iPhone 5 Is Awesome
 iPhone 5 Is Awesome 

iPhone 5 Is Awesome

Techies tout design, slam new maps, plug

(Newser) - Tech reviewers are simply gushing about the new iPhone 5 . After playing with it over the weekend, most tech-heads are head over heels:
  • David Pogue at the New York Times says the iPhone 5 is a winner for two reasons: its bigger, sleeker design and the hardware (fast processor, gorgeous

Apple Shares Hit $700 for First Time

Company now worth $656B

(Newser) - Apple's stock has reached $700 for the first time, once again setting a record for the company the day after it announced that orders for its iPhone 5 topped 2 million in the first 24 hours . The shares hit as high as $701.44 in morning trading today, up...

Apple Sold 2M iPhone 5s in 24 Hours

Which means demand outpaces initial supply

(Newser) - Looks like the iPhone 5 might be the apple of Apple's eye: Tim Cook and Co. say they hawked 2 million of the smartphones in the 24 hours after it went on sale at 3am Friday. That number not only "suggests that iPhone 5 is running well ahead...

14 Stars Obsessed With Apple
 14 Stars Obsessed With Apple 

14 Stars Obsessed With Apple

They're glued to their phones, just like us!

(Newser) - Were you breathlessly awaiting the iPhone 5 ? You're not the only one. Quite a few Hollywood VIPs are just as obsessed with Apple products as you are, and Celebuzz rounds up 14 of them:
  • Tina Fey: Not only does she love her iPhone, she's used it to

Mayer Gives Yahoo Workers Free iPhones

New CEO offers iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 ... you name it

(Newser) - Marissa Mayer's quest to boost morale at Yahoo doesn't stop at free food and office makeovers . The new CEO is also offering employees a brand-new smartphone with free data and phone service, Business Insider reports. Workers in 22 countries must ditch their Blackberry—Yahoo's current corporate phone—...

No Talking While Browsing on iPhone 5
No Talking While
Browsing on iPhone 5
with verizon, sprint

No Talking While Browsing on iPhone 5

Only AT&T allows for both simultaneously

(Newser) - Everyone is eager to get their mitts on an iPhone 5, but here are a couple of features the new smartphone won't have. On Verizon and Sprint models, users will be barred from talking on the phone and browsing the Web at the same time (although Sprint subscribers can...

iPhone 5 Sells Out Instantly, Stock Hits Record High

So much for 'disappointment'

(Newser) - We're not sure if this means it's going to save the economy or anything, but the new iPhone looks like a sales hit; it sold out in less than an hour on Apple.com, BGR reports, despite bellyaching from pundits that it was too incremental an upgrade. The...

iPhone 5: Is &#39;Incremental&#39; Update Worth It?
 iPhone 5: 
 Is 'Incremental' 
 Update Worth It? 

iPhone 5: Is 'Incremental' Update Worth It?

Reviewers see 'incremental' improvements

(Newser) - The new iPhone is finally here , but it doesn't bring many mind-blowing changes. Still, critics are impressed with its size, weight, and a number of other features. What some are saying:
  • "It's not a revolutionary phone, but it is a very nice release," writes Jesus Diaz

Apple Unveils Thinner, Lighter iPhone 5

New version has a 4-inch screen

(Newser) - And it's here: Apple has unveiled its sleeker iPhone 5, and if you've been following the leaks ahead of time, there are no big surprises. Some highlights:
  • It is the thinnest and lightest iPhone yet (0.3 inches thick and 4.3 ounces). The phone is made entirely

Could the New iPhone Save Our Economy?

Report says yes, if 8M are sold

(Newser) - The iPhone 5 may be more than just the latest gadget: It could be the savior of the US economy. Sales of the device could increase fourth-quarter economic growth by half a percentage point, according to a JPMorgan report. If the phones sell for $600 each, with $200 worth of...

iPhone 5, iPad Mini to Debut Sept. 12
 iPhone 5, iPad Mini 
 to Debut Sept. 12 

insiders say

iPhone 5, iPad Mini to Debut Sept. 12

Phone will be released on 21st: report

(Newser) - Get ready for a big Apple event on Sept. 12: That's when the company will announce the iPhone 5 and iPad mini , sources tell iMore . The new iPhone will be available on Sept. 21, reports have said; it's not clear when the scaled-down tablet will be out. That...

iPhone 5 Casing: Terminator's 'Liquidmetal'?

New alloy said to be stronger than titanium, but versatile

(Newser) - The new iPhone 5, coming this fall, may not go back in time to kill John Connor, but it could be made from Liquidmetal, at least according to the latest rumors. Unlike normal metals, which are crystalline, Liquidmetal is an alloy more like metallic glass, with the elasticity of plastics...

Next iPhone&#39;s Screen to Be 31% Bigger

 Next iPhone's 
 Screen to Be 
 31% Bigger 
says report

Next iPhone's Screen to Be 31% Bigger

Report from South Korea indicates it'll be 4.6 inches

(Newser) - Apple has started placing orders for screens for its next iPhone, and this time it's going big, according to a South Korean newspaper report picked up by Reuters . The new displays will be 4.6-inch "retina" displays, and the updated phone will launch sometime around the second quarter...

Rumor: An iPhone 5 Summer
 Rumor: An iPhone 5 Summer 

Rumor: An iPhone 5 Summer

Next generation could feature 4-inch screen: 9to5Mac

(Newser) - A fresh new rumor declares an iPhone 5 launch this summer with a screen enlarged to at least 4 inches (compared to 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S). Prototypes of the iPhone 5 are apparently "floating around," claims the Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac , which is getting its info...

Steve Jobs Designed the iPhone 5

Apple CEO involved 'from concept to final design': analyst

(Newser) - While pancreatic cancer was slowly killing him , Steve Jobs dedicated his final months to a new project: the iPhone 5. The next-generation phone "was the last project that Steve Jobs was intimately involved with from concept to final design," a financial analyst wrote in a report acquired by...

Apple Unveils iPhone 4S
 Apple Unveils iPhone 4S 

Apple Unveils iPhone 4S

It's available October 14 for $199 to $399

(Newser) - It's not an iPhone 5, but Apple unveiled a souped-up version of its current model called the iPhone 4S. It's available Oct. 14, with the 16GB version at $199, the 32GB at $299, and the 64GB at $399. It will be up to twice as fast, featuring the...

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