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You May Want to Check Your iPhone Before Sunday

Without a software upgrade, some older iPhones, iPads may stop working

(Newser) - If your old reliable iPhone or iPad has been chugging along just fine, allowing you to avoid ponying up money for a new one, you might want to check just how old it is before Sunday. Apple is now warning that versions of both devices that came out in 2012...

Apple Issues Recall for iPhone 5 Batteries

Early iPhone 5s 'may suddenly experience shorter battery life'

(Newser) - Buy an early iPhone 5 with a crappy battery? Apple has launched a battery recall on any 5's bought between September 2012 and January 2013, Forbes reports. How you know it's bad: The device "may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently,...

New iPhone 'Beautifully, Unapologetically Plastic'

Apple officially unveils iphones 5S, 5C, and more

(Newser) - Apple is hoping its new, cheaper iPhone can make plastic cool. As expected , Apple unveiled two new iterations on its popular smartphone today, the premium 5S, and the budget-friendly 5C. "The iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic," designer Jonathan Ive said, according to the Washington Post . Here's...

Apple's Big Announcement: What Is—and Isn't—Coming

Expect 2 new iPhones at today's event

(Newser) - Apple's "special event" is today at 1pm Eastern, so tech blogs are, of course, overflowing with predictions. What can you expect? Here's what 9to5mac and the Verge have to say:
  • iPhone 5S: That's what most people are calling the new iPhone that is sure to debut.

You'll Finally Be Able to Trade in Your Old iPhone
You'll Finally Be Able to
Trade in Your Old iPhone
sources say

You'll Finally Be Able to Trade in Your Old iPhone

Sources say Apple's first upgrade program is coming

(Newser) - You know that ancient iPhone 4 from 2011 that you're still saddled with? Well, multiple sources tell Bloomberg that you'll soon be able to trade it in for a discount on the shiny and (relatively) new iPhone 5. It's the first time Apple has allowed such a...

Sorry, Foxconn: Apple's Dating Other Manufacturers

Foxconn's getting expensive as it improves labor conditions

(Newser) - Apple isn't exactly breaking up with Foxconn, its longtime controversial manufacturing partner. But after seeing the production glitches that plagued the iPhone 5, it's decided to have an open relationship. Tim Cook has been shifting more and more work from Foxconn to the relatively obscure Pegatron Corp, the...

New iPhone Might Be Out This Summer
 New iPhone 
 Might Be Out 
 This Summer 
rumor mill

New iPhone Might Be Out This Summer

Wall Street Journal says production to begin soon

(Newser) - Apple might have a new version of the iPhone on store shelves this summer, reports the Wall Street Journal . The company plans to start production this quarter, though details are scarce on what, if any, major changes are in store. The iPhone 5 has been out since last September. The...

Next-Gen iPads Could Arrive in April
iPads Could 
Arrive in April 

Next-Gen iPads Could Arrive in April

And iPhone 5S is set for an August debut: report

(Newser) - Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 5S this summer, probably in August, while the next batch of iPads—likely the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2—could be here next month, sources are telling iMore . So what can we expect from the new gadgets? Well, the iPhone 5S...

Today's Huge Tech News: Apple's Earnings

Barclays analyst calls Apple's post-report call 'most important ... in years'

(Newser) - A dark cloud is hovering over Apple's collective head: Analysts expect today's earnings report, to be released after the closing bell, to show the company's first drop in profits since 2003. Their estimates, as reported by Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times , peg the fiscal Q1 net...

Soft Demand? Apple Reins In iPhone Orders

Market share slipping, firm orders half the number of screens it had intended

(Newser) - The iPhone 5 may not be selling quite so well as Apple planned. Insiders tell the Wall Street Journal that lower demand has prompted the company to cut parts orders for the January-March quarter. Apple is reportedly ordering just half the screens it had intended to order, a move that...

Looks Like Apple Is Testing New iPhone, iOS

Developers spot tell-tale sign

(Newser) - Enjoying that new iPhone 5 you got for Christmas? Well, Apple may already be working to make it a dinosaur. The tech giant already appears to be testing a new iPhone with a new version of iOS, developers tell The Next Web . App usage logs for some of Apple's...

20 Biggest Pop Culture Letdowns of 2012

C'mon, Gwen, this is the best you can do after four years?

(Newser) - It's the end of the year: time to look back on the things we loved —and the things that severely, severely disappointed us. Zap2it runs down the 20 biggest pop culture letdowns of 2012:
  • Tim Tebow: He was awesome with the Broncos, but since being traded to the

Google Maps Returns to iPhone

And yes, new app includes turn-by-turn

(Newser) - The wait is over, iPhone users. Google has at last released a stand-alone Maps app for iOS, available as a free App Store download. In a blog post announcing the release, Google boasts that it has redesigned the app "from the ground up … It's a sharper looking,...

iPhone No Longer Most Popular Model ... for Now

Samsung Galaxy S III takes the lead from iPhone 4S

(Newser) - Who says Samsung's Galaxy isn't as cool as the iPhone? Only one model can occupy the No. 1 sales slot, and in Q3 the honor went to Apple's main competitor—though the title is probably a temporary one, reports Mashable . Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S III...

US Retail Sales Jumped 1.1% in September

iPhone 5 plays big role

(Newser) - Americans stepped up their retail spending in September, reflecting stronger sales of autos, electronics, and building supplies. Retail sales rose 1.1% last month, the Commerce Department said today. That followed a 1.2% increase in August, which was revised slightly higher. Both were the largest gains since October 2010....

Your iPhone Is Secretly Tracking You, Again

Advertisers getting data, though this time, at least, it's anonymous

(Newser) - There's an iOS6 feature you probably haven't heard of that's making some people very happy. Unfortunately, those people are advertisers. The new iPhone OS comes with a new tracking system that clues advertisers in on how you're using the phone, Business Insider reports. Tracking is turned...

Culprit in iPhone Shortage: It Scratches Too Easily

Quality control crackdown slows production at Foxconn

(Newser) - IPhone 5's shortages are due to a quality control crackdown aimed at reducing the number of handsets shipped with scratches, an insider tells Bloomberg . The special aluminum used to make the shell of the phone is lighter and thinner, but also softer and easier to scratch—though officially Apple...

Apple: How to Avoid 'Purple Halo' on iPhone 5 Photos

Just tilt phone away from light sources

(Newser) - iPhone 5 owners have been complaining about a "purple halo" that shows up on the edges of photos they take with the phone, and now Apple has publicly addressed the issue, CNET reports. The company first addressed it in a private email to one owner who contacted AppleCare, with...

I Was Wrong: Well-Made iPhone 5 Is a 'Miracle'

Farhad Manjoo praises the beauty of Apple's 'boring' new gadget

(Newser) - When Apple first unveiled the iPhone 5, Farhad Manjoo was one part of the legion of tech pundits declaring it "boring." But after owning the device for about a week and a half, he's changed his tune—drastically. "The iPhone 5 is the best phone ever...

Samsung Drags iPhone 5 Into Patent War

On the same day the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unbanned

(Newser) - Apple's newest handset hasn't escaped its bitter patent war with Samsung. The Korean manufacturer filed a complaint against the iPhone 5 yesterday, claiming it violates all the same patents that earlier iterations did, ZDNet reports. So far the only casualties of the patent war have been older products,...

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